Timeless Roundtable: Maybe We Can Change Things

Five episodes in, Timeless is already one of our favorite shows of the new season – and with the break this week, we thought it’d be the perfect time to talk about all the things we’ve loved about the show so far.

(Get comfortable, we have a lot of good things to say).

So, join Fangirlish writers Lizzie, Alyssa, Sarah and Lyra as they gush about the time-travel, the people and the writing of Timeless!

Five episodes in, what are your overall impressions of Timeless and how does it rank among the other new shows on TV right now? Is it a must watch?

Lizzie: This has been a TV season for surprises – there are truly a lot of good new shows, and yet, Timeless is at the very top of the list for me. I’d have to put Pitch and Frequency right up there too, but the thing about Timeless is that, five episodes in, it doesn’t feel like a show I can miss and catch up with later. I want to know what happens, every week. I want to be part of the conversation. I want the surprises to happen live. And yes, that’s because they got me – not just emotionally invested, but intellectually as well. I’ve done more history googling than I ever expect thanks to this show, that’s for sure!

Alyssa: Timeless has easily become my favorite new show this season. While I was thoroughly impressed with the pilot, the show has grown into something more than I could’ve imagined. It’s become a show that I cannot miss live each Monday. Unless the Bears are playing, which then I’ll watch it at midnight even though I have to wake up at 5am the next morning. It’s just that good. Timeless has managed to set itself apart from the other time travel shows out there, which isn’t an easy feat. The tone of the show is one that is quite welcoming as it blends the serious nature of the times with the fun, light-heartedness of time travel. Timeless is a show that really knows and understands what it is. It’s that knowledge, along with the three amazing leads and those different dynamics, that has made Timeless my favorite show on television right now.

Sarah: Timeless caught me by surprise at how much I quickly loved it from the start, but five episodes in and now it’s joined the shows I will not miss each week. It grabs you from the start, and I love how it’s story hones in the trio I’ve come to love and you leave each episode thinking how will I make it to next Monday?!

Lyra: Timeless is one of the best shows that has premiered in 2016. (Only being put into second place by Pitch. Sorry!) It’s female lead, well written, a slow burn, and has actual consequences for its actions. It’s a must watch for the simple fact that it keeps surprising me at every turn. I’m a veteran of time travel storylines and can see where shows are heading long before they show me what’s going on. I can’t do that with Timeless. It keeps doing things in unexpected ways while keeping me glued to my seat. Now that’s what I can a good time.

Watching these first few episodes, it seems like the writers are setting up Lucy and Wyatt to have a romantic relationship. What do you think about this possible OTP? Do you see the sparks? Do you ship them already?

Lizzie: I shipped them from the Pilot, to be honest. And since Alyssa and I, as she mentioned, got to see the Pilot before everyone else, we were literally awwing every time we passed by that huge sign they had at SDCC. And let me tell you, the sign was huge and we passed by a lot of times.  I think I ship them from various reasons, first and foremost just a natural chemistry between Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter, but also because the writing seems to be leading there, in a not so subtle manner. Now, shipping a couple doesn’t mean I want them to get together right away. I want the journey, I want the friendship and the trust and then the feelings. I like it now, but I want them to make me yearn for it. And I’m quite confident that they’re on the right path, just as I’m confident these two are going to make me suffer. But hey, as long as the suffering comes from good writing, I’m here for it.

Alyssa: Not to brag, but Lizzie and I did in fact coin the first ship name for Lucy and Wyatt back on Comic-Con after having seen the pilot. The connection between Lucy and Wyatt was instantaneous. I was a goner at first watch. And it’s only escalated since then. At first I wasn’t sure if it was solely the chemistry between the actors or a combination of that and the writing. But as each episode has progressed it’s become clearer that the writers are definitely writing for that relationship to come to fruition. At this stage in their relationship, Lucy and Wyatt are all about the little moments — the lingering stares, the buckling of a seat belt, the comforting actions — as well as beginning to really open up to each other. Both characters aren’t the kind that like to talk about their pasts, but this closeness and this trust that’s been developing is really showing that they can open up and trust in it. It’s still really early on in their relationship, but I’m loving the slowburn approach. There’s no need to rush this. They’re still getting to know each other, and it’s providing for some really great emotional moments. I’m invested in this couple and I trust in the journey.

Sarah: I’ll be honest and say I shipped them from the moment he first helped her buckle her seatbelt (and continues to do so even though it’s not necessary.) Their chemistry is phenomenal, Matt Lanter and Abigail Spencer light up the screen every time they have a scene together and their instant clash from the pilot made it hard not to ship them instantly. Now I’m a goner and while I have no doubt it’s a slowburn journey and the writers will be throwing plenty of obstacles their way I am in for the ride.

Lyra: I…still don’t ship Lucy and Wyatt aka Lyatt. (And no, I’m never going to call it Wucy. What kind of ship name is that? Lol.) Anywho, I see the showrunners building them ALL up as a team: Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus. What’s happening between Lucy and Wyatt is that they’re learning to be friends. They’ve got bucket loads of issues and as they become friends they can lean on each other more. Once that happens, I do think the romantic feels will hit these two. Intense situations tend to that to people, right? The showrunners are establishing a solid foundation for these two that will be stronger and more significant than any romance they might fall into.

The team – Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus – feel more like a team than ever before at this point, and yet Rufus is keeping a big secret from the other two.  How do you anticipate the reveal to go? Do you think they can survive this betrayal?

Lizzie: I wish the show would take the least dramatic approach and just have Rufus confess, I really would. If he did, I think Lucy and Wyatt would understand. Sadly, that’s not not how TV works, so I guess they’re going to find out in the worst possible moment. I still think that, if Rufus comes clean after that and explains, Wyatt and Lucy might understand. I think it all depends when this comes out, of course. Right now they’re tentatively friends, but they’re not a family yet. But, the way things are going, if this is something that comes out, let’s say, at the end of the season, it might hurt more, yes, but it might also be easier to forgive, which sounds contradictory, but hey, that’s the way it sometimes goes with feelings.

Alyssa: Obviously it’s not going to be Rufus willingly opening up to his team. No, that’s not how drama works. It’s going to be something where he’s absolutely forced to tell them or they learn from someone else. At this point Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus’ relationship is really just beginning to develop and we’re seeing that solid, trusting foundation form. So no doubt when this reveal comes out it’s going to shatter that. Hell, it might shake the entire team and make them start asking themselves just how much they know each other. But here’s the thing that will save their relationship: they have each other’s best interests at heart. Rufus isn’t holding this information back with ill intent. He’s being blackmailed, and let’s face it, threatened to keep working for Rittenhouse. There’s no doubt that the reveal is going to be ugly. It’s going to look like these three will never get back to a place where they can trust each other. But that’s going to be where we really see just how strong their bond is. Everything that they’ve been through, everything that they’ll continue to go through, that doesn’t mean nothing. That means something. It’s what’ll pull them through.

Sarah: I’m sure the reveal will come out at the worst possible moment and at first it will look like the team will break apart. When it comes down to it though, their bond after going through the situations they’ve been in and sticking up for each other is stronger than Rufus being blackmailed to keep this secret from them. I completely believe they’ll survive this betrayal and come out the other side, stronger for it in their trust that they have each other’s backs no matter what. Especially if it means they can start unraveling the mystery that is Rittenhouse.

Lyra: Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus are at a key point in being a team. They’ve just started working together like a well oiled, trusting machine. Throwing Rufus’ lie into the thick of things can destroy them…or make them even stronger. There’s no doubt that his reveal will be heartfelt and driven by the fact that he doesn’t want to lie to them. If he shows true remorse and tells them before they find out by accident, they’ve got a chance at surviving. Seeing as they’re only in episode 5, I think they will.

Garcia Flynn is a mysterious figure at this point – and a rather one-dimensional one at that. What do you think his endgame is? Is he totally evil?  And what’s his relationship with Lucy?

Lizzie: I think this show is too smart to make him totally evil, and yet, at this point, I don’t much care about what his endgame is. Which, again, might be exactly what they’re going for – they might be setting us for a big reveal down the line. I think the big evil, if there is one, has to be Rittenhouse, at this point. And yet it’s hard to fear a big bad that has no face, so, for now, we’re stuck hating Flynn. Or, like, being half amused/half intrigued by what the hell he’s trying to achieve. It all seems kind of random so far, doesn’t it? And it all ties back to Lucy. And, considering this is a TV show, that probably means he’s her long lost father, or somehow related in some way.

Alyssa: Flynn isn’t totally evil. Sure, he’s a bad guy — his actions really do speak louder than his words — but I’m convinced that Flynn might not actually be the bad guy they want us to believe. Consider this: what we know about Flynn, about the threat he poses is coming from a singular organization that has its own point of view. And like we’ve seen Rufus ask earlier in the season: Are they fighting on the right side? Whatever this Rittenhouse is it must be an incredible threat for Flynn to go through all of this trouble to prevent it from existing in the first place. Flynn is so much more than this evil persona. I can’t wait until we actually find out more. As far as Flynn’s relationship to Lucy, I feel like he could be her father. Her real father. I mean, Lucy’s real father has remained a mystery — and a popular one at that — from the beginning so perhaps Flynn is that man she’s been searching for quite some time. Regardless of who he is to her, it’s definitely something that’s going to hit us right in the face and have us freaking.

Sarah: He’s not completely evil, as evidenced by some of his efforts to save the women and children at the Alamo but he’s so focused on his goal he’ll trample over anyone to get there. Whatever his endgame is, it has to do with destroying the institution he believes took his family away from him. Messing with history all over the place is clearly a lesser evil than letting Rittenhouse continue to exist after everything he believes they’ve done to him and his loved ones. I have to hope more of the story will come out and clear away more of the smoke especially in regards to how he knows Lucy. Clearly he doesn’t want to actively harm her, but why? I can’t begin to guess, but I’m excited to find out.

Lyra: Garcia Flynn is NOT totally evil. I think they’re holding off on fleshing out this character on purpose. They’re making us hate him and not have any understanding for what he is doing. And just when we’re ready to loathe him forever, they’ll pull the curtain back and show us what he’s really fighting for. As viewers we’re going to have to try to balance that all out in our minds and if we would be in his exact shoes if it were us. His relationship with Lucy is going to be the linchpin that pulls it all together. For all we know Lucy is his child, his mother, or great great aunt. Whatever it turns out to be, we’re all going to be thrown for a loop.

Which character would you like to see more of? Which storyline are you looking forward to seeing develop?

Lizzie: I’m pretty sure we’re going to get more of our core trio – they are, after all, the most important thing in this show and the reason we’re watching. That being said, I’m interested in Jiya. How did she get there? Did she and Rufus ever get that drink? What’s her story? I want her and Lucy to be friends. I want her to be instrumental in the Rittenhouse reveal. I want her to be an ally for our trio. I just want more.

As for the storyline, I just hope they keep giving us more of our core trio, and keep developing the relationship and dynamic between the three of them, and the individual dynamics, outside of the Lucy/Wyatt possible romance. I want Rufus and Wyatt to be brothers. I want Rufus and Lucy to chat history and become really close. I want Lucy and Wyatt to be friends first. And I get the sense the show is going for exactly what I’m asking.

Alyssa: I honestly want to keep exploring our core trio and their backstories, but if I had to narrow it down to one it’d be Wyatt. There’s something about him that’s so mysterious and the fact that he’s the wild card. There’s a reason that we’re only seeing his story in pieces, and it’s because he’s someone that isn’t going to open up about himself. The defining storyline for Wyatt rests with the death of his wife, and it’s something he’s carried with him since. But Wyatt’s story is so much more than his dead wife. We’ve just begun to see that military backstory unfold with the Alamo episode. Wyatt is someone who’s a loose canon. He’s someone who should be the most prepared to handle this, and yet he’s the one that needs the most help as he’s someone who acts with his heart. As far as the storyline I’m most excited to see, I’d have to say the overall dynamic between Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus. If your characters are good enough they tell the story for you. And that’s exactly what Timeless has. I live for those really emotional moments between these characters and the different individual relationships between them. Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus are the reasons we give a damn about this show. It’s that emotional connection that really stays with me throughout the week after an episode. The history and time travel of it all is sensational, but it’d be nothing without these characters.

Sarah: Truthfully I’d like to see more backstory on Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus. (I know I’m cheating I can’t narrow it down) We’ve seen glimpses here and there but the more we dig deep into them the more I get to see what makes them tick and how they became the people they are today. Storyline wise I really would like to see more of what happened to Garcia Flynn and his involvement with Rittenhouse that led to his crusade to travel all over the past like he has been. Up until now Rittenhouse has been kept in the background and I think that mystery deserves a little bit of solving to see why people are so afraid of them and how formidable they truly are.

Lyra: Honestly, I’d like to get to know Jiya (Claudia Doumit) a little better. There’s just something about her that stands out. She’s a researcher so you think she would fall into that roll and fade into the background, but she doesn’t. And she actually cares! Her offer to help understand what happened to Lucy’s sister, was honest and kind. We need to see more characters like Jiya supporting Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus. I’m looking forward to whatever they can give me on Jiya. Maybe she’ll hop on the timeship (still don’t know what to call that thing) and help them out one week?!

What’s been your favorite moment of the young season, and why?

Lizzie: I legit teared up at that moment in the Alamo, with Lucy and Wyatt. It wasn’t the first time the show had gotten to me, emotionally, but it was the most powerful one. Like Lyra, despite shipping them hardcore, I didn’t feel it was necessarily a shippy moment – Lucy wasn’t saying I need you because I love you or anything like that, it’s too soon. Lucy was, however, saying I trust you and we’re a team and Rufus and I both need you, so please, don’t give up on us – don’t give up on your team, your people. You used to be alone, but now you have us. And, see, I just sorta teared up writing that. It was really, really emotional, and Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter hit it out of the park with their performances.

Alyssa: This is an impossible choice because there are just so many sensational moments that have stayed with me. Obviously the moment between Lucy and Wyatt at the Alamo was one that really hit me emotionally because of the whirlwind of emotions that Wyatt was experiencing. Matt Lanter absolutely nailed every one of those powerful moments and really made you feel Wyatt’s pain. So when he made the decision to stay behind — knowing that death was a guarantee — and Lucy talked him through it was something that really resonated with me. Shipper preferences aside, that moment was just a really powerful scene and a breakthrough for Wyatt. Which leads to another one of my favorite moments when Lucy and Rufus refused to keep going with this mission if Wyatt wasn’t going to be joining them. This core trio — our time team — are the heart of the show. They’re why we watch. And even though we’re only five episodes in, you can see just how powerful that bond has become already.

Sarah: My favorite moment hands down was in the time machine after Lucy had witnessed Abe Lincoln’s assassination. Seeing her completely open about how reading history was different from seeing it (especially a man being shot right in front of her.) Despite her staunch belief in keeping it preserved she admitted at trying to save him anyways. That human instinct touched me and how even if it wasn’t something she was meant to change she tried anyways. Rufus and Wyatt understanding why completely and being there for her just hit me in a place that said “I want to see more of this.”

Lyra: My favorite moment of Timeless had to be when Lucy tried to snap Wyatt out of his panic in the Alamo. They didn’t make it that Lucy needed him in some faux attempt to make us swoon at them and scream OTP. (Which if you did, that’s totally ok. Ship your heart out.) The showrunners made it about the team. Rufus needed Wyatt as much as Lucy did. And for the first time I could really see myself caring for the well being of these people. They’re more companions or people out on a mission. They’re a team.

Agree? Disagree? Have more stuff to add? Share with us in the comments!

Timeless airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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