5 Times Supernatural’s “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” Gave Us the Feels

Feels. An emotional state that we are thrown into when a show manages to make us cry, wail, and scream all over social media that we’re not ok. That’s what Supernatural‘s “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” gave us.

Supernatural has a tendency to give us feels 75% of the time, but this episode managed to hit so many feels buttons that a list had to be compiled. Mary Winchester made her return, met Jody Mills, and reunited with her children once more. Throwing a demon into the mix of things made everything even more complicated.

In it’s 12th season, we’re being reminded time in and time again what made this show so great to begin with. Hunting things, saving people, the family business.

1. Mary and Jody meeting for the first time. 

For the longest time Jody has been a kind of surrogate mother to Sam and Dean. They come to her for advice, somewhere to weather the storm, and if they just want to kick it back with some pizza and laze about. She’s their family. With Mary’s return I’ve been waiting for these two women to come together.

Jody Mills didn’t let me down. She accepted their mother with open arms and an open mouth. Her reaction was on par with what any of us would do when presented with such an amazing thing. They even had a moment where they talked mom to mom. *insert heart eyes here* Supernatural didn’t turn it into a cliche and make the two mothers fight for the attention of the boys. Women on Supernatural aren’t downgraded. They are celebrated and treated like any other character, with respect.

Hey, The CW. You know that Supernatural spinoff that you’ve so desperately wanted to start? How about one staring all the amazing ladies you’ve got on Supernatural? I for one would love to see the story of a pair of hunters, who just happen to be female, hunting things, saving people, the family business.

2. Hanging out with hunters & being reminded of the past.

We understand the star power of Sam and Dean Winchester too well. With their good looks, hair, way they fit into jeans, and oh yeah the fact that they’ve saved the world multiple times, they’ve built an image that many admire. Chuck exposed us to the fanfic, convention, book, side of it all. In Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox we got to see how the hunters feel about it.

Elvis bright eyed fangirling over Sam felt like a blast from the past. Like that moment that you recount all the crazy and fucked up things you’ve been through, and feel like it happened to someone else. But it didn’t. It happened to you and you survived. Sam survived the devil. Dean survived death, multiple times in fact.

Moreover, some of the hunters kind of didn’t believe Sam and Dean could go through so much pain and survive. That the tale of them was actually bigger than anything they’ve ever done. We know that’s not true. Our boys have gone through so much and come out stronger for it. Dean might not believe that they’ll survive to grow old, but I think they can. If there’s anyone I have faith in to tell life (and Billie) to suck it, it’s the Winchesters.

3. Jody being possessed by crossroads demon.

You know that Michael Scott gif where he screams “Nooooooooo” for ages? That was all of us watching the demon possess Jody Mills. She has come to mean so much to us that we couldn’t even fathom the thought of someone hurting her or taking her away from the Winchesters. (We can’t jump through the TV  to protect Sam and Dean so Jody’s the next best thing. Plus she’s a badass.)

After the demon was sent back to hell, Sam ran over and comforted Jody because he understands what it feels like to be possessed, more than anyone else in that house. They’re family and he’ll do whatever he can, even a hug, to show her that they care and have her back. No does it alone with the Winchesters.

God, I just gave myself the feels all over again.

4. Mary turning down Billie’s offer.

At the end of the day, no matter how uncomfortable/scared/overwhelmed Mary Winchester feels in this new world, she made a choice. She picked her kids. She could’ve taken the easy  way out and bolted, taken Billie’s offer. Deciding to stay is making a stand. It’s saying, “I want more and I won’t let anything or anyone take away my chance, or the chance of my children, to be happy together or get to know each other once more.”

Things won’t be perfect. They never are on Supernatural for the Winchesters. But having their mother there is going to change things. Sam and Dean have felt so disconnected lately, even at each other’s side. Mary will be that piece to bridge the gap between them and make them a stronger family. And isn’t that what Supernatural‘s all about? Family.

5. Dean inviting Mary to breakfast.

It’s a small gesture with so much meaning behind it. Dean has been so angry at his mother. He hasn’t been able to understand why she wants to do this on her own. Why she wants to mourn the life that she lost when her sons are clearly in front of her. He understands now.

Dean’s not going to fight her anymore or make her feel guilty for what she feels like she has to do to survive in this new world. This is his mother and he’ll give her the time she needs. She chose them and there’s no uncertainty about the way she feels for them. It’s the little things that matter the most. This moment matters and will change the Winchesters for the better.

Additional Notes:
  1. WHERE IS CASTIEL?! I miss him.
  2. WHERE IS CROWLEY?! I’m surprised, but I miss him too.
  3. WHERE IN THE HELL IS LUCIFER? Oh wait, he’s not in hell.
  4. On a final, more serious note, representation on Supernatural is important. And in my efforts to find like minded women who understand this and cheer on the BAMF women that are on Supernatural and watch Supernatural, I stumbled across Wayward Daughters Academy over on Twitter. Unity like this is what makes fandom such a wonderful thing.
Favorite Moment from Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox:

Dean will NEVER stop telling the story about that one time he killed Hilter. P.S. Look how proud he is to tell Jody, his surrogate mother, that he did something amazing.


Supernatural airs Thursday at 9/8c on The CW.


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