‘The Originals’ Roundtable: Does Klaus Remember He’s A Daddy?

The Originals broke our heart this past week in ways we didn’t know we were capable of feeling. In a show that has us hooked on every word, we think sometimes it’s so under rated and when it comes down to it…

Hayley is seriously one of the best characters written. Let’s revisit last weeks episode…

Elijah seems to have a sorted past with a lot of women – how do you think Hayley finding out about all these things affects her relationship/feelings for him?

[highlight]Lyra, Fangirlish: [/highlight]I think it makes Hayley do a double-take when a woman pops up in Elijah’s life. It makes her wonder if there is more history between him and the person challenging their family (it’s always going to be someone new big bad who cared for Elijah in the past.) It will also make her wonder how real her love for him is to Elijah. He’s a passionate man who’s been tragically pulled away from loved ones left and right. Who’s to say she won’t be next? Who’s to say he won’t move on after something separates them? Who’s to say that he’ll fight for her? She can’t afford to have these maybe’s in her life when she still has to raise her daughter Hope.

[highlight]April, Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight]Kiiiinda don’t feel like Hayley has ANY right to judge or let Elijah’s past affect their relationship. She has a baby with his brother, it’s not like she has the cleanest history when it comes to men.

[highlight]We So Nerdy:[/highlight]Like I mention every chance I get, I’m HERE for Haylijah. But I actually like learning about Elijah’s past relationship with Aya. If you think about it, he has a type. Clearly Elijah has a thing for beautiful women, but he also likes assertive women who are powerful in their own right. I’m reminded of Katherine Petrova, Celeste, and Gia. So I’m thinking Hayley is in good company.

I don’t think Hayley will hold Elijah’s past relationships against him… after all, she married and fell in love with another man AFTER Elijah declared his feelings for her. What I think would be *real* interesting is if Elijah enters a new relationship right now.
Although, I wish we had more assurances about Haylijah actually happening. These two keep circling each other, but neither is making a move 🙁
[highlight]Erin, Fangirlish:[/highlight] Here’s the thing – I am here for Haylijah. However, in an unpopular opinion – I don’t want them to happen. I am really here for the slow burn of them – I want to feel the pain of wanting them together and never seeing them together. They remind me that in an imperfect world that we all live in – that everything doesn’t need to work out. We need for them to remind us that love can motivate us and keep us moving forward… and there is always going to be the chance – but it’s a matter of how you take it.

Klaus seems to be wrapped up in everything but being a Dad? Do you think that he’s worried about Hope? Is his motivation still her?

[highlight]Lyra, Fangirlish: [/highlight]OMG this question! Last season he was so focused on protecting his daughter and being part of her life that he moved heaven and hell for her. This season…nothing. Where is the love and overwhelming need to be the only person in her life? He’s not concerned about her because Hayley is not challenging him. That’s always been his issue. He didn’t want her to get away with making him look like a fool or having his pride hurt. He still cares for Hope, but he doesn’t have the drive he did before because no one is challenging his family’s power in relation to his daughter.

Cami is Klaus’ main focus because she’s challenging his control and sense of entitlement. He sees her as a threat more than he does the Strix.

[highlight]April, Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight]It certainly doesn’t seem like it these days. His focus seems to be pretty Cami fixated. I’m sure deep down his motivation still is Hope, but he needs to remember that.

[highlight]We So Nerdy:[/highlight]I’m curious about what Hope is up to. She hasn’t really been part of the storyline, in general. I don’t think this means Klaus isn’t concerned about Hope. He has to know that if the prophecy comes true, he’ll lose his daughter. This isn’t an option for him. So he might be focussing on all the other stuff, but Hope is still his primary concern.

[highlight]Erin, Fangirlish:[/highlight] I don’t know. I kinda feel like he’s lost interest in being a Dad. I mean I am like – WTF Klaus, did you forget that you fathered a child. Stop thinking with your dick and wanting to get in Cami’s skirt. Think about your kid every once in awhile.

Aurora has confirmed herself bat shit crazy. Why do you think Aurora can’t let go?

[highlight]Lyra, Fangirlish: [/highlight]Aurora has nothing better to do. She’s alone, has no power, and can’t have the man she wants. Why not go crazy? She also has a twisted sense of loyalty for her brother, who held her captive because she couldn’t be trusted to ‘behave.’ When is she going to realize that she doesn’t owe Tristan any revenge? He kept her under his thumb because she was a bright spark who would out rank him easily if she put her mind to it. He was afraid.

[highlight]April, Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight]I don’t even try to understand this character. As we just established- she is bat shit crazy… a woman scorned….

[highlight]We So Nerdy:[/highlight]I knew we weren’t done with Aurora. Now she has these white oak stake bullets and is ready to take out the Mikaelsons. Either Aurora doesn’t care if she dies too, OR she has a way to separate the sire lines from the Original vampires. Either way, she’s coming back to face Klaus. Maybe she still loves him or maybe this is revenge for Tristan.

Either way, I’m much more curious about where Lucien is…
[highlight]Erin, Fangirlish:[/highlight] I can’t with her. Like take your meds Aurora. Take your meds.

Cami has taken on a whole new attitude. What do you think about her new personality? Is this Cami going to last?

[highlight]Lyra, Fangirlish: [/highlight]I love this new attitude of Cami’s. She sees the mistakes of her past and won’t fall under the hand of Klaus again. Letting herself be drawn into his mess of a life brought her to where she is now. The power flowing through her will give her the strength to transform her surroundings. She’s not waiting for good times and things to happen to her home. She’s going to look for it.

As much as I love this new Cami I know she’s going to temper down. Once she acclimates herself to her body she’ll become a blend of her past and present selves. Her time out of control has given her the number one thing she’s always needed, perspective and greater self worth.

[highlight]April, Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight]Gosh I hope so, it makes her boring character a little more interesting… and hot! IDGAF Cami is completely sexy. I am however sure that eventually all of her humanity is going to catch up with her and she will hate herself.

[highlight]We So Nerdy:[/highlight]I spent most of this episode annoyed with Cami. I always thought of her as being a Mikaelson ally. So to see Cami put the family in danger by holding Hope’s carving hostage felt petty and cruel. However, when she told Klaus about needing her dark objects so she wouldn’t feel vulnerable with Aurora still out there… I wasn’t so mad anymore.

I do like seeing Cami contradict Klaus, mostly because I know he won’t kill her. Plus, annoyed Klaus makes me chuckle.
[highlight]Erin, Fangirlish:[/highlight] I am all about this. I am annoyed with her – but I am glad to see her somewhat knocked off her high horse.

The Strix. How do you feel about Marcel becoming the new leader? Is he in the right? Will he lead them to greatness?

[highlight]Lyra, Fangirlish: [/highlight]Marcel is the right leader. He knows New Orleans better than anyone else. This is his home and always will be. These are his people and they’ve enjoyed relative peace because of him. The Strix have been floating about for quite sometime. They don’t understand the politics involved when conquering a city and making it your home. They could learn a lot from him.

[highlight]April, Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight]I love it! He made some great points. He DID drive the Michaelson’s out of NOLA, He was running the quarter and he does know it like the back of his hand… so what better leader?

[highlight]We So Nerdy:[/highlight]Is Marcel really the new leader though? I mean, he is, in name, but isn’t Elijah really calling the shots?

It was GREAT to see Marcel speak about why he deserved to be the leader of the Strix. It took me back to Season 1, King of the Quarter Marcel!
Now that Aya has revealed that there is a way to free the sire lines from the Mikaelsons, it will be interesting to see what Marcel does. Will he share this with Klaus and Elijah? Or does Marcel have his own plan in the works?
[highlight]Erin, Fangirlish:[/highlight] Marcel  is cunning and I am glad to see that part of him coming back out. Like stop backing into the sidelines… I feel like he has so much promise.
via: http://scottmccall.tumblr.com/
via: http://scottmccall.tumblr.com/

Thoughts on Davina. Is she a step closer to getting Kol back or do you think that she’s further away?

[highlight]Lyra, Fangirlish: [/highlight]I think she’s set herself a step further away from getting Kol back. We’ve already seen two members of the Sisters express their displeasure at joining the group. It wasn’t what was promised. Even Kol was scared for her. She needs to take a step back and look past saving her ex. She’s in grave danger.

[highlight]April, Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight]Totally further away… these “sisters” are not going to be doing her a favor anytime soon!

[highlight]We So Nerdy:[/highlight]I don’t know what to think about Davina. She’s now one of the Strix witches, which shows she’s willing to do anything to get Kol back. She knows time is ticking and Kol isn’t doing so well on the other side with the Ancestors, so I think Davina will be even more desperate. This is just the leverage Aya needs to get Davina to sever the sire lines from the Mikaelsons. But I hope Aya really has what Davina needs to save Kol, or else there will be hell to pay.

[highlight]Erin, Fangirlish:[/highlight] I am all about Davina and I want her to have a bigger storyline. I want her to showcase her power.

Who is the most valuable player this week?

[highlight]Lyra, Fangirlish: [/highlight]The MVP of the week is Vincent. He cares for Cami so much that he’s willing to deal with the Mikaelson’s wrath and anyone after the pale knight. I don’t have a friend like that! He still believes that her warm and kind self is alive under her anger. Please don’t kill him!

[highlight]April, Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight]Let’s go with…Aurora… She has the WHITE OAK guys! But we all know there will be no Original killing happening… Because we then would not have a show or TVD. Right??

[highlight]We So Nerdy:[/highlight]MVP is definitely Vincent. He was a good friend to Cami this week, plus he had the best line of the night: “OK, listen, I’m gonna leave you two lovebirds alone, but y’all want my advice, y’all best to finish this up before someone finds out what she took!” Funny, shady, and truthful all at once!

[highlight]Erin, Fangirlish:[/highlight] I am going with Hayley – cause she reminded me why I love this show so much in the first place.


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