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Felicity Smoak Has Redefined What It Means to Be a Hero on 'Arrow'

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Not only did she save the millions in Monument Point but Damien Darhk had missiles launched to destroy the whole world, and Felicity, with the help of Noah, was able to stop the rest of the missiles. So, in fact, she saved billions of lives. Funny how haters tend to overlook that fact and try to paint her as a villain because she failed to stop one missile that unfortunately ended in tragedy. And that was only in 4×21. Missiles were launched in 4×22 and 4×23 and Felicity, along with Curtis and Noah, were able to stop those missiles from hitting. It’s also funny how I’ve seen Curtis being praised for that while Felicity is crucified. Agenda-based “logic” is laughable.

  2. wicked511 says:

    Great article. Love Felicity, and I love that she doesn’t wear a mask because not all heroes wear them. I think it’s important to show that.

    What poll had a write-in of Felicity as a villain though? I’ve never heard such nonsense before! Are they for real? I try not to pay any attention to the hate she’s been receiving because most of it is just illogical and agenda-based. It’s kind of hilarious how they can’t stop talking about her though! All talk is buzz! 😀

    1. Rita says:

      The site doesn’t deserve the attention and it certainly doesn’t deserve the clicks. But the moderator’s reason for putting her in the poll are laughable and representative of his bias – oh so obvious on his twitter account. The worst thing is he still doesn’t understand why he got dragged. But that’s the haters. You just have to brush them off and side with logic. Great article.

      1. wicked511 says:

        Ok, just by your response I think I can guess which site it is and agreed. I stopped going to that site a long time ago because of the obvious bias and treatment of certain fans. How sad to hate a character that much that you spend so much time hating on her though! Wow.

      2. Rita says:

        I don’t visit his site either. I made the mistake of respectfully calling him out on his bias in the comments section, and surprise surprise, my comment got deleted a few minutes later, But he was more than happy leaving a comment who told a person to “get out” because that person disagreed with putting Felicity on the poll. Until I called him out for that too. I’m about to throw a cliché quote for a second, the opposite of love is not hate, it’s apathy. I don’t talk about the characters I hate and I don’t know why anyone would. Their noise is just more buzz for Felicity.

      3. wicked511 says:

        Absolutely. All buzz is buzz. That’s why I kinda enjoy their ‘Felicity and Friends’ stuff because they’re still talking about her. They even spend time creating fan art. It’s pretty funny. Thanks for giving me what I want, haters! 🙂

      4. Rita says:

        It takes dedication to make fanart and work on photoshop. I’ve seen comments on Facebook from people who started the show because they heard negative feedback about felicity/olicity from their comic book circles and they’ve ended up loving the show. It’s hilarious.

  3. Kendall says:

    I agree! Same with Kirsten and Camille from Stitchers as well, heroes (especially female ones) shouldn’t be defined just by physical strength but by their brains and their dedication, passion and heart for helping others. And btw, just to praise Stitchers for a second, never have I seen a show where the women and men are so equal to each other in terms of intellect and importance. Need more shows like that because there aren’t many at all

  4. Justine Grey says:

    Great article!! Some people lack common sense. Felicity was put in a difficult position and did the only thing she could to save millions. It’s funny though that these same people want Oliver to return to the murderer he was in Season 1.

  5. elite power says:

    I’d agree with the point not all heroes wear masks and in the earlier seasons she did help out of her own will to rescue Walter ect so qualifies for the hero tag.
    However we must have been watching different shows in season 4 because I have to heavily disagree that she succeed in business. Felicity only got the job because of her relationship to Ray and then made a series of mistakes including refusing to fire people then lying to the board about having a miracle cure (which if Curtis didn’t solve could have resulted in more job losses) and constantly delaying board meetings until she was fired. I don’t get this support for her being a good CEO as what we saw of her in the role was awful yet we are constantly by other characters like Diggle how great she is. Its perplexing as when Oliver was a terrible CEO, this was called out and used in the plot. When Felicity is a terrible CEO, everyone raves about how great she is.
    Recent bad writing for her, the obsession over her relationship status and her poor performance as CEO has dented the character but I see the roots of a worthwhile Felicity still there.

  6. Lighthouse says:

    Are you going for a Guinness World Records for the writer with the most Fefe’s kiss-assing articles?

  7. Lighthouse says:

    How can Felicity ever be underrated as a hero, we have Alyssa to remind us every other week, how almighty she is. Lol no, but seriously they are zillions of Felicity publications online from fans and media alike, hailing her as a hero. So what if a few people think differently.
    [at this point it’s clearly because they’re threatened by her to a degree]
    Maybe they are but It seems you are more threatened considering you cant stop writing articles so as to refute other people’s views on the Fefe character. You said it yourself that people who think that Felicity is a villain are a lost cause (And I agree, I may not think she is a unicorn like most here but I certainly dont think she is a villain),so what is the point of these Fefe’s worship articles if its not to spread your propaganda and change these people’s views. Why are you beating a dead horse.

    1. The point is to express her opinion. You are welcome to yours. So is she. That’s how it works.

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