‘Pitch’ 1×05 Roundtable: Alfonzo Guzman-Chavez

Pitch returned last week after a brief hiatus, and didn’t skip a beat. With continued focus on its incredible characters and, if possible, even more emotional scenes than usual, this show continues to be one of our favourites.

Join Fangirlish writers Beata, Lizzie and Lyra as we discuss the fifth episode in Pitch‘s first season, Alfonzo Guzman-Chavez.

What were your overall thoughts on this episode?


Beata: It was probably my favourite so far. I know fans were pretty divided about it, but I thought it was so intense and emotional. We also got some great character development for Ginny and some good insight into relationships on sports teams, which just made me grow even more attached to all the characters on this amazing show. 

Lizzie:  I really, really enjoyed it. Pitch continues to defy my expectations – it hasn’t had a bad or filler episode yet, and it feels like I can really connect to different people each week. It’s a testament to not just good the actors are, but how great the writing is, and how much thought, and probably love has gone into crafting this show, and I feel like there aren’t even enough good things I should say about it, but I’m gonna keep trying.

Lyra: Pitch defied my expectations and showed me that we’ve barely scratched the surface of Ginny’s past. She didn’t just pop out of nowhere with issues a mile long. Like us, life has jaded her and I can’t wait to find out all about it. It also taught me to keep an eye out for my favorites. If not they might disappear just when I’m falling in love with their character.

The trade rumors surrounding Blip were the main focus of this episode, but I doubt anyone actually thought the show would get rid of one of their main characters so soon. Do you think Pitch managed to keep things entertaining and intense in spite of that?


Beata: Absolutely. Even though the rational part of my brain kept saying that there was no way they would trade him, there were definitely moments when a tiny bit of doubt crept in. Every sign was pointing toward it being Tommy, and yet everything was so believable that I basically forgot I was watching a scripted TV show and started worrying that Blip would be traded. The drama was so real. The characters were all so worried. Even as I kept repeating to myself that Blip was untouchable, that it would make no sense for them to trade him, I was terrified.

Lizzie: I was on the edge of my seat. I mean, my brain was telling me they weren’t gonna trade Blip, because that made no sense, and yet the way the episode was framed, and the way it built up, had me honestly worrying that they might. It’s the equivalent of watching a movie and worrying about one of the main characters in the middle of a huge battle – you know that’s probably not where the story is going, but you’re attached. You can’t help it! And Pitch pulled that off spectacularly this week.

Lyra: Pitch continues to surprise me at every turn, so yes, I was expecting Blip to be traded. That would be something I wouldn’t expect a show to pull this early on, especially with a character with an established line. With that in mind I was like Lizzie the entire time, on the edge of my seat, wondering if they were really going to get rid of Blip.

What did you think of the flashbacks? Did you like Jordan? Do you think Pitch is doing a good job of keeping the flashbacks relevant?


Beata: I’m absolutely loving the flashbacks so far. Jordan was adorable, and it was so nice to see Ginny making friends in the past. So far the flashbacks have always given us new insight into Ginny’s character, while fitting with the overall theme of the episode, and it’s really working. Also, that ending was probably the most emotional scene the show has done yet, and that’s really saying something. I didn’t see it coming at all, and I was absolutely horrified watching the scene play out. As soon as he got into the car and I realized what was happening, I started crying and couldn’t stop. I can’t believe how emotional this whole episode was.

Lizzie: I liked Jordan, yes. I don’t think I was too attached to him, but I will say I BAWLED at the reveal at the end. Bawled. Not silent big tears, but actual sobs. And this show has consistently tugged on my heartstrings, not just with the present stuff, but with the flashbacks that inform the people we know. I know of at least three of four shows who should go talk to the Pitch writers about how to do flashbacks who actually mean something.

Lyra: I loved the flashbacks and would really like to see Jordan returning sometime in the future. Every flashback is treated as an opportunity to get to know Ginny a little better. They don’t wait until the end of the season to reveal how it’s relevant. I’m looking at you Arrow. It’s easy to keep up and be invested in Ginny’s story with the formula that Pitch is going for. And yes, like Lizzie, I cried like an angry baby at the end. It’s the unexpectedness of it all that reminds one of how tragic life can can be.

It was revealed at the very end of the episode that Tommy had been traded to the Cubs. Are you satisfied with his arc? And are you sad to see him leave, after all the character development he got?


Beata: I mean, it made sense. Tommy had a very short, very sweet arc, and now he’s an important part of Ginny’s life without being an integral part of the show. I like him and I’m disappointed that we won’t get to see more of him in future because I think he’s a really interesting character, but I’d certainly much rather it be him than Blip. As soon as he went off to talk to Ginny at the beginning, I knew he was a goner. I’m also pretty excited to see how the team reacts to him next time they have to play him, because he strikes me as the type of player you love when he’s on your team and hate when he’s not.

Lizzie:  I’m sad to see him leave, yes, but if I had to choose between him and Blip, then …good riddance. Thing about Tommy is that, as much as I liked him – and I did, the storytelling possibilities with him were limited. Blip, however? There’s a lot to be explored with him, not just in his friendship with Ginny, but in the relationship she has with his family. Also, I get the feeling this is not the last we’ll see of Tommy. They do have to play the Cubs at some point, right?

Lyra: I am not satisfied with Tommy’s arc. Just when I was starting to get to know him…BAM HE’S GONE! Pitch was sneaky in making me focus so much on Blip that I didn’t even see the Tommy curveball coming my wall. See what I did there, sports reference. Be proud of me Lizzie!

We saw some tension between Mike and Amelia this week, and the ending hinted at a potential love triangle with Ginny. What are your thoughts on the way these relationships are progressing?


Beata: No no no no no. I don’t really care about Mike and Amelia that much, but I certainly don’t mind them. However, the more the show hints at a Mike/Ginny romance, the more aggressively I oppose it. I love them so much as friends, but I really don’t see any sexual tension there at all and I hope that Pitch treads carefully there. I might warm up to them eventually, but it’s going to have to be an epic slow-burn. Ginny definitely doesn’t need romance in her life right now, and I don’t need to see it on my TV screen yet. I have to want it. I don’t want it right now.

Lizzie: I don’t want a love triangle. I’m allergic to love triangles. They make me itchy. I’m glad Amelia came clean to Ginny and they didn’t drag this out for longer than it needed to be dragged out – and I do think this is a setup to Ginny, maybe, realizing that the crush she used to have on Mike Lawson isn’t as dead as she thought, but I’d like the show to let this develop naturally. No pitting Ginny against Amelia, not ruining Mike and Ginny’s friendship. Just let it happen. There’s enough drama in baseball without adding a love triangle.

Lyra: There is no love triangle going on between Ginny, Mike, and Amelia. This episode’s flashbacks showed us why friendships are so precious to Ginny. She doesn’t open up her heart to anyone because the last time she did, it ended in the biggest tragedy of her life. This tension that Ginny feels right now is because she doesn’t know how to process what she’s feeling. Amelia revealing that she’s with Mike, burst her bubble, and made her insecure about what she has with him. She needs to talk to Mike and understand that he’s her friend but that doesn’t make him exclusively hers or vice versa.

Ginny demanded that Oscar keep Blip on the Padres. Should she have known better? Do you think it was out of character for her? And do you think the fact that it was Amelia’s idea will eventually create a rift between the two women?


Beata: I can’t help but draw a parallel here to episode 2, when Ginny wanted to speak out in support of Al and Amelia advised against it. Amelia’s a smart woman and she knows stars, but she doesn’t know sports. Ginny knows sports. She knows that she needs to stick up for everyone involved in her team if she wants to gain respect in the locker room. And she knows that she can’t ask the GM for favours when he’s trying to build a winning team. I think it might create a bit of tension down the line, but ultimately they’re a good match. Amelia forces Ginny out of her comfort zone and encourages her to stand up for herself, but clearly Ginny can’t just do whatever Amelia tells her to do. I think this stuff, coupled with the drama with Mike, will eventually boil over and create some issues between them, but that they’ll be able to work through it.

Lizzie: I think it might have worked had she been more sure of herself, to be honest. I don’t think it was a bad idea, or that Amelia was wrong to suggest it – I just think Ginny didn’t go about it the right way, and also, both she and Amelia have severely underestimated Oscar. I don’t see it having lasting repercussions on Amelia’s relationship with Ginny, if anything the Mike romance might do more to damage that relationship. I also don’t think it’s something Oscar will hold against Ginny, and it’s probably something she’ll keep in mind if she ever wants to ask for anything again.  

Lyra: I can’t fault Ginny for testing out the waters of her new fame. Hell, I would probably do it if my friend was in danger of having his life uprooted. You do that for the ones you love. In a way I think Oscar will look at her differently now. He had to put his foot down to show his power but now he knows that Ginny will fight for what she wants. She’s not just a show pony. She’s a ballplayer who has finally realized the kind of pull that she has and he’s worried about the day she really demands something. As for Amelia and Ginny. Their power dynamic continues to fluctuate as Ginny realizes how much power she has over Amelia as well. I don’t think this will cause a rift. If anything the rift will come because Amelia didn’t tell her that she was sleeping with Mike…sooner.

Pitch airs Thursdays at 9pm on Fox.

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