Legends of Tomorrow 2×11 Review: ‘Turncoat’

Legends of Tomorrow sends us back to 1776 this week and indirectly are able to save the world from losing “Hamilton: The Musical” forever. Oh and also the United States of America is saved as well but that’s besides the point. Let’s delve into “Turncoat” and get to meet the new, improved Rip Hunter.

The Story of Tonight

After some fourth-wall intro breaking by Mick, we open on Christmas 1776 as Rip Hunter addresses the British troops after killing General Washington. Much like a republican talking to congress, Rip gives his best evil, terrifying speech and introduces some new toys to the troops. These toys being more sophisticated guns than they are use to.

After a quick chat with Thawne to test his loyalty, we are now 100% sure that the old Rip’s morality is gone. I can’t wait to see how evil Arthur Darvill makes Rip in upcoming episodes if Turncoat” is any indication.

Wait For It

We then return to the team where we get to see the normal things the team is doing while waiting to find Rip. Sara and Gideon having a sass-off, Ray and Mick arguing about cookie crumbs (Mick won) and Nate and Amaya engaged in some heavy-duty flirting. This gets interrupted by a time-crash caused by Washington’s murder.

Nate and Amaya

After a team discussion on how cool Washington is and why he must be saved so we can have “Hamilton: The Musical” , Sara makes a plan to save America–Go to the night before Christmas and get Washington out of there to protect him.

One of the best things that season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow has gave us is Sara Lance as a leader. It has fit her like a glove and really highlighted Sara’s growth as a character. Into season 3 regardless of what happens with Rip, I really am looking forward and hoping Sara continues to be the sole leader of the team.

Rip’s Shot

After sneaking into the party and Sara finding General Washington, it is crashed by British troops with Rip’s high-powered guns. Outside, Rip sets up a EP wave that shuts off all powers and GIDEON as well. The battle here is short-lived as Sara and Mick take George outside into the waiting arms of Rip Hunter and his soldiers. Shock and surprise hit Sara and Mick as they realize immediately that something has changed with Rip. After a quick greeting, Rip shoots Sara in the gut and kidnaps Washington and Mick. The new Rip Hunter is a heartless son of a bitch.

After that, we have Jax and Stein trying to save Sara without a functioning Gideon. Rip and his troops invade the ship and we get a mix of Home Alone and Diehard of Jax taking out Rip’s men before a brutal confrontation with him. Jax is outmatched and gives Rip the spear. And even after all that, Rip still snaps Sara’s neck!! My lord! Rip Hunter has become a dick.

But all hope is not lost as Gideon is back online thanks to Stein and Ray and says that it can save Sara since her brain cells haven’t stopped functioning. Okay……. let’s roll with it. Jax, still angry about everything, goes to kill Rip outside the Waverider. This is a interesting moment as Sara is the one who talks Jax out of killing him. I don’t know how they get Rip back from this but I hope they can still scavenge a bit of the old Rip Hunter back from the dead.

(Nate and Amaya can’t) Say No to This.

Meanwhile as this is all happening, Nate and Amaya go on a side mission that is basically a excuse to have circumstances lead them to sex.  Well first talk about 21th century dating customs along with the Wizard of Oz, then a battle with some of Rip’s men that leads to Nate gets cold and wet.  Yes we have the old “two flirting teammates have to huddle for warmth” trope. This leads to some innuendo and full-on babymaking sexy times. (if they had protection, it was NOT mentioned) It’s not bad here but its also such a side story that the episode could have skipped all of this and not missed a beat. Nate giving Amaya a pair of red ruby slippers as a present at the end of the episode was cute however.

Right-Hand Man

Getting to the Mick and Washington part of the episode, we get a classic case of polar opposites unite. Mick with his “Do whatever it takes” with Washington’s “duty and honor” motif. I’m with Mick on this one here. Mick gives old George a pep talk and with help from Nate and Amaya , they are able to defeat the British soldiers there and set history back on its normal path (for the most part). Mick and the future Pres have a drink and bond some more before the team has to go back onto the ship. Washington does not forget his little psychopathic buddy however as we find out Mick has his own statue dedicated to him. Aww that’s nice.

What Comes Next?

So at the end of “Turncoat” we get another rallying speech from Sara and the team dealing with the aftermath of everything by unwinding with Christmas fun. The main scene of this is Nate and Amaya agreeing to be just friends though I have a feeling this will last maybe one, two episodes tops no matter how “chill” Nate and Amaya are about their situation.

However there is still the matter of the Legion of Doom and their newest evilest dude Rip Hunter out there with another piece of the Spear of Destiny. My hope is the team can recover and save Rip soon. Evil Rip is a fun, heartless bastard but I’m starting to miss good guy Rip too.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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