'Arrow' Stars Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards Praise Genuineness of Olicity

There’s no denying that Arrow thrives off the pairing of Oliver and Felicity and the sensational chemistry between leads Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. But no matter how much we’d like to turn away and pretend the drama that is coming in Wednesday’s all-new episode isn’t happening, there are rough times ahead for our couple as Oliver’s lie about his son is revealed. And we just know the fallout is going to hit us where it hurts, tenfold.
But there are going to be ups and downs — that’s how relationships work — only it feels like this one is going to hurt worse because Oliver and Felicity are so close to tying the knot. But at the same time it almost feels like this needs to happen before they walk down the aisle. If their marriage started with a lie between them I don’t know what we’d do.
While we know that a broken engagement is forthcoming — and the pain will hurt like hell — fans of Olicity know that this is just another step in the couple’s journey to becoming who they’re meant to be. Whatever challenge they’ll face they’ll get through it and become even stronger for it. And from the sound of it Amell and Rickards believe that, as well.

Rickards recently spoke to Zap2It where she referenced Oliver and Felicity as "soulmate(s)" and teased how ultimately that might be why their relationship is able to survive this in the end.
"I feel like they are intertwined in a way, hopefully with a connection and depth we have showed and portrayed, that can withstand this repetitive hit to Felicity’s heart," Rickards said. "I think that speaks a lot to the reality of relationships. This does happen, someone does hurt you over and over and over again. But what happens when it’s your soulmate? I think that’s important because not everyone finds that person they’re connected to. What that means for them, we can’t really judge because we’re not them to a certain extent."
Rickards continued talking about the significance of that relationship and whether or not Felicity is willing to risk being hurt by someone she's found a connection with unlike any other. Is it worth putting yourself out there?
“It’s about weighing out what is important to you. Is this connection that you believe you may not find again with anybody else and that you don’t want to lose with this person — is that more important than risking again whatever value you hold so tightly that they keep making a mistake on?” Rickards asks. “Is it worth having that value crushed again and rebuilt? Is it possible it can be rebuilt? If it is possible for that wound to heal — potentially only to be broken into again — are you willing to risk it?”
Amell recently spoke with IGN about what's coming up on the show, including the fallout from Oliver's lie. While we know there is no one who ships Olicity more than Amell, it's always nice to hear when he voices his love and respect for the couple and their "real relationship" during interviews.
"It's an interesting reveal for Oliver and Felicity, and I'm very proud of how we resolve things in this episode," Amell teased about Wednesday's episode. "I feel like it was very adult and reflective of a real relationship that's built on more than just stolen looks and superhero exploits."
But Oliver and Felicity are much more than the characters on the page. They are who they are because of the two brilliant actors that have brought this relationship to life and made it possible. Without Amell and Rickards, there is no Olicity.
"Stephen and I have been very protective over showing that they’re open to communication, that they’re open to working through things, that they’re open to decompressing together," Rickards told Zap2It, once again proving that these actors know these characters better than anyone.
So while in the weeks coming after this expected breakup between the two soulmates will be painful, never let your faith waiver that Oliver and Felicity will prevail. They're two people who will always find each other again no matter the circumstances. And if you can't put too much faith in that, put faith in that fact that the actors that bring this iconic couple to life, Amell and Rickards, have faith that these two will prevail in the end.
Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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