‘The Walking Dead’ 6×15 Review: ‘East’

Carol’s not going to die. Daryl’s not going to die. Glenn…well he might die.

In the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead, titled “East,” we were treated to a small (yes, I said small) dose of panic in preparation for what’s to come when Negan appears with his perfect jaw and fancy bat of doom, Lucille. Key players were separated in an effort to weaken the group. And Carol proved once again that she’s a BAMF who will survive them all (even if she’s going through an existential crisis where she doesn’t want to murder anyone.) With the way that they’re building everything up, it’s going to be a finale felt across genres and those who have never even watched an episode of The Walking Dead.

Let’s talk about it!

Carol was battling more than those Saviors during her roadside standoff. She was battling herself. What she NEEDS to be and what she WANTS to be, is what threw her into a panic attack. It was her fighting every instinct inside of herself while telling them to go. They didn’t head her warning and paid the price. And it’s not like she didn’t know that killing might be her only choice outside of Alexandria. She did. In the beginning of the episode she was silent, yet determined, to equip herself for whatever was to come. Her coat was lined and stitched up for a weapon, her bag with the perishables needed, and her car decked out with spikes. She doesn’t want to kill, that’s why she left, but she’s still prepared if she has to. A little part of Carol dies and falls away when she has to take a life to live another day. The delicate little bird isn’t faking it anymore.

Morgan going after Carol is his way of righting a wrong aka making up for the fight they had over the Wolf. It’s penance. He sees a piece of himself in her and he can’t let that die out. He wants to stoke the fire inside of her. It took him until now to understand that trying to solve this apocalypse can’t be his way, can’t be Carol’s way, can’t be Rick’s way. It has to be a collaborative measure of all their ideas. The world is not docile and understanding like he wants it to be and he’s working on being ok with that fact. Going after Carol is his way of starting them down this new path of survival.

Now, I’ve got to admit that I was a little upset that Rick didn’t continue on with Morgan. He made it clear that Carol was family and that he was meant to be out there searching for her. Plus he owed her after she so valiantly came after them at Terminus and saved their butts! It felt like a betrayal, like he was giving up too soon on someone he cared about deeply, until I realized there’s more at stake here than Carol. (I know. It hurts to admit that my world can’t revolve around Carol. And Daryl.)

Rick has a whole community to look after. Those Saviors were way too close for comfort when they attacked Carol. Negan is right around the corner and Rick’s got to keep Alexandria up and running. He’s created a world of stability for his children and that’s more valuable than any person in their group. They’ve got a solid chance of coming back from the people the zombie apocalypse has made them into. For that, I can forgive him leaving the Carol hunt to Morgan.

Daryl went out to find the half burned man known as Dwight, because he made a mistake by letting him go. He blames himself for Denise’s death and won’t stand for it to happen again. This was meant to be a defining moment for Daryl where he chose what kind of man he was going to be while in Alexandria! I couldn’t wait for it! Then comes Dwight…creeping about in the woods after whistling to his comrades Hunger Games style. And to top the moment off, I looked away just as he SHOT DARYL!

Do you understand the panic of not having DVR and having to watch the episode again later because you missed this pivotal moment!? It’s sheer panic on the nerves and senses! Of course Daryl isn’t going to die, he’s got so much left in her journey of self discovery, but I’m allowed to panic and wonder if they’re pulling a Glenn on me. Dwight, I hate you and I’m not afraid to admit it. No one hurts Daryl and gets away with it.

And finally Maggie. *sigh* No one’s catching a break in this episode. Maggie cut her hair so she would have nothing in the way. Symbolically she wouldn’t have any other worries when it came to what she had to do to survive for herself, for Glenn, for Alexandria. She was so ready with that fancy new cut! Then life threw a curveball at her and she started experiencing abdominal pains (damn you life and your horrible timing!) She’s going to lose Hershel Jr. and with Negan close by, she’s going to lose Glenn too. No cop outs or take backsies under a dumpster. Dead. Her loss is what’s going to drive her away from Alexandria.

She’s not going to be able to live in a place she shared a bed with Glenn, intimate moments in the shower with Glenn, or walking down those streets she guarded with Glenn. It’s going to be too much and will drive her away in a flash. Hilltops going to look like a mighty fine destination because of its lack of reminders of what she could’ve had.


Other Observations:

  • Richonne is real. That is all.
  • Carl has been shot twice. If he can survive a shot to the gut and one that tore a chunk of his face off, Daryl will survive. I know it. Yvette Nicole Brown, on The Talking Dead, knows it too.
  • While we’re still on Carl, let’s talk weapons and the foreshadowing of Lucille in that carving. Rick & Co. took more than lives when they hit up the Savior compound. They took their weapons and method of survival. Negan is coming to teach them a lesson as much as he is for those guns.
  • Abraham and Sasha have absolutely no spark. Their relationship just came out of the left field and we’re supposed to believe it’s love? Nope. You can’t just tell me Alexandria has given them a moment to breath and finally understand that they can pick each other. Give me build up. Give me chemistry. Give me something to believe that they’re more than companions who survived the apocalypse together and happen to live in fancy houses near each other. Right now they’re just added drama meant to create tension after the Rosita/Abraham breakup.
  • Random thought. If Carol and Negan ever teamed up they would be a powerhouse couple who would destroy any in their way. I love Melissa McBride (Carol) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) so I’m pretty sure I would cheer for them in the darkest corner of my heart. What? They’re beautiful. *insert swoon here*


Quote of the Week from 6×15:

“Morgan, Michonne did steal that protein bar.” – Rick to Morgan

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MVP of 6×15:

Carol. Is there any other choice to make?

Next Time on The Walking Dead 6×16 ‘Last Day on Earth’:

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