Exclusive Interview: We Talk ‘Shadowhunters’ Season Finale with Dominic Sherwood

After last week’s Shadowhunters episode it’s hard to think about anything other than Malec, but with the Spring Season Finale looming over us, we can’t help but wonder what will happen next!

We had the great opportunity of chatting with Dominic Sherwood a few days ago, and he told us a little bit about his transformation and growth as Jace throughout the season, what we can expect for the season finale and what we can look forward to in season 2!

We are all very excited to find out what will happen in what promises to be a shocking season finale! Will Valentine finally get the cup? And will Clary and the crew find the Book of the White so they can wake Jocelyn up?

Let’s start with Jace. He is a loving son and sibling to the Lightwoods, a loyal parabatai to Alec, in love with his sister and son of an evil man. How do you become this complex character Jace is?

A: Honestly I try to go through his emotions as he is going through them, you know as they are written in the script, we talk to directors and I just try to feel it as much as possible cause obviously I haven’t gone through any of this in my life, so there is very little that I can pull from. So yeah just as much as I can, I try to feel what Jace is feeling and let Jace kind of encapsulate me, almost like I’m the vessel for his emotions kind of thing.

The Malec episode was of course highly anticipated and equal parts exhilarating, but after the non-wedding bliss we are still left with a missing Mortal Cup and a crazy Valentine on the loose. What can we expect for the season finale? Any surprises? Maybe even a cliffhanger?

A: Definitely a cliffhanger, definitely a massive, massive cliffhanger and I almost feel sorry you people because you are gonna have to wait until season two. Fortunately… we’ve been very fortunate we were given a season two so, so yeah there is definitely a cliffhanger and a couple of shocks, big shocks actually.

What is the most exciting aspect of being part of the Shadowhunter world for you?

A: Honestly, this is one of the most diverse characters that I have ever played. Jace starts in episode one, this kind of cocky, arrogant, very self confident character and as we just saw on episode 12, he’s starting to kind of fray at the edges at little bit and there was that scene in the Institute, just after we lost Ragnor Fell and we come in and Jace is starting to lose it a little bit and he is you know really kind of going off on Lydia, cause he thinks Lydia is responsible for it all, and it’s Clary who really has to calm him down, and tell him that you know, if he continues down this path there’s really no coming back, so it’s interesting for me, like this character along with all the other characters and the storyline, it’s just so diverse and so rich that we really had a lot of room to kind of play and evolve these characters which was a lot of fun for me as an actor.

You were talking about you trying to feel what Jace would be feeling, when you started getting ready to become Jace, did you read everything you could about him or did you just read the first book and sort of create him as you went?

A: It’s interesting because each of the actors have a different perspective, Alberto and I are kind of the two sides of the same coin, so Alberto read all the books and really enjoyed reading them and kind of powered through them all and he knows kind of how the story ends. For me it’s too difficult to separate the two stimuli, from the script to the books, so for me it was really important I read book one, I had to understand the world you know? I had to understand why they were always wearing black leather, what a seraph blade is and what runes are, why they are important within this world. I had to understand all of that because, coming into episode one Jace has been doing this all of his life, so I had to understand all of that, but as far as his history and his backstory I got given all of that from book one, but I don’t what to know, for me it was too difficult to know exactly where he is going and the choices he is gonna make in the future and the things that he realizes. It would have been too complicated for me to know during episode one, what we then know happens throughout the books, it would confuse me and within my performance it would be giving me too many kind of endings, if that makes sense. So for me it was very important to read book one, and season one was based very loosely on book one and season two will be basically as loosely based on book two so I just got started on book two like two weeks ago, and yes that’s kind of how I’m working my way through it.

So touching up on that, since you haven’t read the rest of the chronicles, what are you looking forward to the most in season 2? What would you like to see happen, especially with Jace and his inner conflict at knowing that he is Valentine’s son?

A: Well, it’s difficult because what I wanna see in season two, if I would tell you exactly what that is, it would kind of give away the ending of episode 13 which I don’t wanna do. I want to see Jace kind of work out some of this stuff, he goes through this journey and he ends up a very different person so it’d be nice to see him returning back to the kind of Jace we all know and love, the cocky, the sarcastic, the arrogant Jace, it would be good to see him come back and stop filling in these cracks that have been laid in place by Valentine and by the sibling thing, it’d be nice for him to stop fixing himself again.

Do you know yet for season two, when you guys will start working on it, as far as filming or even having a look at the script at all?

A: We haven’t really been told anything as of yet, we’ve heard a couple of rumors, almost like school yard rumors, about what might be happening in the story and that kind of coupled with Alberto non stop giving me spoilers about what happens in book 2, he gets very excitable, so he’s kind of telling me like “oh this happens in book 2, so maybe this will happen in season two, and then that happens, and the way our story ends then this can’t happen…” we are all kind of exciting each other, but as far as solid when we are gonna start filming or what’s gonna be in the scripts we really don’t know yet, so the actors and the crew are as excited as the fans to kind of see where our wonderful writers take us.

The season finale of Shadowhunters airs Tuesday on Freeform.

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