Starz is Bringing ‘The Rook’ to San Diego Comic Con and We’re Here For It!

The recently premiered and super-powered spy thriller known as The Rook is heading to San Diego Comic Con acccording to Deadline. This bodes well for the future of The Rook and shows that Starz is in it for the long run. (So, get up, get moving, and watch The Rook‘s premiere episode before the second episode airs on Sunday!)

As for San Diego Comic Con, details are scarce. We don’t know who will host the panel. What day the panel will be. Or if there’s going to be a press room. What we do know is that Emma Greenwell (Myfanwy Thomas), Joely Richardson (Lady Farrier), and Olivia Munn (Monica Reed) will be in attendance. Which, I’m down for this trio of powerhouse actresses talking about their experiences on The Rook and what it felt like being directed by so many women while acting with so many wonderful female characters.

The Rook centers around Myfanwy Thomas and the mystery of her erased memory. She, alongside a special team known as the Checguy that she fears is responsible for her lost memories, has superpowers that she no longer knows how to control or work with as she pretends to be her same old sense as a means of catching the person who hurt her. It’s based on the 2012 novel by Daniel O’Malley and we’re only one episode in but….WE’RE INVESTED! From the filming, to the amazing acting by Emma Greenwell, The Rook is set to become a smash hit along the same lines as American Gods and Outlander. Which, Starz won’t be bringing the later two to SDCC. But at least we’ve got The Rook and that’s good enough for me!

Make sure to check out the trailer for The Rook if you haven’t yet HERE:

The Rook airs Sundays on Starz.

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