‘iZombie’ 3×05 Review: Spanking the Zombie Hits Us Hard with Major Lilywhite Feels

iZombie’s ‘Spanking the Zombie’ lured you into a false sense of security before slapping you down and making you realize you and everyone on this show doesn’t have any control over what’s going on in their lives. Well they have some control, but not as much as we’d like think or that dominatrix Liv led us to believe we actually have.

We started off on a high for this episode. Liv was in control like we’ve never seen before and it was fun. Rose McIver totally encapsulated what it takes to be a dominatrix without making it seem cheesy or like it was coming off the pages of 50SOG. How a show understood that BDSM is about expanding your horizons in a safe and consensual environment and a book didn’t, is a mystery for another day.

Liv’s sultry looks, tone of voice, and presence exuded the right amount of control and authority to make any man in her presence quake with want. Personally, I would’ve loved to see if Sweet Lady Pain had any female clients and not just the same, run of the mill, weirdos that somehow end up popping up every time something “sleazy” happens in town.


On a side note, kudos to the wardrobe department. It wasn’t just that Rose McIver looked beautiful in every shot. It’s the fact that they managed to subtly change her look to fit in with the dominatrix personality and still remain totally Liv. Every look was sexy but still fit the person that was wearing it. Now that I think about it, and this will require more research and rewatches, the wardrobe department has been killing it for a while.

One last note on the dominatrix brain before we swing on down to the crying portion of this review.

The future of zombie brains for Liv could be irrevocably changed by the blue liquid that Ravi had it submerged in. Her visions were longer, clearer, and allowed her to paint a better picture of who the perpetrator was. Shoutout to Jimmy for helping with those sketches. From here on out we could be seeing crimes solved faster and more efficiently, opening the doors to more storylines not solely dependent on the crime portion of the episode.

Now onto the crying part aka the loss of Major Lilywhite.

I’ve known this moment was coming for a while and I still wasn’t ready for it. At the core of him Major is such a kind and giving person and I wish this didn’t have to happen to him. But remember, these people don’t have the level of control over their lives like this episode sneakily tried to make us believe.

If Major does lose his memories, which I’m seriously doubting because Blaine is a liar, his last moments were happy ones surrounded by family. Liv, he will always love and wanted to spend his final night assuring her that he will always be in her life and that he trusts her to do good by him. And Ravi, his best friend who he’s built a friendship and home with that he doesn’t want to forget. Both were by his side.


iZombie is at a crossroads. They can drop the bombshell that Blaine was lying, as I suspect, setting off a catalyst of problems that will force Peyton to choose a side, love or friendship. Or they can stick to the memory loss bit and offer up a completely different Major who isn’t a unicorn set out to help all those in need.

Personally I’m hoping for the former. Major Lilywhite is too precious for this world. We must protect him and prove once and for all that Blaine will forever be a con-man out for himself.

Check out the trailer for next week’s episode:

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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