Pitch 1×06 Roundtable: ‘Wear It’

Here at Fangirlish, we are absolutely smitten with FOX’s new baseball drama Pitch. A hopeful, empowering story with phenomenal production value, lots of positive representation and an entire cast of relatable characters, it stole our hearts in episode one and still hasn’t given them back.

Join Fangirlish writers Beata, Lizzie and Lyra as we discuss Pitch episode six, Wear It.

What were your overall thoughts on Wear It?

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Beata: I absolutely loved all the character development Ginny got in this one. I was a little bit worried about where the writers might take her character when I saw the synopsis but I’m glad that this storyline was handled in such a respectful and realistic manner. I love that this show is diving into the psychology of its main character. I love that there are so many healthy and realistic relationships. I love that it keeps getting better and better. 

Lizzie: Damn it, show. Stop pulling on my heartstrings. Stop making me feel things.  And not like one thing at a time, either, but like fifty different things in one episode. I don’t know if I can’t take it anymore. Which is just another way of saying never, ever stop, please. Take me on this journey with you. I’m here for the ups and downs.

Lyra: The back and forth between present and past, was a welcome format in Wear It. As a veteran of the Lost days, I was glued to my seat, piecing everything together as it played out. Ginny breaking and running away was the most free I have ever seen her before. We know what kind of person she is when she’s out on the field, exercising, or practicing. But we really don’t know her as a woman. Drinking to forget your woes, running away with a waitress you just met, and having a panic attack in the middle of it all, made her more human. She’s fractured and that only makes me love her even more.

Through her session with the psychiatrist, we learned that Ginny feels undeserving of her fame and fortune, given that she’s not performing very well and isn’t actually the first woman to play professional sports. What did you think of this development?

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Beata: I’m really glad the show finally acknowledged this, because it’s true that Ginny isn’t actually the first woman to play professional sports, and I’ve been wanting them to address that for a long time. I mean, we’ve seen how much people are idolizing Ginny, and that can’t be easy for her. And while I get why fans are so enamoured with her – she’s an important symbol of change and hope for the future – I also totally understand where Ginny is coming from. I mean, it’s not like she’s really wowing people with her pitching, and being held up as a trailblazer when she thinks the honour should go to other women clearly doesn’t sit well with her.

Lizzie: It’s not only understandable, but believable. It’s hard – or at least I would imagine it is – seeing yourself as this bigger than life thing when you don’t feel like you deserve it. And that’s the thing about Pitch, every time I think they’re going one way, they pivot and go the other way. I never thought they’d dare to make Ginny this vulnerable, and yet, the fact that they have makes it that much easier to relate to her. Yes, she’s larger than life, but in a way, she also isn’t. That’s what we like about her.

Lyra: I know nothing about sports besides that the Patriots are the bees knees and that the Cubs have broken an 108 year old curse by winning the World Series. So when Ginny revealed her fears and doubts about not being the first woman to play professional baseball…I was shocked. I knew the pressure was a lot but not that this plagued her mind. Again, I’ve got to say that it only endears me more to her. Who hasn’t had moments where they doubt the things they have in life and if they deserve them? You’ve worked hard Ginny. You deserve this and so much more. Keep your head up. You got this.

The Padres management elected not to send Ginny down after the video surfaced, instead calling a psychiatrist to help her work through her issues. Do you think they let her off too easy? Do you think they made the right choice for the team?

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Beata: Yes, I think they made the right choice. Ginny’s emotional well-being directly affects her athletic ability, and if they ignore her issues, they’re handicapping their team. And yes, sending her down is ignoring her issues. Taking Ginny away from the spotlight might take some immediate pressure off of her, but it will also affect her self-esteem and make her worry about her career. Sending her down is the easy option, but working with her is the only way they’re actually going to make progress.

Lizzie: There’s a lot of business considerations that go into sending a player like Ginny back to Triple AAA, and teams make a lot of concessions for it’s stars. Is Ginny a star? She is. Even if her pitching hasn’t been that great, she’s selling tickets, she’s selling jerseys and she’s making the Padres the team everyone is talking about. That’s worth a few gambles.

Lyra: Let her off too easy? Have you ever been to see a psychiatrist? That’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do, especially for someone as stubborn as Ginny. Going to get help is as much about the business of baseball as it is about her well being. If she’s not on top of HER game then the game suffers, the team suffers. And Ginny agrees not only for her well being but for the family that she’s slowly building around herself. 

Poor Amelia fell out with Ginny, Mike, and Eliot in this episode. Do you think she’s asking too much of the people around her? And how important do you think it is that she and Ginny eventually make up?

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Beata: I adore Amelia, but I do think she needs to understand that not everyone functions the same way she does. She’s constantly moving, constantly getting stuff done and putting huge expectations on herself, and sometimes she needs to take a step back and wonder how the people around her might be feeling. Eliot made a lot of sacrifices to get where he is, and Amelia didn’t fully realise that. And amid all the sponsorship deals with Ginny, she didn’t stop to think that maybe Ginny didn’t want all of this.

I certainly haven’t lost any respect for the character, though, and I’m certain that she’ll figure out how to fix things, because she’s a really smart woman. I also don’t think all the blame should be placed on Amelia since Ginny definitely could have been a lot nicer to her. Honestly, I’m sad that these two are fighting but confident that they’ll eventually figure things out.

Lizzie: I think we saw the beginnings in this episode of Ginny realizing Amelia does much more than her job – just as we saw with Elliot. In the same way that Amelia didn’t feel appreciated by Ginny, Elliot didn’t feel appreciated by Amelia, and it was nice that both relationships took a step forward. I think Amelia is on Ginny’s side, and she genuinely wants what’s best for her, and I think the more challenges Ginny goes through the more she’ll see Amelia is the one person she keeps coming back to. I don’t think their relationship is irreparably damaged.

Lyra: Amelia and Ginny are in this really hard position where they’re friends and business associates. They haven’t draw up any lines and don’t see that relationships like these take more work than any other. Same thing with Amelia and Elliot. They don’t know what they’re doing, are making assumptions left and right, and ARE NOT COMMUNICATING! None of these people initially set out to hurt the other. Elliot resolved his issues by talking to Amelia. And here’s hoping that Ginny does the same before jumping down Amelia’s throat again. Yes, I said jumping down Amelia’s throat. I love you Ginny, but that was uncalled for. Especially because you’re angry with her for being with your new friend. Just because they’re together doesn’t mean that what you have with both of them is in any way less unique, fantastic, or real. 

After breaking up with Amelia, Mike went back to his ex-wife Rachel, asking her once again to take him back. What did you think of this storyline, and the insight it provided into Mike’s character?

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Beata: Mike’s interactions with Rachel all season have proved that there is so much more to him than the public sees. He sleeps around, yes, and most people see him as a player, but he also craves intimacy and authenticity, which this lifestyle can’t always give him. I’m sure like any celebrity it’s hard for him to tell if people actually like him or are just spending time with him because he’s rich and famous. So this storyline with Rachel has shown us that, at this stage in his life, Mike is tired of hookups and one night stands. He wants a serious relationship.

Lizzie: I think a part of Mike is still in love with her, yes, but I think, mostly, she represents stability, what he had to give up to stay successful and in the majors, and I think a part of him resents that and yearns for the simple life in the same way Ginny does. This episode pulled them apart a bit, but I think right now the person who’s most likely to understand Mike is, as weird as that sounds, Ginny Baker. And I have a feeling they’ll realize this sooner rather than later.

Lyra: Mike going back to his ex-wife showed me that he’s not ready to move on from what they were/could have been. He was comfortable with her, always has been. The mere thought of being in something new, something uncertain, scared the shit out of him. The new thing I’m talking about is his relationship with Amelia. He’s not ready for change and needs to buck up if he ever wants to move forward. How is he going to see his future if he keeps looking at his past? 

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Ginny was encouraged to run off to a party by a waitress named Cara, who she ended up getting along with really well. What did you think of her character? Are you hopeful that we might see her again eventually?

Beata: I loved her. I didn’t expect to grow so attached to her since she was really just there to take Ginny to the party, but there was so much chemistry there that I think it would be a huge missed opportunity for the show not to bring her back. I also loved that she sent the video to the team – I’m so used to fictional women always being at each other’s throats that it was nice to find someone who genuinely cared about Ginny’s well being. I also continue to be amazed at Pitch‘s ability to give us healthy female friendships despite being about the first woman in the MLB.

Lizzie:  I hope we do, because I felt like Ginny needed friends – normal friends. As much as I love Evelyn, she’s part of the baseball world and she doesn’t know how not to be. She doesn’t offer a different perspective. Cara does. And right now, with the storm that seems to be coming Ginny’s way, a little bit of perspective will probably be just what the doctor ordered.

Lyra: I love Cara and I love this actress. Ginny’s found a rare gem when it comes to this girl. She’s someone who genuinely cares for Ginny (she drove her back for her morning practice and gave the video to Amelia instead of posting it) and isn’t bothered that she’s famous now. In a high stress world like baseball, I think Ginny would benefit from a relationship outside of all the pressures she faces. Cara is someone she can kick back with and relax while binge watching Orange is the New Black and junk food. Who doesn’t benefit from some Netflix & Chill?

Pitch airs Thursdays at 9pm on Fox.

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