Supernatural 12×2 Review: Mamma Mia

As cheesy as this sounds, Supernatural’s “Mamma Mia” was a rollercoaster of emotion where I wanted to hug half of the characters (Sam) and knock out the other (Toni), while screaming at my TV. Mary Winchester’s presence continues to mold the journey ahead of Dean and Sam. She’s already proved that she’s there to protect them, fight with them, and show them the motherly love they’ve never truly had.

On the villain side of things, Lucifer (Luci) sets the stage for whatever mischief he’s up to next in Vince Vicente’s body and the British MoL reveal that they’re here to bother the Winchesters for the long haul. *insert eye roll here* Supernatural’s shifting focus to humans being the real enemy grounds the show and makes the Winchesters plight seem more relatable. We know what human evil looks like. 

Bad Touch Toni Needs to Die


Often times, people like Toni have backstories that explain why they’re on this path and reaffirm that things aren’t as black and white as they may seem. In response, I hold off on my judgement and wait to see what the writers have up their sleeve for me throughout the season. After “Mamma Mia” I don’t care one iota for her pompous, elitist, pantsuit wearing, ass.

I hate Toni and wish her a long and painful death for what she did to Sam.

The spell she used to make Sam hallucinate that they had just had sex and were lounging about in a bed, was a sexual violation. She was already infringing on his body by torturing him. But those wounds can be easily fixed by Cass and the Winchesters have experienced torture before. They know how to compartmentalize. This form of mental torture was a step too far, took away his choice on something that is intimate and beautiful, and showed how vile of a woman she really is. I don’t care for Toni’s story and will be marking the days till she’s gone.

P.S. Admit it, you were utterly satisfied when Mary and Dean clocked her right in the face. Like mother, like son.

Throwback to the Beginning of It All


Mary Winchester’s presence in Supernatural means that she needs to be caught up and told about the last couple decades. For her, it’s a rush of information that she can do nothing about except listen. For us, it’s a flash to the past. All of a sudden we’re remembering Dean’s baby voice in Season 1, Sam’s haircut that looked like he stepped right off the set of Gilmore Girls, John being a horrible father/hunter, the sacrifices these men have made for this family, and the people they’ve met along the way.

All these throwback moments made me appreciate how far we’ve come with these characters, actors, and the show itself. Supernatural has become a family whose joined along on Dean and Sam’s adventures through tragedy, love, drama, laughter, tenderness, sincerity, evil, and so much more. Outside of the show, we’ve seen these actors bond as real family, get married, have adventures of their own like having kids, and share parts of themselves that only made us connect to them and the rest of the Supernatural community even more.

We’re a family here on Supernatural and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What Having His Mother Means to Sam


Sam thinking his brother was dead broke my heart. Sam being manipulated by that vile woman tore me apart. But Sam admitting to his mom that she’s what’s been missing…turned me into a crying mess who needed a fanbulance, stat!

Put yourself in Sam’s shoes.

Dean has memories of his mother, even vague ones. Sam doesn’t. He only has stories given to him by others and glimpses of different versions of her that weren’t this woman yet. Mary’s presence in the bunker is an opportunity to get to know her for himself. He knows how fleeting and crazy their lives are so that’s why he stepped up and told her that she “fills in the biggest blank.”

Sam gets to be a son again. And I’m not saying that John didn’t love him. He did. But Sam gets to have a parents love, specifically a mother’s, without the disappointments, arguments, or anger of the past that John held onto. He gets to connect with the person who gave birth to him and who would’ve raised him if she’d lived.

Mary Winchester is a reminder to Sam of the life he never had and the one he can still make with her now. It’s an opportunity he’s not going to miss out on.

Looming Threat of the British MoL & Lucifer


“Mamma Mia” finally saw Luci and the British MoL move their chess pieces onto the board.

Luci has finally parked his angelic posterior inside of rockstar Vince Vincente, played by singer Rick Springfield. He’s been struggling for a while now, hopping from body to body, and losing the traction that he had on hell during his previous rein inside of Cass. Now that he’s back, he’ll use his reputation as Luci to rule over hell, destroy Crowley, torture poor Rowena, and cause all sorts of problems for our Winchesters and Cass. One can only assume that he’ll also be using his new vessel’s reputation to move around the human world and experience a different kind of fame, one where he is like a god to his fans. He’s got more power than ever before and I’m excited for what mischief he’s up to next.

Before “Mamma Mia”, Lady Bevell and the threat of the British MoL was a mere inconvenience that I thought would be snuffed out as soon as Mary, Dean, and Castiel arrived. Or easily forgotten as soon as Luci set the stage. Oh how wrong I was. They’re a team of highly trained hunters who think they have unlocked and achieved how to destroy evil. But just because it works in your secluded sphere back home, doesn’t mean it’ll work in a place as large as the United States where the devil himself runs loose. Their hubris has started them down a path of death and destruction of their own making.

Dean, Sam, and Castiel have survived demons, monsters, angels, leviathans, the devil, and Death herself. Bring it on, MoL. At the end of the day I know our boys will come out alive and stronger for it. Having Mary by their side only increases this likelihood.

Favorite Moment: Dean & His Love for Pie

Dean’s pie eating has become 100% more endearing, despite the chunk stuck to his lower lip, because I’ve never connected it to his mom. He doesn’t have many memories of Mary but what if he associates it with happiness because of her and not just the deliciousness of pie? Feels attack!

Favorite Quotes from Mamma Mia:

  1. “I started all of this.” – Mary to Dean
  2. “I’m your mother. You have to do what I say.” – Mary to Dean
  3. “It’s witchcraft. Not google maps!” – Rowena to Crowley
  4. “Get away from my boys!” – Mary to Lady Bevell
  5. “I don’t sweat under any circumstances.” – Castiel to MoL
  6. “For me, just um, having you here…fills in the biggest blank.” – Sam to Mary

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9p.m. on The CW.

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