‘Shadowhunters’ 1×05 Recap: ‘Moo Shu To Go’

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  1. Carolina Tomasi says:

    Well, Luke wasn’t a pack leader from the beginning of the book. He only became pack leader after Jocelyn was taken and he did it to have a way to help Clary. But this all happened behind the scenes for us so I like that they showed it to us.

  2. alison gunn says:

    I’m not really liking the whole ‘Everybody Wants the Cup’ plot. It makes no sense to me. The Mortal Cup has one purpose :to create more Shadowhunters. Not _evil_ Shadowhunters .Not to control demons Valentine’s original purpose was to create more Shadowhunters, and train them himself. Since it’s useless in the hands of anyone besides a Shadowhunter, what do the Downworlders hope to gain??

    Simon in the smoky cell – – CoG, when he was in the dungeon at the Gard, and rescued by Jace.
    (Getting hung only happens to Simon on screen. In books he was always ending up in cages.) If Simon is displaying such strength, this episode, why didn’t HE pull the bars out?

    If the Circle members all wore a big, red circle on their neck, wouldn’t they have been easy to spot and weed out of the Shadowhunter ranks??

    In CoA, no one could find Valentine because he was on a ship, on the river. Water – flowing water, in particular – is traditionally known to influence (increasing or disrupting) paranormal activity (or magics), depending on your sources.

    In the books, Magnus is called on to cure Luke from the poisonous bite of a demon. (CoA). If the bite of an Alpha is so dangerous that you can die from it, without a warlock’s magic….. how did any challengers ever manage to survive the coup????

    1. Beata Elliott says:

      I totally forgot about the water thing! I guess I’ve gotten so used to the show inventing things that I just assume they made everything up. Good catch!

      But yeah, so many things just don’t make sense when you think about it. They’re working this angle with the cup where the downworlders are all like “we want to keep the cup out of the hands of the shadowhunters” but why do they even care? It’s useless and doesn’t affect them that much because the Clave isn’t actively hunting them, and keeping the cup from the shadowhunters clearly doesn’t hurt them that badly since they’ve survived without it for years.

      And all the inconsistencies! Ugh, it’s so annoying. They do so many things right but then they do all these unnecessarily confusing things too.

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