‘The Originals’ Season 4 Review: Always and Forever Isn’t Reality, Or Is It?

Overall Impression

I am trash for The Originals. I will admit it. When it comes to this show, I fall apart and let it put me back together. The Mikaelson’s have always been a complex family and they have sometimes been way too much, but the love that they feel for each other keeps me coming back every season. The support, the LOVE that they have for each other – makes me think that they could give some families today lessons on how to behave and be there for each other.

This season of The Originals felt as though they were planning for the end. It felt as though with every second we were preparing for goodbye. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved every moment but I felt like that this show has always meant to me is the idea of the importance of family. What I didn’t realize is that they were constantly showing me that in different ways.

Until the end.

It was then I realized that there are all sorts of different ways to tell a story and it end up with the same lesson. Family is complicated for a human being and hell, we only like 100 years. But if you are a supernatural creature – that shit lasts a lot longer.

I loved this season, because the writers did something that so few writers do – they committed to the story, while reinventing it at every turn. They weren’t predictable – they made you think and feel. So kudos writers, it was a stellar season.

What Worked

Vincent: Now I admit, last season I didn’t like Vincent. I felt like he was needy and whiny and wanted the whole world to give him credit for everything at every turn. Sure, I knew that he had gone through a lot and seemed to be loosing something at every turn. But still, didn’t make me like him anymore. But this season – that boys testicles dropped and he became a man. Like fierce, crazed, and directed. He knew that he was strong and he knew his worth. That was a fantastic thing to see. I loved the way that the writers made the storyline partly about him, because I felt like I had the chance to get to know him. I felt like I had misjudged him. Truthfully, most of the scenes he was in, I stood up and cheered. Vincent sure knows how to save a day.

Keelin and Freya: Praise the Lord! Freya got a story line that wasn’t always about her brothers and sister. Like I was beginning to feel like all she was – was an angry witch who I obviously didn’t see the boundary spell on, cause someone much have put one that kept her right at her brothers sides. But even though I don’t like the way that they came to know each other – sorry, I felt a little Stockholm Syndrome there. But them together, I love them so much. I finally feel like Freya is strong for a lot of reasons, but she’s finally living and that requires an immense amount of strength.

Always and Forever: Sometimes mantras seem corny, but I have always loved the fact that even with all of the drama that the Mikaelson’s have – they have lived true and fast by one thing – Always and Forever. Now, did I think that Always and Forever would end up this way? No. But it goes to show you that you have to be willing to take it in all of it’s forms. I think that this family has taught us that family comes first. For that reason, Always and Forever, will always work.

What Didn’t Work

Hayley and Elijah: I am having a hard time with this one and I know that I am about to say is going to be an opinion that not everyone agrees with, I am glad that they are broken up. Look, Hayley is a great mother, and Elijah is a great Uncle – I was getting angry at them. I was getting angry at Hayley, because she was loosing sight and letting her heart do the talking. The only person that her heart should talk for is Hope. I will be happy if they get back together, but I will also be okay if they don’t. I feel like they have a lot of growing to do, and if they find their way back to each other – that’s fantastic. If they don’t – I am sure the writers have a reason.

Klaus: I can’t even believe that I am saying this one. Like I am in shock over this one. I love Klaus. I think that he’s funny and fierce. I knew that he was going to change because he had a kid, but the depths to which he changed confused me a little. I didn’t feel like he was the same character that I had fallen for. Instead I felt like he was a new character and I had to find a way to love him again. That was hard for me.

Tying it all up in a bow: Maybe the writers were planning on this being the end and I can respect that. But I wasn’t ready for that. Like in all honesty, though I loved the finale, I am scared of the next season. I am scared because what I have loved seems tied up, and I am afraid that what comes next won’t be as good as what has been.

What We Wanted to See More Of

Daddy/Daughter Moments: Now, as much as I don’t really like Klaus this season, what I do love is seeing his redemption. That comes in the form of daddy/daughter moments. I loved seeing what a great father he was. That was endearing. Those moments were something that I cherished.

Hayley and Elijah: I wanted to see more of them leading to the end of them. I know, I know – unpopular opinion. But what I have learned is that ships always don’t work out. Sometimes they ride the course to their destination.

Hope: I love Hope. The little girl playing her was phenomenal. The perfect combination of vulnerability and strength. She was great because she showed us how families can change. She showed us that people are worthy of believing that they can change.

Josh: I will always campaign for more Josh.

What We Wanted to See Less Of

The Hollow: I liked the story line of having the Hollow, but that girl gave me The Ring flashbacks. I am good.

Sophia: Sorry, I didn’t like her. I wanted to, but I don’t. She just was a distraction and though I liked the way that she was supposed to be the bugger between Marcel and Rebekah, she did a poor job of it.

Marcel Trying To Prove He Was King: It’s over. It’s tired. Dear Lord, they all need to get over the King bit.

Favorite Episodes

“Vodoo In My Blood”: Not going to lie, the return of Davina is one of my favorite things. I was so sad when she left the show, so seeing her return made me extremely happy. I loved this episode because it felt like episodes of The Originals past. I am thankful for that. This episode recharged my love for the show.

“The Feast of All Sinners”: In a world where we don’t get a lot of happy endings,  I got a lot of them here. Though parts of the episode felt forced, there was another part of it that made it feel like I had been punched in the feels and left there to experience pain. I loved seeing Kol and Davina together. I loved Elijah feeling free. I loved Rebekah and Marcel ending up together.

“Gather Up the Killers”: This episode is one of our favorites for a lot of reasons, but the biggest being seeing Elijah show up just when Hayley needed him. That moment made me stand up and cheer. I was so excited. I was worried I would have to wait a long time for the return of the Mikaelson’s – but I didn’t. I was thankful.


Least Favorite Episodes

“The Feast of All Sinners”: How are you gonna take a family away from a child? As much as I loved this episode, I hated it for that reason. Like that poor kid has gone through enough, someone explain to me why it is that she keeps having to go through more. It kinda angers me, because that kid deserved more than just a short time with her father.

“No Quarter”: It felt too easy. So very easy to rescue Klaus and I wanted more. I wanted epic. It didn’t feel so epic to me. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Season Finale Impression/Next Season Speculation

The Season Finale felt like a series finale, with the victim of loosing everything being a child and that pissed me off. I both loved and hated it. But what it did was set me up for hope. Not Hope Mikaelson, but Hope that we’re all gonna get something we wanted – more Klaroline. Yes, I said it. We know that next season is going to have a time jump with Hope at the Salvatore School, and that makes me wonder – will Caroline be there too?

I have a hard time thinking that Mystic Falls will be the only place that we focus on. I have a hard time believing that we won’t be in New Orleans and that the family won’t find their way back to each other.

I can’t speculate on the next season, but all I can say is that I hope that Always and Forever brings the family back together.


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