‘The X-Files’ 10×01 Review “My Struggle”

It’s been a while. In fact, it’s been too long. Twenty three years ago, I saw the second episode of the X-Files, “Deep Throat,” the day after it aired. I’ve been a fan ever since. As such, it’s hard to explain what it felt to see Mulder and Scully back in my TV screen. In a way, it was exactly what I expected. In other ways, it was even better.

As always, there’s a lot to digest. And since this is just a 6-episode revival, let’s try to keep the whole analysis/meta fun, and discuss the good, the bad and the weird of the first episode of this so-called X-Files revival, titled “My Struggle.”

The good

  • Mulder and Scully. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson slip back into the roles of our favorite FBI agents as if not a day had passed.
  • And the chemistry is still there! The best parts of this episode, by far, are the Mulder and Scully moments.
  • The Cigarette Smoking Man making an appearance at the end of the episode. Dude really is immortal.
  • Music was on point, as always.
  • They didn’t change the intro. I might have teared up a bit at the sight. And by might have, I mean I totally did.
  • FOX can really cut a good promo, because, if nothing else, I’m dying for the rest of these episodes.
  • Gillian Anderson looks even better today that she did twenty three years ago. David Duchovny doesn’t look bad, either, and Mitch Pileggi doesn’t seem to have aged a day.
  • It feels like The X-Files is more relevant today than it’s ever been.
  • The breakup is not as absurd as I thought it would be.

The Bad

  • The convoluted conspiracy. It’s been 23 years and this has only gotten, if possible, more complicated.
  • Tad O’Malley hitting on Scully. No. Just no.
  • FOX not knowing how to transition from the NFC Championship game to the episode. Did we really need to see all the celebration? Did they really need to announce a time that they clearly could not adhere to?
  • The breakup was clearly not Mulder’s idea, and he’s still bitter about it, albeit in a very functional way.
  • Although the show made a valiant effort to catch up those watching for the first time, I don’t know that people who’ve never watched an episode before are really going to stick with this revival. At least not with the mythology-related episodes.
  • I still can’t wrap my head around Scully quitting on Mulder. I just can’t.

The weird

  • They took everything from Mulder’s office, yet left the pencils on the ceiling?
  • Sveta telling Scully that she didn’t know how it felt to be abducted, only to look in her eyes and remark, “Or maybe you do.” It was supposed to be a poignant moment, but it not only felt flat, but it made me dislike Sveta a little, which I’m sure was not the intention.
  • Nine years of thinking this was about the aliens, and nope. Turns out they really are good guys. It’s the government who’s evil.
  • Why would they open The X-Files, after all these years? Makes no sense.

Next, on THE X-FILES

The X-Files continues its Two-Night Season Premiere Event, tonight, Monday, Jan. 25, 2016, 8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT, and will air on that same night and time for the duration of the six-episode revival.

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