DC Cinematic Universe: 5 Things We Hope to See at SDCC

As the countdown to San Diego Comic-Con nears the one-week mark, our excitement is so through the roof that mentally we’re already in San Diego right now. While Marvel will have a limited presence at the Con, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are gearing up for one hell of a Hall H reign that our minds are already reeling from the possibilities.

While Suicide Squad will take center stage at Comic-Con – with its impending August release – we expect that Warner Bros./DC Entertainment will be bringing even more of the DCCU with them this year. With Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary, it would only be natural to showcase the Wonder Woman film. And of course the main attraction would be, could be, should be Justice League, which is currently filming. But Warner Bros. and DC would be missing out on one hell of an opportunity to set Hall H ablaze with Justice League.

Here are five things we hope to see from the DC Cinematic Universe at San Diego Comic Con:

1. Justice League Assembled

While Warner Bros. has yet to announce it, we’d be more than shocked if they didn’t bring the Justice League with them to Comic-Con this year. Something we are dying to see is the entire Justice League for the film assembled on one stage as they, perhaps, unveil the first footage from the hyped about film. Remember the craziness surrounding the cameo by Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) a couple years back? Yeah, now imagine the pure insanity that would be when The Flash (Ezra Miller), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) join the mix. Hall H would never be the same after that.

2. New Wonder Woman Footage

While Warner Bros. hasn’t announced anything just yet, we’re betting that Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League will assemble on the biggest stage of pop culture’s biggest convention. Wonder Woman is arguably the most hyped about superhero in the DCCU right now. So much so that she stole the spotlight in the big showdown between Superman and Batman in Dawn of Justice. With Wonder Woman having filming and eyeing a 2017 release, there is no time better than the present to unroll new footage from Diana Prince’s origin story. The first footage debuted during a Justice League special on The CW earlier this year which gave us a quick look at what we can expect in the first film for the Amazon Princess, which looks to be truly incredible already.

3. First footage from Justice League

With Justice League filming currently underway, it’s not only possible but expected that Warner Bros. will unveil the first footage from the film in front of a stark-raving Hall H. That is if Justice League is coming. (Although how aren’t they at this point?) There’s no doubt that the DCCU is riding on Justice League to be successful as a means to ensure the continuation of these characters on the big screen. The footage should give fans a taste of what they can expect from the film. Given the intensity of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the criticism has stemmed from DC’s tendency to come off too serious. We shall see how Justice League follows. But there is no denying that this is probably the most-hyped about film heading into the Con (should it actually be heading to the Con).

4. Reveals of New Characters in the DC Universe

Comic-Con is a time of big reveals and melting faces off with said reveals, so it’s not too much to ask if Warner Bros. can divulge some more information on some of the new faces heading to the DCCU. Given the Harley Quinn-female team-up film in the works, perhaps those are some of the new characters they can reveal. With the Harley Quinn film teased to be introducing the Birds of Prey, perhaps we could see Batgirl’s introduction or even Black Canary, who recently said her goodbye in the television universe last season. Warner Bros. has a full slate of DC movies on the docket, so there are plenty of new faces to reveal. Just mere name drops of said characters will prompt frenzy inside Hall H as the DCCU continues to expand and evolve with endless possibility.

5. Harley Quinn, Female Team-Up News

While we’ve already mentioned this during our Suicide Squad post, we felt it bear repeating. With DC’s film slate jam packed with superheroes and villains, one of the films we’re most anticipating – already! – is this Harley Quinn-led, female team-up film. The idea alone – minus any real plot – is enough to not only get us on board but amp up our excitement for the future of the DCCU. So basically we’d like any and all news regarding this film that has only reached the developing stage. Tell us who these female badasses are, who will be accompanying Harley Quinn. Confirm that Birds of Prey is actually a very real thing. Tell us Batgirl, Black Canary, and Huntress could be a part of this. Give us all of the news about a film that is finally letting the females run things in the world of superheroes.

What are you hoping to see from DCCU at Comic-Con?

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