'Arrow': The Many Faces of Olicity

A look can say a thousand words.
In four seasons of Arrow we’ve seen Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak convey a variety of emotions through their eyes and expressions. In a way they have their own silent language that no one else can understand, and it’s beautiful to see it in action on screen.
It’s a testament to the sensational acting chops of Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards, who have brought to life an unlimited amount of emotions through looks alone every single week on Arrow. They can convey so much without any words at all; all it takes is a look. That’s the power of their bond and of the chemistry between Amell and Rickards.
As viewers we’ve experienced these array of emotions – and studied the many looks exchanged in intricate detail – and have marveled at what Amell and Rickards are able to accomplish with what looks like flawless ease.
Without further ado, here are the many faces of Olicity:



It’s a face that is the heart of Oliver and Felicity and one that we see often on Arrow. Never have we seen two people more in love and able to convey as much with a single look or a single smile.



One of the most important things with Oliver and Felicity is that they make each other happy, and that’s not something that both have gotten to experience a lot of in their lives. But they found it in each other.



While Oliver and Felicity’s relationship has been filled with some truly happy memories there have been a couple moments of heartbreak that shattered their hearts. It’s being forced to say goodbye when that’s the last thing you want to do. It’s not knowing if you’ll see each other again. It’s watching what could’ve been turn into what won’t be.



Oliver and Felicity are fiercely protective of one another so when someone is threatening them we see just how angry they can get, especially Oliver. Stephen Amell wasn’t lying about the “unbridled rage” that Oliver unleashes if something happens to Felicity.



It’s an emotion that makes you feel utterly powerless and pushes you to extremes to protect that which you hold dear. It’s an incredibly vulnerable place, and we’ve seen Oliver and Felicity have these moments of pure terror when they thought they had or were going to lose the other.

Love at First Sight



I’m not going to say that Oliver and Felicity were love at first sight, but it was totally love at first sight. For the first time we saw Oliver smile and we saw an instant attraction between both. The rest, as they say, is history.



Sometimes Oliver and Felicity have those moments where they can’t believe that they are happening. Where they experience that feeling of astonishment that they got so lucky to find each other, and that’s beautiful.



There have been times when Oliver and Felicity both feared that they had lost each other, and we’ve seen how grief can overtake them. The emotional and physical toll is unlike any other and serves as a reminder to treasure every moment you’re with the one you love.



We’ve seen both Oliver and Felicity succumb to their jealous ways in the past, whether it was Felicity jealous of those “beautiful island girls” or Oliver expressing his jealously when Barry Allen and Ray Palmer took a liking to his girl. And the reactions are priceless.



It’s hard to believe there was a time when Oliver and Felicity didn’t act on their feelings and had to watch each other from afar. But they could never – and still to this day – hide their desire for one other. It’s written clearly on their faces.



Considering the hazardous work environment that is Team Arrow, there are times – regularly – where Oliver and Felicity are concerned for the other in times of distress. It’s a paralyzing feeling of helplessness. But once they hear the other’s voice, they can breathe again.



It never ceases to amaze me how amazed Oliver is by Felicity with each passing moment, as well as how much he respects her in everything that she does. The amazing thing is that it’s something that will never go away for Oliver. It’ll happen every time.

Felicity Smile


No one has ever looked at someone the way Oliver looks at Felicity. It’s a look that conveys a variety of emotions, all of which are included on this list. She is his sun, his moon, his everything. And you see that every time he looks at her.

Oliver Smile


Felicity might not realize it but she has a special look all for Oliver in which you can see just how deep her love and respect for him runs. Even in his darkest times that look has never faltered. It’s only grown more intense with time.



Sometimes there are moments where Oliver and Felicity are just in awe of the other. You know it by the look – the “you are my everything” look.



There are plenty of times in their lives that Oliver and Felicity have been shocked – in good ways or bad – by the other. It’s such an honest emotion that you really can’t conceal, thus you see their true feelings.



God knows that Oliver and Felicity have experienced so much pain in their four years of knowing each other, especially in season 3, when they were left physically aching. But sometimes the worst part wasn’t the words they said but what their eyes and their expressions said.



One of the many great things about Oliver and Felicity is that when they’re with each other there’s so much promise for the future. It’s easy to get lost in that feeling of hopefulness. But that’s always been an amazing thing about the two of them – they inspire hope within each other.



There have been a few times where things have felt completely and utterly hopeless, and you can see that look of desperation and hopelessness on their faces when faced with those situations. When there’s nothing they can do but stand by helpless, and it’s gut-wrenching.



While Oliver and Felicity know each other incredibly well – and marvel at their accomplishments – there are sometimes when they catch each other by surprise. It shows that even though no one knows them better than each other that there will always be things they are learning from each other.



Tension is healthy in a relationship, so sometimes we see our beloved twosome go at it when one of them just happens to be acting like a dick (sorry Oliver).



It is Oliver and Felicity’s first instinct to protect one other, but sometimes there are other forces at work where all they can do is stand back and watch helpless, praying for their well-being.



Sometimes you can’t help but get lost in the one you love, and that’s definitely true of Oliver and Felicity. They’ve loved each other for a while and yet when they look upon the other it’s like they’re looking at each other for the first time.



Absolute certainty. Those are the words that come to mind when you think about Oliver and Felicity and their dedication to one another. There will always be no choice to make.



Oliver and Felicity are more than just the intense love and angst that we get to see. At their core they are best friends who have fun together. Only in a relationship there’s much more adorable flirting that we can’t get enough of.



Confused Oliver is probably the cutest Oliver there is. There have been plenty of times where Felicity is either rambling about technology or something else that Oliver has no idea about and he gets this adorable, confused look on his face that is reserved for Felicity.



It’s a look that Oliver wears often as his guiding light Felicity breathes inspiration into him when he’s at his darkest. It’s also a look we’ve seen on Felicity as Oliver is beginning to do the same for her as she goes through her own island.



Sometimes the thing that you want the most but can’t have can be the most painful thing in the world. During Oliver and Felicity’s journey to each other we’ve seen those looks of longing on both of their faces at one point or another. The thing they want the most out of reach. But what they wouldn’t give to have it.



Something beautiful about Oliver and Felicity’s relationship is the pride that they take in the other’s accomplishments no matter how big or how small. They couldn’t hide that prideful look from their faces if they tried.



No matter what the circumstances Oliver and Felicity have always believed in each other. It’s that kind of devoted faith that is so inspiring and beautiful and one of the core elements of their relationship.



There have been times when Oliver and Felicity have both been in denial, and it’s so tragic because they want so bad for it to be the truth.



Our two lovers can’t help but take the weight of the world upon their shoulders and literally shoulder the blame for things gone wrong, Oliver especially. They won’t say it flat-out, but it’s all in their eyes.



Oliver Queen was the first person to get “smoaked,” that is charmed by the endearing Felicity Smoak. And he hasn’t been the last as we’ve seen everyone from Barry Allen to Sara Lance to Malcolm Merlyn all fall under her spell. But no one does “smoaked” like Oliver Queen.



It’s adorably cute how nervous Oliver and Felicity can still get around each other. It’s not an anxious kind of nervous so much as it’s an adorable nervousness that comes off as endearing in every way.

Puppy Dog Oliver


Can you believe that this is the face of a man that used to snap people’s necks without blinking? Who defeated Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson, and Ra’s al Ghul? Who taps into an intense amount of rage when those he cares about are threatened? This is the puppy dog Oliver that only Felicity can bring out.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. Love all of this! Olicity is the best couple on TV, and this is why!

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