‘Shadowhunters’ 1×06 Recap: ‘Of Men And Angels’

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  1. alison gunn says:

    In total agreement about Valentine. They are _so_ far off with what they’ve done with that character.
    I’m also over the continual Jace/Simon baiting. It’s a lazy storyline and gets old quick.
    And I’m afraid Luke and Jocelyn have about as much chemistry as Clary and Jace. : /
    – Luke’s life is in the balance, but there’s plenty of time to fill Clary in on a load of backstory (Same peeve I had when Simon was kidnapped)
    – I’m not a fan of how they’ve rewritten details and canon: 1) The Alpha’s bite is poisonous. So how can the ‘victor’ be considered the ‘winner’? 2) According to Luke, after Raziel created Shadowhunters, they were forbidden to use the cup to make any more. Then why give them the cup in the first place?
    *Is Maryse’s “Passion makes you dangerous” line supposed to be Jace’s “Love makes you weak”/”To love is to destroy” ?
    *Is the cookbook that Robert gives Isabelle the cookbook Jocelyn hid Ragnor’s Book of White in?
    *Was Valentine’s slaughter of the shodowhunters guarding the cup the show’s equivalent of slaughtering the Silent Brothers who guarded the sword?
    But….Magnus called Clary “Biscuit” !!!!!!!!!!

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