Frequency SDCC 2016 Interview: Peyton List

Frequency is going to have us reaching for the Kleenex box every week. We got all the FEELS while we were watching the Pilot on Preview Night, and the feels came back again in full force as we had a chance to talk to the cast about this time-travel and yet not time-travel family drama that centers on a father-daughter relationship and combines all the things we loved about the 90’s with the heart wrenching consequences of maybe, perhaps, getting what you want.

Peyton List, who plays Raymi Sullivan was a particular delight. A big Harry Potter fan, she pulled out her Harry Potter cell phone cover and made conversation with us before delving right into what makes this show special – namely, the relationship between Raymi and her father Frank.

“It’s really vulnerable, it’s really raw,” Peyton says about the show, and she adds that, for her and Riley (Smith, who plays Frank Sullivan) it’s been kind of like “rip off the band aid and go” in regards to maybe inhabiting who these characters are and what they discover about the relationship and about each other.

The dynamic is especially interesting and complex because, as List explains: “Frank is the Dad,” so the assumption clearly is that “Frank should always be the one who’s supportive and the one taking care of Raymi,” and yet, as we’ll get to see very quickly “He’s 28 as we know him, he doesn’t have an adult child” and he really doesn’t know how to react, or how to be a Dad to a full grown woman.

In a way, though, this is what makes the show work, what makes us feel. Frank and Raymi might be separated by twenty years and many misunderstandings, but as they grow closer, we get to experience what a second chance feels like right along with them.

And that’s something we all dream about.

Check out our interview with Peyton List below and get ready to get a tiny bit emotional:

Frequency premieres  Wednesday October 5th at 9/8c on the CW.

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