‘American Gods’ Releases 360 Video of Crocodile Bar with Cast Commentary

American Gods is full of unforgettable sets that seem to come to life, fitting the aesthetic of Neil Gaiman’s creation. None are more unique in American Gods than the diver bar Shadow Moon, Mr. Wednesday, and Mad Sweeney meet up at. Now thanks to this 360 video released by Starz, you can visit the crocodile bar!

Watch as the cast and showrunners of American Gods take you on a tour of the diver bar. They discuss some of their favorite scenes, how the bar came together, and what stands out to them about the “bayou-chic” bar. For a mistake that cost them a hell of a lot more money than they anticipated, it’s a beautiful set that anyone would be lucky to step into.

Check out the 360 video of the Crocodile Bar below:

American Gods season finale airs Sunday at 9/8c on Starz.

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