International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Inspiring Women of DC Television

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the badassness that is DCTV and the incredibly strong women that these shows have given us over the past four years.

DC Television has done one hell of a job bringing strong, empowering women to life on our television screens week-in and week-out. It’s refreshing to see complex, passionate women who are badasses in every sense of the word.

From physical skill to intellectual prowess, these ladies from Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl continue to prove that you can find the most badass ladies on television right on DCTV.


Felicity Smoak



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Felicity has proven that your greatest strength comes from within. It has nothing to do with physical prowess and everything to do with heart. While Felicity isn’t out in the field physically fighting with the team, she has proven that she is the strongest of them all, as her loved ones would agree. Felicity has seen her share of struggles, this season especially, but she’s come out on the other side the stronger for it. Felicity brings a combination of beauty, intelligence, courage, and passion that makes her an inspiration to women everywhere.

Thea Queen


Thea has shown over the course of four seasons that it’s okay to struggle before you succeed. Thea has evolved immensely from her time as a young billion-heiress before she was thrust into a world where she’s fighting evil forces as a masked superhero. She has faced personal struggles that have tested her character, but she’s overcome that adversity and become the stronger for it.

Laurel Lance


Laurel has come a long way since her season one self when she was someone who fought evil in the light of the day to the present where she also fights evil in the dark of night as Black Canary. While her character has long been a source of criticism, this season Laurel has grown into a full-fledged superhero that is a force to be reckoned with. She’s shown that she’s someone who fights for what she believes in and isn’t afraid to risk her safety if it means protecting those that she cares about.

Nyssa al Ghul


When it comes to badass ladies, Nyssa is the epitome of a badass warrior who men fear. She is as strong as she is intelligent, and she is as emotional as she is physically superior. Nyssa has had to deal with some personal struggles that tested her inner strength, but she’s overcome them in a way that has made her even stronger.

Lyla Michaels-Diggle


Lyla is someone who doesn’t get nearly enough credit that she deserves as one of the most badass women on Arrow. Lyla balances her life of being a wife, a mother, and the head of a powerful organization in A.R.G.U.S., as well as occasionally aiding Team Arrow, all while maintaining a healthy sense of balance in her life. But let us not forget that Lyla is probably the most badass women when it comes to the physicality standpoint as she can bring even the strongest of men to their knees.

Donna Smoak


Donna is a relatively new character to this DC universe, but in her short time as Felicity’s equally funny and endearing mother she has proven that Mama Smoak has the heart of a lion. Donna has faced personal struggles that have shaped her into this empowering woman that she has become and also passed on to her daughter.


Iris West


Iris has proven that she’s as strong with a gun as she is with a pen. She possesses a great deal of courage and strength that makes her the perfect role model for women everywhere. While she’s had to face some difficult things over these first two seasons – losing Barry for nine months, losing Eddie, losing her mother, gaining a brother, and not to mention all of the life-and-death situations she’s faced – Iris has shown that the greatest strength comes from within.

Caitlin Snow


Caitlin has shown that not all badasses rely on physical ability to inspire and empower. Caitlin is a brave, kind, passionate soul that is always the smartest person in the room. She’s faced unthinkable personal adversity when it comes to losing those that she cares about, but she hasn’t let that darkness win. Caitlin has shown that despite how much loss can hurt that things really do get better so long as you keep fighting the good fight.

Patty Spivot


Patty is a character that was only introduced this season, but it didn’t take long for her to capture the hearts of audiences everywhere with her courage, humor, and heart. She has shown that she’s as badass when she’s kicking ass as she is when she’s confronting adversity that has the ability to leave you emotionally compromised. But Patty has also shown that she’s going to put herself first when the situation calls for it, which is something that can be very difficult, as we saw when she opted to go to CSI school. Patty was a real inspiration on The Flash, and here’s to hoping that she eventually finds her way home.


Sara Lance


When it comes to rising from the ashes, Sara Lance has shown us that it’s okay to struggle with our personal issues. There is no shame in facing darkness. But Sara has shown that the way you counter that darkness is by facing it head-on and growing the stronger for it. While she’s had her share of struggles over the years – and continues to struggle in present day – she’s not someone who has ever given into it. Sara has fought her way to become a hero that lives in the light instead of the darkness that could’ve silenced her. Sara is living proof that it’s okay to exist as something that is far from perfect.

Kendra Saunders


Kendra’s life has changed drastically over the past few months, but in the face of adversity she has never backed down. While Kendra continues to struggle with learning of her destiny, she has shown that in life it’s important to face those struggles head-on and to learn from our mistakes. Kendra has shown that she has incredible courage and cares deeply for those close to her, which shows you what she’s fighting for.


Kara Danvers


Kara has found herself thrust into the role of savior of her city all the while facing professional and personal struggles that have really made her think about who she is. Kara has shown that even Supergirl isn’t perfect; that Supergirl needs to learn from her own mistakes and grow the better for it. But through all of the adversity, Kara has shown that she possesses a great courage, power, and passion that has shaped Supergirl into the hero we know her to be.

Alex Danvers


Alex has shown that she is someone who possesses a great inner strength, determination, and fire that drives her to fight to protect those that she cares about and those that need it. She has proven her strengths to be both physical and emotional, as she’s had to face some difficult situations in this first season. But if there’s one thing you can count on with Alex Danvers it’s that she’s never going to stop fighting for what she believes in.

Cat Grant


Cat is someone who has proven to be a great inspiration to women everywhere, as she’s someone who has fought from the bottom and worked her way to the top to be one of the most powerful women in media. She’s a reminder that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. But she’s also someone who fights for what is right, for what she believes in. She might not be a prototypical hero, but there’s no denying the inspiration that she is.

Who are your favorite DCTV ladies?


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