'Supergirl' SDCC 2017: Chris Wood Talks Karamel, Mon-El’s Future & More

One of the beautiful things about Supergirl is how we’ve been introduced to varying characters that are all a part of Kara’s life, but that are also allowed to grow within their own narrative.

Mon-El was one of a few new additions to the Supergirl cast in season 2, and you could say his presence was significant. He arrived from Daxam, a planet that didn’t get along with Krypton, and Mon-El and Kara initially butted heads. But we saw that dynamic involve into friendship and then love as Karamel stole our hearts and made us feel the good kind of pain.

While the season finale might’ve seen Mon-El’s departure from Earth – and sucked into what we know has to be the Phantom Zone – it’s been confirmed that Mon-El will in fact return in season 3. In fact, his return – and where he’s been – will be a large driving force in the third season.

We spoke to Chris Wood at San Diego Comic-Con, and while he is restricted from teasing pretty much anything about what happened to Mon-El (we’re suspecting Phantom Zone and the introduction of the Legion of Superheroes), he did tease that when we do find out that we won’t be disappointed.

“When we do find out what happened to Mon-El, and where he ends up going, what happens next, I think it’s going to be pretty satisfying,” Wood said. “I think it brings some really exciting, new areas of the show. I think fans will be pretty excited.”

As for Karamel, while Wood didn’t tease what we could expect this season – given he’s under lock and key spoilers wise – he did reflect on Kara and Mon-El’s love story and what he really admired about it.

“Their love is very sweet,” Wood said. “It’s flawed in a way that isn’t always shown on television because you have frustrations with it. You see – why can’t you understand what’s right, why can’t you be better? But there’s a pure attraction between them that’s really sweet.”

Watch our full interview with Wood below:

Supergirl returns for season 3 on Monday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c on The CW.
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