10 Ships We Want Back On Our TV Screens Now!

Shipping–it’s one of the best (and sometimes hardest) parts of being a fangirl. As a fan of many, many, MANY ships, there are some ships that never leave your heart. Here are 10 of our favorite ships that we miss seeing on our TV screens.

Veronica Mars/Logan Echolls (LoVe), Veronica Mars

VERONICA MARS — Episode 120 — Pictured: (l-r) Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls, Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars — (Photo by: The CW)

An epic love story “spanning years, continents, lives ruined and bloodshed.” Logan and Veronica have always been one of those love stories that was packed to the brim with angst and passion. From friends to enemies to lovers, their relationship started off as anything other than stable. Both were damaged in their own ways, scarred by past experiences and betrayals which is what makes their relationship that much sweeter. They let the other see the pain and ugly in themselves, they saw the depths of their souls, and bared it all. It’s like with each other, they could truly be themselves without the fear of judgement or abandonment.

Their love is on an entirely different level and it was always a joy to watch (and read about.) As an avid LoVe shipper, I pray Mr. Rob Thomas will give us one more book or movie or even a 1-hour TV special so we can see this remarkable couple reunited once more.

Sydney Bristow/Michael Vaughn (Vaudney), Alias

ALIAS — Episode 312 — Pictured: (l-r) Michael Vartan as Michael Vaughn, Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow — (Photo by: Fanpop)

Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn…one of my first ships before I even knew what “shipping” was. These two are literally the definition of endgame! One of my favorite things about these two is how their relationship formed. It was so organic and breathtaking to witness. Sydney had just lost her fiancé and found out the agency she had been working for was all a lie. Her world had literally just crashed around her and the only person she could trust was Vaughn. He was that shoulder she could lean on, that place she could go to for advice or to vent. And in turn, Sydney was like a breath of fresh air for Vaughn. She was spunky, fiery, and passionate in every aspect of her life. It was just so amazing to watch!

Vaudney went through so much to get their forever: an evil wife, Vaughn’s “death”, the betrayal of Sydney’s mother (more than once) and the loss of her father, but in the end it was all worth it. They got their beachfront home with their two beautiful children, living their semi-retired life. It was the normal life Sydney always wanted. It was a life away from crime and death and it was beautiful. Just writing about this ship makes me smile. Vaudney is what true love looks like.

Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos (Naudrey), Haven

HAVEN — Episode 513 — Pictured: (l-r) Emily Rose as Audrey Parker, Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos — (Photo by: Fanpop)

“I never felt anything until I met you. You saved me. You made me real.” – Nathan Wuornos. I feel like this quote says everything that needs to be said for this couple. Naudrey has always been the literal heart of Haven. No matter what form Audrey took, Sarah, Lucy, Lexie, or even Paige, her heart always found its way to Nathan. I have to say, when I watched the series finale and it appeared that Nathan would lose Audrey again, I almost didn’t survive!! I don’t think I’ve cried that hard during a series finale…ever! I’d like to think the show runners loved Naudrey as much as we did which is why they gave us Paige at the end. “`It felt like a way to demonstrate how special Audrey was relative to Nathan and how special their bond was, but still be true to the rules and mythology we set up,’ says Matt McGuinness.” 

Nathan and Audrey’s love and relationship literally knows no time or bounds. They are the definition of soul mates and I think the writers did them justice and gave the fans the best ending we could hope for. They get a chance to fall in love all over again. Without life or death situations looming over them, without one of them (or both) always having to save the town. They get the chance to just be Nathan and Audrey. How could you not love that?

Lexie Grey/Mark Sloan (Slexie), Grey’s Anatomy

THE ARRANGEMENT — Pictured: (l-r) Chyler Leigh as Lexie Grey, Eric Dane as Mark Sloan — (Photo by: E! Entertainment)

*Sigh* My poor, sweet, Slexie. It’s been 5 years and the loss of this ship still pains me! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive Ms. Rimes for this one. I think the biggest part was the shock of it all. I, like many viewers, weren’t expecting it. For all their ups and downs, Slexie was a ship that snuck up on me as I didn’t particularly care for them at first. Mark was Mr. Casanova, not sticking around with any one person for too long and Lexie was this innocent young woman in a new place. But I think that’s what eventually drew me to them. I feel in a way, they changed each other for the better. Lexie gained confidence in herself and her decisions and Mark, in my opinion, knew what it was like to truly love someone, with every part of you.

This ship was anything but smooth, but that’s what made it likeable. Slexie was relatable; they were real. Each time they broke it off, you felt it, deeply. You felt their pain and their anguish. And that’s what made their loss even harder to handle because they were finally in a place where they were ready for each other and I truly felt like it would’ve been forever. I’d like to think they’re in heaven together finally living out their own version of forever. Ships will come and go, but there will only be one Slexie.

Monica Geller/Chandler Bing (Mondler), Friends

FRIENDS — Episode 524 — Pictured: (l-r) Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing — (Photo by: BuzzFeed)

I love, LOVE Monica and Chandler!! I squealed when they revealed they slept together at Ross’ wedding. I was not expecting it and it was the best surprise I could’ve asked for with this show because they just made so much sense and worked so well together. Chandler, a man who couldn’t be serious if he tried and Monica, a Type A personality who was, let’s be real, a little weird. They both had something in common, besides four friends: when it was all said and done, they just wanted to find love. How wonderful to find true love and a forever with one of your best friends?! Someone who knows every part of you. The things that make you special and unique. The things that irk you and the things you’re passionate about.

While most watchers of Friends shipped Ross and Rachel (myself included), my heart was always with Chandler and Monica. Like Slexie, Monica and Chandler were so relatable. They were just two average people going through life and trying to find a person to share it with. Add in four crazy friends, twins and a chick and a duck, and you have the recipe for one of the funniest, lovable and purest ships that has ever been!

Kate Austen/Jack Shephard (Jate), Lost

LOST — Pictured: (l-r) Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard, Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen — (Photo by: Fan Pop)

While they may not be the most popular ship, Jack and Kate made Lost for me. From the moment they met, there were sparks. Kate was this troubled woman who had a dark past filled with pain and death. A woman who didn’t trust anyone and didn’t stay in one place for too long. Jack was a man who had suffered loss too but was a perfectionist who had the appearance that he was keeping it all together when in reality, he was hanging on by a thread. I think this is what made their relationship so strong and so dynamic. Kate immediately trusted Jack, a concept she wasn’t familiar with and eventually pushed him away because she was scared of these deep feelings she had for him. Jack, a man who never felt worthy, accepted this because he loved Kate and just wanted her to be happy, even if it wasn’t with him.

In the end, they found their way to each other and were stronger than ever. With a show that had one of the most controversial endings ever, I think Jate got an ending that was fitting for them. They crossed over together, hand in hand and happy. They had finally let go of all the pain they carried throughout their lives and were able to just be happy and together. It was a beautiful ending for these two troubled souls.

Sarah Walker/Chuck Bartowski (Charah), Chuck

CHUCK — Episode 513 — Pictured: (l-r) Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker, Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski — (Photo by: NBC)

A sexy, secret agent and an adorable nerd. What could be better? If you weren’t rooting for Chuck and Sarah from Day 1, then we weren’t watching the same show. One of my favorite things about this amazing couple was how much they changed each other, for the better. Chuck gained more confidence in himself and found his voice. Sarah became more “human” and learned how to trust and love. Together they made this unstoppable duo who would do anything for the other.

While Chuck delivered on laughs and action, the relationship between Chuck and Sarah was at the core of what made the show so wonderful. And even though the series finale left things in the air for our dynamic duo, I truly believe that that “one magical kiss” worked and Sarah’s memories were returned to her because any other outcome is just too much to bear. Charah will always have a special place in my shipper heart!

Julia Shumway/Dale “Barbie” Barbara (Jarbie), Under the Dome

UNDER THE DOME — Episode 205 — Pictured: (l-r) Mike Vogel as Dale “Barbie” Barbara, Rachelle Lefevre as Julia Shumway — (Photo by: CBS)

I love Jarbie, so much and I think they did get their happily ever after like they deserved. Traveling the world together, making memories and living and loving each other with it all culminating in an engagement. It’s what you want for all of your ships. That being said, I feel like we the fans and Jarbie were shortchanged, so to speak. Seasons 1 and 2 of Under the Dome were fantastic! I was on the edge of my seat and the Jarbie content was perfection!! Then came season 3 and it went downhill, in my opinion. Our poor Julia and Barbie were separated for 8 episodes and in a season of only 13 episodes, this is no easy task for a shipper.

Jarbie had always been a couple who made decisions together and respected the other. They loved so deeply so quickly and it wasn’t hard to believe that theirs was a forever love based on everything they had to overcome during their time under the dome. To see this once strong couple be torn apart by the effects of the dome was so painful. Episode 9, “Plan B” was like a blessing from above! Jarbie was reunited and stronger than ever. And while those 8 episodes were excruciating, in the end, Julie and Barbie got their forever they deserved and that’s all a shipper can ask for.

Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop (Polivia), Fringe

FRINGE — Episode 501 — Pictured: (l-r) Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop, Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham — (Photo by: WordPress)

Most people would look at Fringe as anything other than a romantic show and while yes, that is true, at its core, the show was about love. Not just the love between Peter and Walter, but the beautiful relationship that was Peter and Olivia. They started off like any other classic ship, enemies to friends and finally to lovers. But, Polivia is anything but a normal ship. Immersed into a world of “fringe science”, they faced things that people could only imagine in their nightmares. From time traveling and universe jumping to drug trials and doppelgangers. They lost each other and found each other so many times and each time, it made them stronger.

The most painful moment for me was when they lost their daughter…again. The final season of Fringe was so emotional and heavy but in the best way. You got to see a married Polivia struggle with something a parent should never have to go through and while they drifted apart, they found their way back to each other. It’s what you want for your ships. Being torn apart is almost normal for a ship; it builds the angst and the tension but it always makes the reunion that much sweeter and boy was Peter and Olivia’s reunion just perfection!

Nikita Mears/Michael Bishop (Mikita), Nikita

NIKITA — Episode 203 — Pictured: (l-r) Maggie Q as Nikita Mears, Shane West as Michael Bishop — (Photo by: Fanpop)

Michael and Nikita’s relationship and dynamic reminds me a lot of Sydney and Vaughn’s. They fought for what was right and always had each other’s backs. There was always a spark between them even back when Nikita first joined Division. I loved watching their relationship grow. They started out as friends then went to enemies and finally ended up the way we all wanted: lovers. The road was not easy for Mikita by any means, what with bullets and assassins, even losing a hand and each other. To this day, this ship holds one of the most emotional moments for me.

In 2×03, “Knightfall” when Nikita thought that Michael had died in the missile attack only to realize he was still alive…my heart simultaneously broke and soared. The acting portrayed by Maggie Q was sensational and her leaping into his arms with such relief that he was still alive? Oh man, this shipper girl was in tears!! Their passion for each other was always something so beautiful to watch. But at the end of the day, the best part about this ship is that when it mattered, they were there for each other.

What ship do you miss the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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