Legends of Tomorrow 1×10 Review : “The Legion of Doom”

Legends of Tomorrow has had a strong second season and “The Legion of Doom” keeps the streak up. A super-villain team-up dominates the episode but we do get some other moments with Stein and his daughter and a very surprising ending involving Rip Hunter. Week to Week Legends of Tomorrow continues to gain ground and has become one of the more interesting shows on the CW.

So let’s dig in more to “The Legion of Doom”


Something that Legends of Tomorrow has done way better than Arrow did in the last year or so is make Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk interesting. They found a perfect way to use them this season and “The Legion of Doom” was perfect showcase for them. Between their constant bickering and sassy remarks to one another, I loved Malcolm and Damien in this episode.

So their plan with the Reverse-Flash is to use the information pulled from Rip’s tooth (OUCH) to find the Spear of Destiny. They decide the best way to do that is use Rip to get it. Long story short, they end up with a device that is able to restore Rip’s memories.

We also get more info on why Eobard is always leaving them. A time abberation himself, he is running from the Black Flash. After making a deal with Thawne, Damien and Malcolm come up with a plan to trap the Black Flash in a time-sealed vault. So now the three best evil friends have found common ground and now have a mind-warped Rip Hunter at their disposal to unleash on time. Hench the shock at the end of the episode when in 1776, a wig-clad Rip pointing a very modern gun at one Mister George Washington.


After recovering the medallion from “Raiders of the Lost Art”, the team is trying to figure their next move to save Rip. Stein comes up with the idea to bring in his daughter Lily (another time abberation) to help. Everyone is awkward around her till Mick lets it slip she is “Fake”. Lily takes this news badly as anyone would and it gets awkward around the Waverider.

Stein’s first attempt at a father-daughter talk goes pretty badly to say the least. This is what was lacking in season 1 :These emotional moments and character moments. After some sage advice from Jax, who honestly gives Stein more advice than Stein does to Jax, Stein again goes to talk to Lily.

Victor Garber delivers a wonderful scene here as he explains that he feared that he would not be a good father. Prof. Stein had a awful father and everyone has that fear that you will become like your father.  Lily and Stein make up and she goes back to Central City to continue her research on something related to proteins I think.

So another pretty good episode of Legends of Tomorrow is in the books. It was a terrific idea for them to do this one in the point-of-view of Malcolm and Damien.  I know we didn’t get a lot of Sara, Ray or the rest of the team but sometimes it’s good to have a break from the normal format for a episode. Especially when Malcolm and Damien  in just this episode were better used and better written than they had been throughout season 4 of Arrow. Add on top of that, the new and “improved” Rip Hunter and the Reverse-Flash — The Legion of Doom is ready to unleash some hell all over time.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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