5 Reasons Why Stormpilot Should be Crowned ‘Ship of The Year’

The Fandom Awards are back, and with them comes the most cut-throat competition of them all: Ship of the Year. And here we are, to break down the nominees and give you reasons why each of them should win the Award. Starting with … Stormpilot.

Finn and Poe had a rough beginning – after all, Finn was part of the crew that captured Poe and led to his torture at the hands of Kylo Ren. And yet these two also understood each other from the first – well, whatever it was. When Finn “rescued” Poe he was only looking for a way out. Same for Poe. It was just convenient…and then it turned into so much more.

Or did it? We’re not sure, but at the very least we think it could. And so do many, many fans. So here are 5 reasons why Stormpilot should be crowned Ship of the Year:

Because they were friends first. And Poe gave Finn his NAME.

Boys on set (x)

What is that thing they say? The best relationships are the ones rooted in friendship? Well, check for Stormpilot. Finn and Poe were friends first – in fact, you could say Poe was Finn’s first true friend. He even named him! And that’s a connection that can never be broken.

It’s also the stepping stone for something else, if they both want it. The foundation is there. They have have to take that next step.

Because it would break all stereotypes

A Star Wars movie with a female lead, they said. That will never work! And it did. A female lead, a black stormtrooper and a Latino actor carried Star Wars: The Force Awakens all the way to blockbuster, and you know what? We’d be pretty happy if they carried it further.

Rey can continue kicking ass (fact is, she probably will), and Finn and Poe can become the first Black/Latino gay relationship in mainstream media. You know what that would be? That would be freaking awesome.

Because Poe let Finn keep the jacket

The jacket was a symbol, it truly was. For Finn, it meant friendship and the fact that he had someone who believed in him. For Poe, after he saw Finn wearing it, it meant that he’d done something good outside his work with the Rebellion. And though it clearly had some significance for the original owner, Poe, he let Finn keep it because he could see it also meant something to him. And Poe had a life, he had things…Finn had nothing but the little things he’d grown attached to.

I’m sorry, I’m getting emotional over here. EMOTIONAL.

Because of that hug, and the arm touch, and the nifty camera work

First, there was the hug to end all hugs. And then, the goodbye. It was three seconds, no words spoken, and yet, there was something in that instant, in the way Poe silently sends a message of belief to Finn before they both go about their way, in the nifty camera work that has us catching both of their reactions. It was almost as if TPBT wanted us to fixate on this moment.

Mission accomplished.

Because Oscar Isaac and John Boyega ship it.


They do. Or at least they like to joke about it. A lot. And stand very close together looking pretty. And joke. Did I mention they joke about it a lot? And their costars sometimes join in? What can we do but ship two pretty guys who have an amazing chemistry an love to joke about how they would make a good couple?

What can we do?

The MTV Fandom Awards will be announced at San Diego’s Petco Park on Thursday, July 21, the day that Comic-Con officially begins. The show will then air on Sunday, July 24 at 8:00 p.m. ET on MTV.

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