‘Shadowhunters’ 1×04 Recap: Raising Hell

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  1. alison gunn says:

    There were actual recognizable references from the books – and Malec!
    I think possibly Harry is the only one having fun with his role.
    …….Questions Questions Questions
    1) Since when do Seelies spy for the Clave??
    2) Alec brought his bow, and Clary has a big-ass dagger…..where are they hiding them?
    3) How did Clary manage to draw such a detailed pentagram so quickly? (and without wearing half the chalk)
    4) Why does Clary need Jace to show her where to stand on the pentagram? (one step to the right)
    5) While everyone is taking hands around the pentagram – what does Izzy mean when she says “You people are pathetic.” ??
    6) Maybe they should get Clary a fight double??

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