Once Upon A Time Gets Return Date

To the surprise of absolutely no one, (No, really. Is anyone surprised? We all figured this was the date, didn’t we? The promo did say March), ABC has announced their mid-season schedule, and Once Upno A Time is due to return on Sunday, March 5th.

TVLine was the first to report the news. “Time After Time,” ABCs’ time-travel bet, will air it’s two-hour premiere right after Once Upon A Time on March 5th.

When we last left our heroes in the fall finale, all the way back in December, Emma and Regina were stuck in the wish-realm, Robin Hood was sorta-maybe-perhaps back, Charming and Snow were still cursed, the Evil Queen was a snake (I kid you not, a snake) and Belle and Rumple’s kid was apparently the one in Emma’s visions. So yeah, we’re really interested in what’s coming next.

Especially as there was a rather interesting, possibly engagement ring in the promo. Way to tease us, ABC. Way to tease us.

Also this week, when addressing the future of Once Upon A Time with EW,  Channing Dungey seemed very open to the possibility of a seventh season for the fairy-tale drama, and though there was no confirmation of a renewal, she did promise that, in case the show was ending this year, the show-runners would know with plenty of time to give the characters the send-off they deserve.

So, are you excited for Once Upon A Time to return? Share with us in the comments below!

Once Upon A Time returns March 5th at 8/7c on ABC.


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