Exclusive Interview: Olivia DeJonge at the ‘Will’ Premiere

We’re rolling out all of our interviews from the Will red carpet, giving you insight to the characters before tonights premiere.

One character that you are going to fall hard for is Alice Burbage. She’s fierce and she’s not about to let societal norms of the time hold her back from doing exactly what she wants to do.

The official description for her character – “Talented and beautiful, Alice is a strong-willed rebel who tests the limits of her male-dominated world with a witty charm that masks an underlying frustration. Although she is the daughter of impresario James Burbage, society forbids her to pursue a career in the theatre, but she strives to defy convention and is confident she is meant for something greater. Attracted to Will’s naïve genius, an explosive, star-crossed passion quickly develops between the two. Alice ultimately makes a decision that rocks Will to his core and threatens to tear The Theatre apart.”

Intriguing right.

We have the opportunity to interview Olivia DeJonge on the red carpet and we were instantly smitten. Having seen the first 4 episodes, we’re invested in the impact that she’s going to make.

“I think that people forget that Will once was a twenty something year old guy. I mean what were you doing when you were 20 years old,” the actress said. Touche’.

See the interview below –

Will premieres tonight, July 10th, on TNT.


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