Supergirl 2×02 Roundtable: Discussing 'The Last Children of Krypton'

A new season of Supergirl means a new season of roundtables where Fangirlish writers Alyssa, Lizzie, and Lyra discuss the hot topics from every Supergirl episode.

In the second episode of Supergirl’s second season, Kara and Clark continued their team-up as Cadmuns unleashed a Kryptonite-powered metahuman of sorts on National City. Kara also started her new job as a reporter, the Danver sisters had some things to let off their chest, and Cat Grant bid adieu — for a little while.

What were your overall thoughts on ‘The Last Children of Krypton?’

Alyssa: This episode was one of the best episodes of Supergirl in a long time. Everything was just gelling so well, and there were a ton of my favorite things present in this episode. We got the sensational action sequences blended with the heart of these characters and their relationships, which continues to remind us the real reason we give a damn about superheroes in the first place. I can say without a doubt right now that Supergirl is the best superhero show on The CW. While Arrow and The Flash have seen better days and Legends of Tomorrow feels like an entirely new show – in the best way – Supergirl is outperforming its CW veterans thus far. Season two feels very much like a continuation of Kara’s story, as well as a new chapter as she begins to explore other facets of her life. I’m loving everything we’re getting so far. And I’m praying this show doesn’t slow down anytime soon.

Lizzie: This was, if not the best, one of the best episodes of Supergirl ever. It had a little bit of everything, Kara and Alex, Clark, Cat, Winn being a dork, very little James, and when he was there, he was doing his own stuff. I really, really liked it. I hate the things it sets up, though, because now Cat is gone, Clark went back to Metropolis and …and I’m going to miss them. But as far as the episode is concerned, it was really, really good.

Lyra: I think it’s a good stepping off point to the end of some journey’s and the beginning’s of others. They’re setting up the stage for Kara’s new career, the new big bad, and the changes to come in her relationship with her sister. (Hopefully big ones because they are on opposite pages of things and I can only understand half of it.) I will miss Clarke and Cat dearly. And the only thing stopping me from spiralling is the knowledge that they’ll be back one day. We love them too much for them to disappear off into the night.

Kara doesn’t like change, which is exactly what she was confronted with in this episode. What were your thoughts on how she handled herself with these changes in her life?

Alyssa: I mean considering the extent of these changes and how they were happening one after the other, I think Kara did a good job of handling herself. Of course she was far from perfect in dealing with it at first, but perfection was never something to be expected even from a superhero. Especially from a superhero. I feel like Superman’s appearance in these first two episodes was especially important in showcasing how Kara yearns for stability – stability that her cousin possesses. But he never had it all together in the beginning. And still to this day. But Kara’s struggle in dealing with the many changes happening in her life – Clark coming and going, Cat Grant leaving, transitioning into a reporter, etc. – was something so beautifully human. I’ll say it again, Kara has displayed more humanity than some humans, be it on this show or in reality. That’s what makes her Kara. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Lizzie: I think she did pretty well considering how BIG the changes were. She’s going to miss Cat, we all will, but I think Cat Grant has been trying to teach Kara that she doesn’t really need her for ages. And she’s going to miss Clark, but she’s not really losing him. He’s still going to be there, and he’ll come back in a jiffy if she ever truly needs him. But Clark being gone means that Kara can actually let herself discover how strong and capable she can be on her own. I’m not saying she was using Clark as a crutch, but the fact that he was there meant she couldn’t really grow. Same as Cat, in a way. The people leaving her are not really leaving her – they’re stepping aside so she can figure out what they already know, that Kara doesn’t need to lean on anyone. She can be great all by herself.

Lyra: I think Kara did ok with all the changes around her. Sure she hid from it in the beginning, tried to deny that things were moving along whether she wanted to or not, and whined a bit…but who hasn’t done that? By the end of the episode she mulled it all over in her mind, thought of possibilities, and then talked out with the people she loves.

We all knew it was coming, but it doesn’t make it any less painful. Cat Grant is taking a leave of absence from the show. How are you feeling?

Alyssa: I’ll be honest, not good. Like I knew it was coming and yet that didn’t make the reveal or the emotional gravity of the situation any less than it was. It wasn’t something intended to be shock value so much as it was something that was handled well considering Calista Flockhart’s exit as series regular. Cat Grant started off as the cliché bitchy boss who evolved into someone so complex and intriguing that it’s no wonder she soon became my favorite character. The emotional depth to which her character and her character’s relationships with Kara and Supergirl and her family were explored was one of the best surprises of the season. I could never imagine Supergirl without Cat Grant. And while she may be leaving, this isn’t the end of Cat Grant. Far from it.

The way Cat’s leave of absence was handled was very moving. We got to experience this moment through Kara and Cat’s relationship as both grappled with what was happening. It was a reminder of how far both Kara and Cat have come as individuals and as friends throughout this series. It was also a reminder that this leave of absence isn’t permanent. The door has been left wide open for Cat’s return. And we know Cat isn’t someone who stays quiet for too long.

Lizzie: Sad. Very, very sad. Cat was my favorite from the beginning, and I especially liked how they softened her up in later episodes, how they made her less a stereotype and more a woman who was successful and who did what she need to stay at the top of her game. But, I’m not quitting the show or raging – because that’s not what Cat Grant would want. I want to see what Supergirl can be without Cat Grant. I’m not excited, but I’m willing to try. And I also think that this is not the last we’ll ever see of Cat Grant. In fact, I’m sure of it.

Lyra: I’m sad enough that I want to curl up into a little ball and cry but know that Cat Grant wouldn’t want me do that. She’d want me to suck it up, keep my head held high, remember her teachings, and await her return. Until that happens I have plenty of gifs to keep me company!

Kara began her career as a reporter, and it didn’t exactly go the way she would have liked. What did you think about Kara’s rough start in this episode and how do you think she’ll rebound moving forward?

Alyssa: While I loved Kara’s enthusiasm when it came to being a reporter, there was a sense of naivety on her part because she really didn’t understand what it meant to be a reporter. Being a reporter – doing anything really – isn’t something that happens right away. Hell, we saw that when it came to her being Supergirl. It wasn’t something that she instantly clicked with. It took time, patience, hard work, and a lot of emotional turmoil. The same goes for Kara’s foray into the world of journalism.

While Snapper Carr irritated me beyond belief with his self-righteous attitude, I think he was the perfect person to be Kara’s boss. She didn’t need someone who would hold her hand and guide her. She needed to be thrust into this world all on her own and fight her way to the top. And we saw that progression in just one episode. We saw how dejected Kara was in the beginning, and then we saw how she finally decided to stand up for herself with Snapper. It was beautiful. It was exactly what she needed. Her struggle is far from over, but the fact that Kara is willing to fight for this is proof that it’s something she’ll achieve in the end.

Lizzie: Kara knew absolutely nothing about being a reporter, so a rough start was to be expected. I liked that it was hard, and I’m glad she got to a place where she didn’t need Cat to stand up for her, she could stand up for herself. EVEN IF it was hard. Because that’s how you grow. By facing your fears. And, by the look of things, Kara will have a lot of things to face in the coming episodes, not just as Supergirl, but as Kara. Which is the point of the show, as Clark said. Balance.

Lyra: I liked that everything wasn’t perfect in her first try at being a journalist. She’s smart, incredibly talented, and always manages to pull through. It was humanizing to watch her struggle and not get something right on the first try. She’s diving into new waters and fighting back to keep her new job means that she’s scared but ready. Moving forward she’ll still make mistakes but be more wary and sure of herself on this new road she’s started on.

We all love Kara and Alex because of the realistic nature of their relationship — minus the whole alien thing. We saw the sisters get into an argument that was started by Clark’s arrival. What were your thoughts on the Danvers sisters this episode?

Alyssa: The fact that Kara and Alex continue to have these conflicts in regards to their relationship is a good thing because it shows that they give a damn – a big damn – about each other. Let’s face it, both girls have give up a lot in their lives. Kara has had to hide her true self for years, and Alex has given up a lot for Kara. But I could see it from both sides. I could see how excited Kara was to have Clark – the last person like her, her family – beside her and saving the world. I could also see Alex’s perspective given just how much she’s given up to watch out for Kara. But as Winn said, it’s not about keeping score either way. When it comes down to it, you protect your family because you love them. Kara and Alex have one of my favorite relationships on the show because it’s so relatable. Siblings fight, and then siblings get over it. That’s how it works. The love between Kara and Alex is stronger than any conflict that could get in their way.

Lizzie: I had a talk with Lyra about this – and Lyra could see it from Kara’s point of view. I, however, am a big sister, and I completely understand Alex. I think Alex handled herself pretty well – she was probably a bit jealous, but she kept it in, at least until Kara suggested she might move to Metropolis. And then Alex exploded. The problem with Alex is that she’s given up a lot of Kara, done a lot for her and sometimes she fails to see that Kara didn’t ask her to. At the same time, Kara was a tad blinded by her cousin and her love for him and the feeling of belonging that comes with being with someone who understands who you are, that she forgot that Alex was and is the family that has always been there for her. So I’m glad they tried to understand each other, but I think this is not the end of this issue. Alex needs to find a life outside Kara and the DEO and Kara needs to recognize what she has and the sacrifices Alex has made, even if she never asked for them.

Lyra: I think Alex has major issues with sharing Kara with Clarke. They’re Kryptonians. No matter what Alex does they will have a connection that no one else understands. That doesn’t make the relationship that she has with Kara any less loving or significant. She needs to follow Winn’s advice and stop counting wins and keeping track of who did what or making Kara feel guilty for coming into her life. In addition, Clarke isn’t there to take away Kara. If anything he’d go to the world and back for Alex because Kara loves her and she’s family too.

By the end of the episode the Danvers sisters were united and kicked major ass. I’ll give them that. But Alex has some major issues about herself that she needs to deal with. No one asked her to join a secret organization to protect Kara. No one asked her to give up her life for Kara. In fact, Alex has a fantastic life where she can change the world and save people with her sister by her side. If Alex wants other things for her life, things she feels like she’s missed out on, go out there and do it! No one’s stopping you.

Cadmus unleashed itself upon National City as Alex came face-to-face with the organization that it turns out has her father. Do you think Jeremiah Danvers is there as a prisoner or under their control? Or do you think he’s willingly helping this organization?

Alyssa: While Cadmus sure talked a lot of talk, there’s no way I can actually let myself consider that Jeremiah is acting under his own volition if he actually is working for Cadmus. If he’s not being held prisoner, Cadmus is surely controlling him the same way they’ve controlled countless others. But planting that seed in Alex’s mind is exactly what Cadmus is about. They’re about scarring you emotionally right before they strike. At least that’s what I’m thinking. It’s not good. In terms of story, it’s more realistic if Jeremiah is being controlled by Cadmus rather than being held as prisoner. It will make for a more emotional storyline once Alex and Kara are involved. It’s going to be good. It’s going to hurt like hell, but it’s going to be good.

Lizzie: I don’t like this question. No. Jeremiah Danvers is NOT helping them. I refuse. If you go there, Supergirl, I’ll be really, REALLY mad. Nope. I think he’s under their control, but I don’t think he’s there willingly. And I think they’ll do something to him and make him face Alex and Kara, yes. But I don’t think he was ever part of Cadmus, and at this point, I doubt he ever will be.

Lyra: All of the above, in a way. In an effort to protect Alex and Kara I think Jeremiah would stay with Cadmus willingly and become a prisoner. Of course they would force their hand and make him do unforgivable things, but he’d rather do that than have his girls hurt. Where ever he is, he’s not fighting to ge out because he thinks he’s doing the right thing as a father.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Stay tuned for another Supergirl roundtable next Sunday!

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