Rants & Raves from Episode 1×03 of “Shadowhunters”

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  1. Guest says:

    I agree with everything you said. As for the “runes give them superpowers” thing, I really think it just depends on how you interpret the books. I always saw the runes as giving them superior abilities. The show only seems to be taking that to the next level. It surprised me a lot at first, but I am getting use to it. Overall, I can’t wait for the show to improve. It’s very interesting, there are just a few lines that really bug me.

  2. alison gunn says:

    Nephilim have abilities superior to mundanes, but not necessarily superior to – say – vampires. The runes are supposed to heighten their abilities – not give them superpowers. Jace and Clary’s extra dose of angel blood gives them a few abilities other nemphilim don’t have (but speed wasn’t one of them).

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