The Crown, Episode 3: It’s All In A Name

We’re on Episode 3 of The Crown and we’re drawn in. The truth is – with every episode, we start to feel more and more for Elizabeth.

We couldn’t go through what she is going through.

This episode has Philip and Elizabeth arguing over their last name and which house to live at. Philip comes across as somewhat of an ass, but hey – he’s going through a lot. Here are our favorite things about Episode 3.

The first born returns.

King George’s bro – dear Lord. He sounds like a monotone record that we want to turn off. But hey – he’s probably pissed. All he did was fall in love and now he’s persona no grata. The Duke of Windsor can’t catch a break.

We’d like to say that we would be capable of giving up the throne for love, but let’s be honest – that wouldn’t happen. We’ve spent our whole lives wanting to be a Princess so no one is going to stand in our way of it.  But hey – those who are willing to give up things for love – hats go off to you.

Of course – when his stipend gets taken away, he gets pissed and one can’t blame him. So he goes on manipulating the situation to his advantage and we can’t hate him for that. But we are disturbed by the way that this family operates.

Elizabeth’s Grandma is cold.

Now the Queen Grandma – we get it. She was raised a certain way. We respect that. But dear Lord, she is scary as fuck. Like every time she opens her mouth – we wonder who she is going to spew stuff at. But make no mistake – she’s ready to be manipulative when she has to be. And you don’t want to mess with that.

The Private Secretary that scares us.

Can we have Martin back? Cause Tommy what’s his name – is scary as crap. Like there is nothing that gets by him. I don’t know about you – but I wouldn’t want to piss him off. The way that he looks at Peter Townsend when he takes the job that the Queen Mother offered. Peter wanted to play the whose genitals are bigger game, but we think that the Private Secretary is gonna win out.

Queen Elizabeth steps up to the plate.

She wants to be the perfect Queen, the perfect wife, the perfect Mum. But when she is pushed too far she pushes back.

For instance – keeping her husbands name. Well, we get it. There is something to be said for that. However, as she stands her ground – you know that people are going to push back. Parliment will never stand for it. EVER.

It takes her Uncle to convince her of protocol and we’re glad he’s there for her. She needs someone on her side. Thought we’ll never be convinced it wasn’t for selfish reasons. He’s always wanting something.

Elizabeth really rises to every occasion. She wants to make sure that she honors her father it seems. She remains strong.

A little schooling from Winston Churchill.

Winston isn’t putting up with crap. There is a way that things have been run and they have been run that way for a purpose. So Winston isn’t one to back down to the pressures from the world. But as he educates the Queen – she educates him.

The round about over when her coronation is – well that captivates us. Cause they each want something. They each have an ulterior motive.

But as he tells her why things should be done a certain way, Elizabeth is seeing right through his game. We respect that.

Shit always gets back.

So Philip wants his kids to keep his last name. But he’s getting pressure from his Dad or whomever that is. But there is a mistake made and it’s brought up at a dinner. So it gets back to the Queen Grandma and we all know she isn’t playing. So everything is orchestrated so that what should happen – happens. The kids are getting the Windsor last name and they are moving to Buckingham Palace.

Margaret is still not thinking with her head .

Margaret is in love with Peter and she’s not holding back. She makes her way to his office and lays one on him. It’s a little empowering to be in that kind of control.

Like we get it. Sometimes you want what you want. But Margaret, you are young and a Princess. You can do so much better. But maybe it’s the thrill of the chase. The want to not get caught. We’re not sure what it is, but girl – learn to get your kicks other ways.


Are you a fan of The Crown? Which episode are you on?



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