‘The Gifted’ SDCC 2017 Interviews: Coby Bell, Amy Acker & Stephen Moyer

Mutants haven’t exactly been out of the public eye for the past few years – there are many X-Men movies and seemingly more coming every time we turn. And yet, these mutants are not the ones we know, and for the family that started it all – this is not the same story about people with superpowers that has been told time and time again.

For Stephen Moyer, in particular, stepping into this world was sorta exciting, and he got some advice from X-Men’s very own Rogue, and his real life wife, Anna Paquin, about preparation:

“Anna has done four of these movies, and so she knows the world backwards. She’s worked with Bryan [Singer, director of X-Men and The Gifted’s pilot] on three of those occasions, so she knows Bryan extremely well, and so she’s a big fan of everything he brings to the table,” he shared, and then got a little more in depth about how exactly he’d researched for a role that was, thankfully, for him, didn’t involve pretending he had powers.

“She’s a big believer in doing a bunch of research. She showed me a few places she had gotten information from – not just comics, but also on the internet. As an actor, the internet is am amazing resource. We get to be able to go down the rabbit hole when it comes to research.”

Amy Acker, meanwhile, focused her research more on the civil rights issues and how to handle it as a parent – your child coming to you with this big secret. “For me, that’s an interesting part of this show and our parts: that we’ve always known this is there, and what happens when the guilt of ‘Maybe we should have been doing more all along.,” she revelaed.

Coby Bell, who plays Agent Jace Turner, joked that his preparation was a little more relaxed: “I was just told to do sit-ups!”

Check out our interview with Coby Bell, Amy Acker & Stephen Moyer, aka ‘those without powers’ as they talk about the relief that comes with playing a normal character and stepping into this world with so much history.

The Gifted premieres Monday October 2nd at 9/8c on FOX.

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