‘iZombie’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Malcolm Goodwin

We caught up with iZombie‘s Malcolm Goodwin, who plays Clive Babineaux, at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about how things are changing in New Seattle, his relationship with Dale, and Season 4 of iZombie.

Besides the walls coming up around New Seattle and the zombie secret being out and about, one of the biggest changes that Clive will be experiencing, just so happens to be his job.

According to Goodwin, “Now every detective in New Seattle has to work with a zombie. So all of his accolades that he accumulated over the last 3 years now, has an asterisk next to it.”

This will throw every case he’s solved, every acknowledgement that he did a good job catching this bad guy, into question. It’ll also put Clive and Liv in a position where they’ve got competition from all the other cop/zombie duos. Good thing they’ve got years of experience under their belt.

One of the other big changes/challenges that Clive will be dealing with is his relationship with Dale. They’re going to try to work something out together. And we’re not talking Liv and Major kind of trying. We’re talking real trying where they will work on developing an intimacy between each other.

“One of the biggest things is also him (Clive) working with Dale, his relationship with her. And being in a relationship with someone who’s a zombie and trying to navigate intimacy and affection in a non physical way.”

Check out the rest of our interview with Malcolm Goodwin where he talks his characters past and New Seattle:

iZombie returns midseason 2017-2018 on The CW.

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