‘Blindspot’: Season 2 Review

The wait has almost come to an end, Blindspot fans! IT’S ONLY ONE DAY AWAY! One day! After so much waiting it seems hard to believe that we’ve finally made it …but we have! As an appetizer before the new season, let’s go over everything that happened in season 2, so we can watch the premiere with a fresh memory.

Here we go !.


With the release of the new season so close, we wanted to bring you a review of what happened in season 2, to refresh your memory.



Jane escapes from the clutches of the CIA after they tortured her for months. Team Blindspot manages to find her and bring her to the FBI, where they interrogate her and she gives her version of what happened for the first time. There, Nas makes her an offer she can’t refuse: to infiltrate Sandstorm as an FBI informant. She accepts, even though she knows that nobody in the team wants her there.

Jane’s identity was still a mystery at this point, we didn’t know what her name was or what her origin was. This season we discover that her real name is Alice Kruger – nicknamed Remy by Shepherd – and she’s Shepherd’s adopted daughter, although she was born in South Africa. They killed her parents when she and Roman were children and moved them to a kind of orphanage where they were trained to be murderers. Shepherd rescued them from that place.


This is a hard pill to swallow for Jane … but at the same time puts her in the ideal position to be an informant for the FBI and end from within the organization led by her mother. Nas knows it and, therefore, recruits her.

Nobody wants Jane on the team again, but they all accept that she is the best asset they have against Sandstorm. However, they don’t treat her as part of the team, for example, when they organize a meeting Jane is not invited.

But little by little this changes, Jane gains the trust of all again and forges a friendship with Zapata and Patterson while she’s performing missions that give them key information.

It all comes to a point of no return when Jane falls into the trap of Shepherd – who knows her loyalty to the FBI – and ends up erasing Roman’s memory after he rescues her. Jane takes him to the FBI to protect him. Almost no one sees this as a good thing, but Kurt defends her actions.

Here, the relationship of Jane and Roman begins to get stronger while she continues to have the full confidence of her team. Jane believes in him, despite the evidence that Roman is no longer capable of loving.

She forms a new dynamic in the team with Roman from time to time in the field … until he finds out that she lied to him and everything explodes. The war with Sandstorm becomes frantic and Jane is an essential part to end them.

Once everything is over, the new director offers Jane a new life and identity wherever she wants. But she chooses to stay in the FBI, with Kurt, where she’s happy.


Kurt is the director of the FBI this season and coordinates, along with Nas, the various operations of the team. At the beginning, he struggles with his feelings now that Jane is back on the team. But little by little the trust between them is being restored while a relationship with Nas is born.

In addition, Weller receives the news that Allie is pregnant, although she doesn’t want to have a romantic relationship with him. This causes an earthquake in his life, although he welcomes his son with great joy.


Kurt is discovering throughout the season that Shepherd was in charge of his education, moving the threads of his life to arrive where he is at that moment. Sandstorm has a plan for him. Because of this, Shepherd cheats him so he isn’t there when she prepares the trap for the team.

Little by little, the missions unite Kurt more to Jane and separate him from Nas until she breaks their relationship: step by step Jeller are closer … the Roman situation helping them because Kurt makes several concessions for Jane in that regard.

In the end, Kurt finds out what phase two of the plan really was and, along with Keaton, manages to get to the team. Together, they manage to end Sandstorm’s threat and he and Jane are finally together.


Reade is one of the characters that had more development the previous season. In the first episodes we met Freddy, Reade’s old friend and soccer buddy. We learned that, Freddy got into drugs to try to forget that his trainer – Mike Jones – sexually abused him.

Freddy is key to proving these abuses and locking up Jones, which is why Reade looks for him and talks to him. After several failures, in the end, he manages to convince him to testify but this encounter brings to the surface repressed memories for Reade. Although he didn’t remember anything, Freddy makes him see that he could also be a victim of Jones.

This possibility – being a victim – deeply affected Reade because he didn’t know how to face that fact. He tried to find some help in Borden, but without giving details. Thanks to that, he realized that it was entirely possible that he had repressed those traumatic memories.

With the only one that he really, in the end, opens up is with Zapata and that is something fundamental. The affair with Jones has a tragic ending. He couldn’t be charged and Freddy kills him, but right then Reade comes looking for answers to his own situation with the coach. Reade lets Freddy escape and disguises him, Jones is still dying and Reade does nothing to help him. Reade, checking Jones’ house, finds a videotape with his name … but he doesn’t dare to see it.

At first, Reade seems guilty of Jones’ murder (not until after we know the true identity of the murderer) and Zapata does everything possible, including lying, hiding and stealing evidence, to cover it up. Later she realizes that the culprit of everything was Freddy and tells Reade to solve that matter, he does and gives Freddy a new life, letting him escape on the condition that he doesn’t come back.


All of this pushes Reade to the limit, he is about to fall from a precipice … and in the end he does when he meets Freddy’s girlfriend and after a night together she offers him drugs. Reade agrees and so we start one of the plots that I liked least from last season: Reade hooked on drugs.

How could it be otherwise, this didn’t end too well. The drugs controlled Reade’s life and he walked away from Zapata, even faced off against Patterson when she found out what was happening. He also nearly lost his job, since Zapata did the right thing and told Kurt everything when she found out what was happening. Reade hit rock bottom when he went to buy drugs in the back of a bar and got beat up for it.

At the hospital, he met a man who had also been hooked on drugs and he gave him perspective on his situation. He made him see that he had to face the demons, not flee from them, because hiding doesn’t solve anything, the fears were going to remain there and that feeling of having something unfinished, not knowing what really happened was what was killing him. He was quite right and here Reade resurfaced.

He began to be the one he was before, he apologized to Zapata and there she was to put up with him, as always. In the end, they watched that videotape, hands clasped together.

Regarding his performance in Team Blindspot, he was one of the few who understood Jane’s position at the beginning of the season. And before anyone realized he was hooked on drugs, he was out of control, he went out of control more than once. After he returned to normal, he was the agent we all knew. Shepherd’s attack sent him to the hospital – and there he (almost) declared his feelings to Zapata, but after he performed his work with the same effectiveness as always.

Reade decided that after defeating Sandstorm, he was going to accept a job offer to be an instructor at the FBI academy in Quantico to try to get away from everything that had happened, change airs and be able to overcome everything he has discovered.


Nas arrived as a new addition to the team and as a liaison between the FBI and the NSA, given that Nas is a senior agent of the agency.

She had been stalking Sandstorm for years and has lost several dear people along the way. She had also been watching Jane from the beginning and was responsible for re-recruiting her as an FBI spy. All so they had two sources inside Sandstorm, since they already had a spy inside, a spy that gave them enough valuable information.

Her path this season was just as a secondary character. Because of this, we only saw her in charge of several missions, including when they fell straight into Shepherd’s trap. That mission cost her own job and career, as Nas sacrificed herself so the FBI could continue to investigate.

Of course, Nas was also Kurt’s love interest. Working together brought a tension that ended with them starting a relationship. They seemed happy … but Kurt was still in love with Jane and Nas, deep down, knew it. It was Nas who cut off that relationship when she realized that it influenced their work.


After the departure of Nas from the team due to the investigation, we saw her at the end of the season when she appeared to interrogate Shepherd. Something she deserved after so much suffering and so much loss to be able to catch her.


Zapata didn’t have an individual story this season – shame on you, writers! Her history was tied to Reade’s. She did everything to help him, to cover up for him when she thought he had murdered Jones. She stole and concealed evidence and even kept us in the throes of thinking the FBI could catch her for it. But fortunately, Zapata was able to get away with it.

Then, when she realizes that Reade is taking drugs, she tries to get him to tell Kurt and get help. Seeing that he was not going to do it, she tells Kurt everything and that makes Reade face it.

We were also able to see her friendship with Jane more. After the problems of the beginning – Zapata was angry with her and didn’t want to have her in the team – we saw a real friendship grow between them. Zapata is the one in charge of advising Jane, so that she begins to have a life apart of her missions, just as she was the one that insinuated that the right man for Jane is Kurt Weller.

Once Sandstorm is about to be disbanded, Zapata receives a job offer from the CIA. Keaton insists that she accept but she rejects the offer, wants to remain in the FBI, at least for now.


Patterson is another of the characters who got a lot of development in season 2. We explored her rage, her suffering, the bitter feeling of treason, in short, her dark side – if an unicorn like her has one.

After David’s death in the previous season, she’s still affected but seems to be overcoming it when something begins to emerge between her and Borden. Patterson believes in love again and seems to be happy … but it all explodes when Borden reveals himself as a Sandstorm agent.

Patterson suffers loss, betrayal, rage and pain and all this leads her to a dark path that we had never seen before in the character. Shepherd tortures her while Borden watches. Later, she finds out that Shepherd inserted a microphone in her tooth during that torture. Patterson’s rage grows.


Everything arrives at its climax when Patterson manages to confront Borden face to face again, to be able to at least close part of that wound. However, she can’t close it completely because she wanted to arrest him and he dies during an explosion.

Patterson enters in a spiral of obsession with the work with which tries to mask all that rage and pain that feels, putting all of her determination into ending Sandstorm. That obsession and the side effects of the torture and the implant takes her to the hospital more than once.

But Patterson is nothing if not intelligent and she manages to neutralize the missile that Shepherd was planning to launch. Once her mission is over, she realizes that her job is not as before. Before, she adored it, but now it only reminds her of everything she has lost, she feels trapped, she wants to change airs.


Roman was one of the key characters of the previous season. At first, he was the only one who received Jane with open arms when she returned to Shepherd’s side. He is the only one who trusted her without any suspicion, the only one who welcomed her.. until Shepherd shares her suspicions with him. From there everything changes, Roman begins to look suspiciously at Jane. He helps her a couple of times but also makes it clear that she better not to be betraying them, otherwise, she will regret it.

Roman discovers thanks to Borden that his suspicions were well-founded and Jane’s loyalty is with the FBI. This makes him agree with the trap Shepherd prepares for her and is about to kill Jane … but in the end he chooses her and shoots Shepherd. After a fight to the death, Roman is wounded and Jane manages to cure him and decides to erase his memory. This decision would change everything.

After this, Roman is confused and scared, flees from Jane’s side, but the team manages to find him. Once they do, they don’t forget that he’s an enemy and they jail him. Jane tells him it was Shepherd who erased his memory and Roman starts to hate her. They interrogate him, but he doesn’t remember anything. They also make a psychological assessment that determines that he isn’t capable of loving someone, but Jane believes in him and is confident that this is not so, she sees something good in Roman.


From there, Roman starts remembering things from his past, and Jane is always at his side, reinforcing their bond. She supports him, believes in him and asks Kurt to make certain concessions, like take him on team missions. That forces the relationship with Kurt and a kind of companionship begins to emerge between them, with Jane as nexus.

A memory of Roman’s is especially important: he killed Taylor Shaw’s mother. Jane hides this secret from Kurt and when he finds out, everything that had begun to be born between him and Roman is broken. They go back to treating him like an enemy and this affects Roman. He feels lost, guilty for everything he did, angry, frustrated … and believes that Shepherd is guilty of erasing his memory.

Jane gets Kurt to let Roman go live with her, although under certain conditions. Their relationship is stronger every day, although Jane realizes that perhaps Roman can no longer love … but she continues to trust him. Everything explodes when Roman remembers that it was Jane who erased his memory. All that hatred and rage he felt toward Shepherd now turns to Jane with the sense of betrayal added to the mix. Roman attacks Jane, she manages to defend herself and eventually Roman is locked up again.

When Shepherd infiltrates in the FBI she finds Roman and offers a return to her side, he accepts, becoming Jane’s mortal enemy. The siblings face the end of the season and Roman pleads Jane to end his suffering and kill him … but she can not. Thus, Roman goes free … and gets ready to prepare his revenge against Jane.


Sandstorm is the big enemy to beat for the team. It’s the organization responsible for Jane’s tattoos and the one they’ve been chasing all this time. Jane posits as infiltrating the organization and gives the team essential information about some missions or conversations she heard.

However, we discover that Shepherd – whose real name is Ellen Briggs and a army General – knew from the beginning that Jane was on the FBI’s side and guides her into a trap that aims to kill the entire team while Jane watches. Although there are many casualties on the FBI side, the plan doesn’t go well and the team is still alive, just like Jane, given that Roman betrays her.

However, Shepherd gives them a very hard blow with this trap and revealing that Borden, someone they trusted, worked for her organization. In fact, Jane herself recruited him after the death of his wife by American fire in the middle of a war.


In the middle of her fight, Shepherd tortured Patterson – no one touches our unicorn, bitch! – and we discovered that she directed the whole of Kurt’s life because she had specific plans for him. She also infiltrates the FBI headquarters to get important information for phase two. She wanted to blow up the building but she doesn’t manage it, thanks to Jane and Kurt.

Throughout the season we have the same question why do they do this? and what is phase two? We had seen situations that were connected, like a missile here, buying nuclear weapons there … but we couldn’t see the full picture. But Blindspot gave us the answers to these questions: Shepherd and her organization wanted to change the country’s status quo, eliminate the current government and replace it with another. That was, in essence, phase two.

She would kill those responsible for the current government, replacing them with people of her choice – to whom the resolution of the tattoos has helped put her in that position. In addition, Shepherd also planned that a nuclear missile would erase part of the country.

Plans really macabre, but for her, necessary in order to start a new and better country. But she’s facing Team Blindspot, and they will not let her get away with it. With Patterson directing them, they manage to eliminate the threat of the missile and after a fierce fight, they catch to Shepherd. She ends up at a secret CIA headquarters – just where Jane started the season – where she is likely to be tortured by Keaton and Nas.


The relationship between Zapata and Reade began unexpectedly. Their friendship grew, overcame adversities and was reinforced during season 2. But in the middle of it all, something romantic grew between them, Reade took the step and made his feelings known, but Zapata rejected him.

She was afraid that everything was too real, that to reciprocate was to give immense power to Reade to be able to destroy her. And before that happens, she rejected that possibility because of the terror of taking o that leap into the void and trusting was too great. Reade was rejected and stepped back and then he was too frightened to be rejected again, so he just kept on the path of friendship.


When Reade made the decision to go to Quantico, something stirred inside Zapata and demanded that decision be reversed. But, at the same time, she wasn’t yet ready to take the plunge. And Reade was the same, he didn’t want to risk again.

The season ended with a very strong relationship between them, Reade let her into his heart, showing her his deepest fears. And Zapata didn’t run away, she stayed there, by his side. These base is there – I hope – very good for a romantic relationship between them in Season 3.


Jeller resurfaced this season. They started farther away than ever, everything broken between them. Kurt couldn’t be in the same room as her and Jane believed he had betrayed her by handing her over to the CIA. Kurt didn’t include Jane in his personal life and talked to her as little as possible on the team.

That changed over time, Kurt had to confide Allie and his son to Jane on a mission and she protected them, took care of them. That changed something in their relationship. Kurt began to include more and everything began to heal between them. It was weak, but it was there … that little door to trust again.

Jane felt jealous when she learned about the relationship between Kurt and Nas, but didn’t say anything, as in Allie’s case. It was just there, she supported Kurt when he learned that Allie was moving to Colorado. That new trust, this new support, was reciprocal, since Kurt backed Jane in her controversial decisions. It happened when she erased Roman’s memory and also when she made decisions to protect Roman. He also believed in her when Jane said she didn’t know anything about the trap Shepherd organized.

Neither of them put it into words but they both knew that little by little those deep wounds were healing and they were learning to trust each other again. After the initial misgivings and having to overcome all that pain, rage, betrayal and disappointment, they were finally rebuilding their relationship.


When Roman is locked in the FBI, this rebuilding of the Jeller relationship becomes more apparent. Jane asks Kurt several things for Roman, even to let him go on the field and he accepts. Kurt is there at all times to support Jane when she needs to vent about everything that is happening. It’s also him who advises her to tell Roman that it was Shepherd who erased his memory.

During all that time they have significant moments that remind us of Season 1 and tell us that their relationship is progressing as before. However, that new trust is put to the test when Jane lies to Kurt about the memory of Roman where he killed Taylor’s mother. This time, Kurt understands Jane more, what her motives were and forgives her … although his relationship with Roman changes.

Kurt also feels jealous to know that Jane is dating Oliver. Jealousy goes together with the rebuilding of their relationship. Kurt no longer sees Jane as an enemy or someone he can’t trust. On the contrary, he sees her as before, sees her as the person he loves. In fact, we can see every step in the path that leads them to be in that position, while we also discover what they think about the other and that, even if everything was covered by layers of pain, the love between them have never changed.

At the end of the season, they are about to take that final step … but it’s not until it seems like they’re done with Sandstorm, that Kurt dares to finally kiss her. Although this would not be their last step, since they still had to face the possible decision of Jane to move away once she was free. It’s in a dangerous situation, how else, with Kurt in danger of death when he’s sincere and tells her, at last, that he loves her and asks her to stay by his side.

Later, we see that Jane chooses Kurt and it’s her turn to declare herself to him. They kiss, a kiss full of promises and, when the team leaves, they go into Kurt’s house together and give us a wonderful and hot sex scene. This entire reconstruction journey ends with them together with nothing to separate them!

After this, we have a temporary jump of two years where they show us JELLER IS MARRIED! – after so many months and I still cry with this – but they have separated for a time. Jane left Kurt and he has been looking for her, Roman has returned and has kidnapped the whole team. Along with this, we discover some new luminous tattoos on Jane’s skin. It seems that trust will also be, again, the obstacle to beat for Jeller in season 3.

And so ends the season, with a promise of reboot for the show, along with a really charismatic villain – and we hope he’s redeemed – a great focus on Jeller and the rest of Team for Season 3.

Are you excited about the new season? What do you most want to see this season? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Blindspot returns Friday, Oct. 27 at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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