‘The Bold Type’ Latest Trailer Leaves Us With A Lot of Questions

We’ve made no secret that we’re obsessed with The Bold Type. If you are looking for a summer favorite, you need to catch up on the first four episodes.

You will not regret it.

The promo for the fifth episode has been released and we’re super excited for this. Here’s the synopsis, “Jane is stunned when the subject of her latest article, a woman who left a finance job to become an exotic dancer, threatens to sue Scarlet – and Jane. Sutton is excited when she thinks she’s making a step forward in her career. Kat questions whether she is ready for a real relationship with anyone, especially in light of recent events with Adena.”

It leaves us with a lot questions.

What did Jane write that got her sued?

We love Jane and are enjoying watching her grow. It’s so important to us that these characters continue to feel real and that we watch them grow. But, what we are wondering is where did Jane go off course? Or is this a right of passage for everyone?

What is going on with Sutton? Has she started her new job?

The trailer doesn’t give us any insight to what is going on with Sutton and we’re looking forward to her growth. It’s hard for us to not have any insight to her life and we kinda hate that. GIVE US SOMETHING.

What has happened with Kat and Adena that got so intense, so quick?

Is it just that Kat is afraid of relationships? We’re not sure that they are even talking about the two of them in that clip – we fully get that we are making assumptions. But if it’s not Adena, what is it?

Why is Kat running? What happened?

We’re afraid that something happened to Adena. Why? Because the whole trailer seems to be about those two. So what are we truly messing with here? What’s going on? Did Adena get in trouble. Someone give us a clue!

The Bold Type airs Tuesdays on Freeform.

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