Younger: 5 Reasons We Are Team Josh

We’ve already covered why we are Team Charles, but hey – that doesn’t mean that we don’t realize just how great Josh is. We love Josh. We feel bad for Josh and all the things that he has gone through.

He’s been supportive of Liza, until he couldn’t be anymore. We can’t hold that against him. Here’s 5 reasons we’re Team Josh. 

He’s easy to look at.

I know, I know – we look at the outside. We’re supposed to be judging by what’s on the inside. We’ll get there. But let’s face it guys – he’s really easy on the eyes and physical attraction is… well, it’s part of what pulls us to a person. Now, don’t get us wrong – Charles is pretty too. But Josh has that whole bad boy thing going on for him and who can look away from that.

He believes in love.

Josh is an old soul in a young body and that’s not a bad thing. But part of what we love about him is his willingness to always believe in love. He is idealistic, he wants to keep moving forward. He wants to feel – he wants to feel everything from the bottom of his heart and he wants to love so deeply. That’s an amazing thing. That’s an amazing feeling – to know that someone wants to love you deep and wants to be deeply loved.

He’s got a forgiving soul.

He has to be forgiving – cause I mean lets face it – you have to be in order to put up with all the shit that Liza has done. But he gets it and the feeling of love is enough to keep him going. He’s willing to keep on forgiving and to see the best in people, but there is a point that can break. He knows that.

He isn’t afraid to chase his dreams.

Josh isn’t a 9-5’er. But he knows what he wants and he isn’t afraid to work for that. He’s determined and focused in his own way. He doesn’t stop because society tells him how he should be. He lives by his heart and his own mind. That’s hot.

He knows Liza and was willing to overlook everything anyways.

Liza lied. He didn’t realize that he was dating a cougar, but he was. And when he found out – sure – he was angry. But can we really blame him for that. Relationships are supposed to be built on trust. But he went with understanding as his way of dealing and following his heart. Well, until he caught her kissing someone else. We can’t blame him for that.

Are you Team Charles or Team Josh?

Younger airs on TV Land.

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