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Just Let Arrow Be Arrow

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  1. Kendall says:

    After a lackluster season finale I’m less excited about season 5 at the moment but hearing the Back to basics mantra Stephen Amell has been spouting does help a little. Though I am concerned with what seems like a thousand new vigilantes being thrown into season 5 all ready if the show hasn’t learned from the past about having new heroes take the spotlight from the existing ones.

    1. Olicity4evafter says:

      I totally agree with you. Why bring in more heroes, esp after killing off one. I hoped that with BC death we would go back to a team of 4. Season 2 was awesome and OTA and Roy was what made it work. Now OTA with Thea is all that is needed but instead we are reading about a possible 3 new heroes coming on board. OTA will get lost once again. I just cant see how on earth it will work with more heroes on board.

  2. Fringe says:

    I need arrow to get back to being about a small well oiled team fighting the bad guys. Im tired with the constant back and forth with Olicity and how the show is so adamant with causing conflicts all the time to the point that we rarely see team arrow be a strong team. I totally agree about the show introducing many spin offs and i think the show should stop adding masks and instand vigilantes cause it takes away from the main protagonist. Magic was not a good part of the show. Generally i want it to get back to season 2 in terms of priorities. Season 2 was somehow grounded even though it had the whole supernatural masculine powerful villains but it highlighted Oliver as the hero,it allowed Olicity to interact without forcing soap tropes so blatantly and its main focus was the team aspect rather than the drama that comes out of it. It felt like a family show cause it established the idea of a team being close like a family and fighting the guys each week. I wasnt a fan of season 1 mainly because it was following soap tropes much more than season two and because it didnt focus much on OTA which was always a strong part of the show.

    1. Kendall says:

      Season 2 was so radically different with the approach to story arcs and writing it almost feels like a completely different show than the last two seasons. I agree that the way Olicity was written in season two with a subtle but clear development from friends to something more complicated is what I wish the writers would’ve done in seasons 3 and 4. I think they rushed things so fast that they had to slow it down so we got contrived soap opera angst thrown at them. Also agree that it feels like sometimes the team aren’t even friends as opposed to being like family. Remember Big Belly Burger? I sure do. I just feel like they don’t understand the importance of seeing the team do more than just fight bad guys and have conflict with each other, we want to see them being a family, hanging out, dinner, lunch, can we see Oliver and Digg watch a game together? Felicity and Digg used to have dinners together ( big belly burger? Sushi then?) but the show pretends their friendship never existed etc. It helps ground the show in reality and makes the characters more relatable to an audience

      1. Fringe says:

        Damn. Well said. I agree with everything.

      2. Kendall says:

        I mean, it just feels…off? Like idk what’s going on behind the scenes but I just notice a huge shift after season 2. It’s jarring.

  3. Donna says:

    I´m agree with you. Arrow is a different show than the others of superheroes. The Team Arrow dynamic with Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity is incredible and I missed it. I love Felicity character, Diggle character, and Oliver character individually and as a team. I hope Arrow come back his authenticity. I love Olicity , but should not be either the center of arrow, but as a necessary complement.

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