MTV Fandom Awards Preview: Fan Freakout of the Year

The MTV Fandom Awards are back this year, just in time for San Diego Comic-Con, and with the categories already unveiled, we’re here to discuss who should win each category, who’s going to win, and more importantly, who shouldn’t win.

This time around it’s the Fan Freakout of the Year. It’s all about those moments that pulled at your heartstrings and made you cry, shout, or want to flip tables over in anger/joy/bewilderment!


“Game of Thrones: Resurrection of Jon Snow”: This fandom has done it’s waiting. For years readers have known this moment was coming to punch them in the face with its angst and betrayal. And with baited breath they were joined by millions of viewers during Jon’s final moments last season. There were doubts and claims that he was actually dead but many held on. And when Jon finally opened his eyes there was a huge sense of relief and accomplishment for those who believed in Jon Snow and what he was capable of.


“The 100: RIP Lexa”: After months of baiting the Clexa relationship and watching Lexa grow as a character, the commander was unfairly cut down by a stray bullet of all things. It was cliched, uncreative, and a shame to end this characters journey before we had a chance to see what she was really capable of. Moreover, the fans had connected with her so deeply that it felt like they had lost a part of themselves. That’s a loss that will take time to heal, if it ever does.


Why it Won’t Win: “Mr. Robot” / “Mr. Robot Revealed”: I’ve got to admit I didn’t see the twist coming. That part was brilliant. But it left me wondering where do they could go from now and with a realization that I didn’t know the main character at all. That’s not a good feeling.

Why it Won’t Win: “The Walking Dead” / “Glenn’s Death Scare”: This death is different from that of Jon Snows because it was final and violent in its source material. The death scare felt like a tease for dramas sake and to give us heart palpitations as they tore “Glenn” apart. Not cool AMC.

Why it Won’t Win: “Pretty Little Liars” / “Spencer and Caleb Hook Up”: I love that they gave these two actors a chance to explore something new with someone they didn’t work as much with before. But come on…we all know they’re going to breakup and Caleb will reunite with Hanna. It’s only a matter of time. A network wouldn’t spend so much time developing something to throw it away. Or would they…

Why it Won’t Win: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” / “Death of a Legend”: I simply refuse to live in a world where Han Solo was murdered by his kid as his friends looked on in shock. Winning this award means acknowledging his death. I like living in my river of denial.

Agree? Disagree? Share your opinion on this category of the MTV Fandom Awards with us in the comments! And make sure to go and vote HERE for the Fan Freakout of the Year!

The MTV Fandom Awards will be announced at San Diego’s Petco Park on Thursday, July 21, the day that Comic-Con officially begins. The show will then air on Sunday, July 24 at 8:00 p.m. ET on MTV.

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