From ‘Clexa’ to ‘Olicity’ – 11 Ships That Sank in 2016


We live by the knowledge that you don’t choose the ship, the ship chooses you. It’s not always an easy road. But when the ship has chosen you – when you have invested all this time and heart into it – when it sinks, it’s devastating.

Here’s 11 ships that sunk this year that we aren’t sure we’ll get over.

clexaClexa – The 100 

Probably one of the most devastating ships that sank this year. Just when it seemed that Clarke and Lexa would find their way – the writers killed off Lexa. And if you have ever seen all hell break loose in a fandom – that was the moment. Rightfully so. The season was a clusterfuck that strayed away from the storytelling that The 100 had done flawlessly before, to be replaced with what felt like a filler season and deaths that made no damn sense. What it felt like the writers did was bait the viewer – with Clarke and Lexa having sex – so you have the belief of a happy ending, and then all of the sudden… she’s dead. They rushed a storyline. Did we think that Lexa would die last season? There is always the possibility of anyone dying on The 100.  Would it have been easier if it was a few episodes later? Not sure. However, the way that she died, the moment she died, the way it was all written – it all left a sour taste in our months. This is, without a doubt, a ship that sank prematurely.

But just because it sank on the show, it doesn’t mean that the fandom has stopped. Clexa is the top fandom ship on Tumblr. Fans write fantastic fan fiction. Clexa will live on forever.

supergirlKarolsen – Supergirl

We were holding out all of the first season for the hope that Kara and James would get together. The art of the slow burn was alive and well.

And then…

Look, there was a little bit of a time where they were all touchy feely, admitting feelings, spending time together. But then – it was snatched right out from under us as if we didn’t know what was happening. Kara suddenly didn’t have feelings? Was anyone else watching the same show as us, cause that was not what we saw.

Karolsen was perfection and the simple fact they aren’t together feels like we got slighted somehow.

olicityOlicity – Arrow 

I know what you are going to say – what? Well, it’s true. They broke up. And that’s not even the worst part, the worst part is that for some reason we can’t understand the writers of Arrow have decided to do a disservice to the Olicity fandom and make Felicity Smoak a back round character.

You know what it feels like? It feels like the writers have gone ahead with some fanboy fanservice, like they’re suddenly afraid to keep going with the ship that has made this show what it is.

And that thing with Oliver killing Felicity’s new boyfriend? That just feels like a big fuck you from the writers to the Olicity fandom – like the writers are saying the Olicity fans don’t matter. And, to be honest, we’d go along  with it if it was at least good story telling, but let’s face it – this season of Arrow has sucked ass. Right now this is a show we don’t even recognize anymore.

But hey, we’ll always have the memories …right?

opheliaOphiam – The Royals 

We really were rooting for Prince Liam and Ophelia to make it. It was like a fake William and Kate story. But Liam messed shit up, dropping her off in New York City, because he was trying to be a gentleman, but was not listening to what she wanted to say. ft

She wanted to be with him.

Like most, you figure that out at a later date and Liam did. But when he did – she had moved on. And we’re thinking that there is no chance for it in the future, because he orchestrated the death of her father after her father killed his.

This ship sank and we’re not okay with it. It made us give up on our fairy tales.


Klaroline – The Originals & The Vampire Diariesi-intend-to-be-your-last-however-long-it-takes-klaus-and-caroline-34559176-500-165

He intended to be her last love, but this ship sank this year.

See, Caroline is getting married. Yes, we’re fully aware that Stefan is right now a ripper, but we’re pretty positive that shit will work out and Caroline and Stefan will get married.

And my friends – that is the end.

The end of Klaus and Caroline. Stefan’s been the one that she’s always wanted. He’s been the one that she can’t live without. They have sacrificed everything to be together and that’s a fight that we don’t see them losing. After all Stefan gave himself up for one reason only – to save her kids.

Now, we get it – some will be able to see beyond that. But the truth is Klaroline will most likely only live on in fan fiction and fan videos.

And if they by some miracle happen, we’ll be the first to admit we were wrong.

klamiKlami – The Originals

I remember the day Camille died on The Originals – I was pissed. Like tweeting at the writers asking where we went wrong. What did we do to them? Were we not good enough fans?

She was his redemption. For all the crazy messed up crap that he had done in life, he was her redemption. And she was gone.

But for a character that left, the thing is she remained a driving force in him needing to be better, to do better.

And so yes, this ship sank. But it was one of the only ships that sank that moved a story forward. And for that we can respect the writers of The Originals. 

brallieBrallie – The Fosters

Brandon and Callie have traveled down a long road. They have had their troubles, lied, kept their secrets, and ultimately, they didn’t end up together.

Callie was adopted and the news that Brandon and Callie slept together made it’s way out into the world. Their Moms didn’t know what to say or do – and they probably didn’t handle it too well.

But Brandon and Callie have both moved on and admit that they see each other as brother and sister now.

This ship went platonic.

lincLinctavia – The 100

Can we all just agree that this was another time that The 100 screwed up?

Octavia and Lincoln were meant to be. They were perfection. And then before you know it, the writers made another choice to kill off yet another character that we loved. A ship that was supposed to be forever.

And it’s haunted us at every turn.

There was nothing better than seeing the way that these two made each other better people. There was nothing worse than seeing the pain when Octavia found out that Lincoln was gone.

This ship sinking continues to cause us pain. Here’s hoping The 100 gets its way on track this season.

tivaTiva – NCIS

Our hearts broke.


Tony and Ziva bickered. They fought. But they always had each others backs. They were always thinking of the other one. They always wanted to be okay. And yes, we know that Ziva made the choice to leave – but we always thought that they would find their way back to each other.

So when Tony got the news that Ziva had passed, there may have been us – in a ball, crying. We broke. We broke as he found out that he had a daughter that Ziva had never told him about. We cried when he found the picture of them in her go bag.

We cried, because this ship will never find its way back to each other.

captain-canaryCaptain Canary – Legends of Tomorrow 

Sara and Snart – the ship we never saw coming and that stole our hearts.

Sometimes the ships that aren’t planned but that grow out of the actors chemistry are the best ones. And yet, the problem with those ships can sometimes be that …well, they aren’t planned. So they’re susceptible to the pitfalls of …plot. Damn you, plot. We don’t really like you.

Kidding, but, in a way, not.

And so Snart left us way too soon, and the fact that he died a hero and that we got a kiss before the end doesn’t really make it better. We want Captain Canary together. We want actual development. You have a time travel ship, Legends of Tomorrow. You can fix this! You can.

Outlaw Queen – One Upon a Timeoutlawqueen

For a show that plays with the notion of soulmates and true love and happily ever after, Once Upon A Time really did screw with Outlaw Queen fans. And with Sean Maguire fans. And don’t forget Sean Maguire himself. Because Robin Hood was introduced as THE one. Regina’s true love. Happy ending guaranteed from the start. We knew there were gonna be setbacks, because that’s the way of TV, but these two characters had chemistry, had promise and we could wait for them to figure it out all.

Except, then the writers decided to fuck with us. Or maybe they decided they didn’t care? We’re not sure. But hey, between Robin’s wife coming back from the dead and him going with her, to the whole thing with Marian not actually being alive, because it was Zelena all along, and then Zelena was pregnant, we were already more than a little angry. But then they sidelined Robin for the whole of Season 5 – that is, of course, until they killed him.

Now he’s sorta back – for an episode or two, at least. But we don’t trust the writers. This is probably just closure for Regina. But there’s no closure for us. We don’t forgive. And we don’t forget.

Agree? Disagree? Have other ships that sunk and broke your heart? Share with us in the comments below!

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