Legends of Tomorrow 3×08 Review: “Crisis on Earth-X” Part 4

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Not going to lie, not a lot happened in this final episode of the mega crossover “Crisis on Earth-X.” (Read the Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 reviews here).  Oh sure, there was a massive battle between the heroes of Earth and the evil scum sucking Nazi (#FuckNazis) but am I missing anything else?

Oh yeah, we had not just one wedding, but two! Officially Bartholomew Allen and Iris West said “I do,” to become husband and wife. Then, not less than a minute later, what was years in the making finally happened, as Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak made the ultimate commitment to one another and now the two power couple of the Arrowverse have officially put rings on it. (Well, once Oliver and Felicity get rings, but that’s a minor technicality). I’ll have way more on this joyous and emotional moment later in the review, but first we need to address the heartbreaking moment of the episode that left me weeping like a little baby.

Goodbye Grey

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So, after the events of part 3 and many tears, Professor Martin Stein passes away, in front of the man who is like a son to him in Jax. Early in the episode, they combine to form Firestorm to save Martin’s life but the effects of the bullet wounds start to impact Jax. So, instead of risking Jax’s life any more, Stein takes the formula to separate the two and dies, after telling Jax how much of a son he is to him.

I’ll be the first to admit to you that while I don’t hate Jax and Stein, I’ve never been their biggest fan, either. However, here I was, a bubbling mess from start to finish and it’s easy to get why. During the episode, someone said this was the saddest moment in Arrowverse history (Tommy Merlyn’s death ranks up there as well), and it was easy to see why. Because Victor Garber is one of the best actor in the history of TV, and this was just another example of it. While Franz was brilliant in this scene as well, this was Victor’s farewell, and what a masterful one it was.

If you weren’t crying when he told Jax that he was family to him, you are a damn liar.

So, the big question to ask is now: “What’s next for the Legends?” This loss has to hurt more than any other they’ve had. I fear Jax will do something rash because of this. Will Sara blame herself for this as team leader? Does this put a damper on the light-heartedness that has been Legends of Tomorrow lately? Honestly the answer to all three questions might be “Yes.” It should be.

Goodbye, Victor Garber, have fun on Broadway. And thanks for classing up Legends of Tomorrow and the Arrowverse with your humor, dignity and grace.


— Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

So, a quick word about the big battle before we get to the marriage stuff. First, it was nice seeing the Nazis (#FuckNazis) defeated by the heroes. Overgirl went boom after a Titanic battle with Supergirl, who was then saved by Nate, with a witty line to boot. As for evil Oliver, he was defeated and killed as well, like the third reich trash that he is.

Personal opinion is that while I understand that Nazis can make excellent bad guys, the way the world is right now I wouldn’t have picked them for this crossover. There was a ton of triggering images for people and honestly you could have done Evil Kara and Evil Oliver without making them Nazis. It’s simple but they went the easy way, and that was a mistake.

Okay now that’s off my chest, let’s talk about the marriages at the end of the episode.

Barry and Iris ask Oliver if he can marry them using his Mayoral powers. Mayor’s can’t do that, though but Oliver comes up with a idea. Enter John Diggle, who is ordained in these sorts of things.

After a little super-speed and a little losing of lunch, we get Barry and Iris’s vows to one another. They are heartwarming and very personal as you would expect. WestAllen is something I grew into loving and the last year or so, I have fully been aboard the ship. My hope is that we continue to see these two happy and in love as this crossover has shown us.

So as we end..




So, we get a double wedding as this journey has changed Felicity’s mind on marriage. Where she was afraid of losing Oliver if they got reengaged, now she wants to Oliver to know that she loves him through everything and wants what he wants too.

It’s a short, beautiful moment. No vows are said, but Olicity has had tons of moments where they have told each other their vows of love to one another. So Diggle asks them the magic words, and we have our two main couples in the DC/CW world all married and everything.

Others will and have written about Olicity and WestAllen better than I, but I will say this: It’s been a long journey and one with bumps and bruises and angst out the ass, but moments like these make them all worth it. Moments like these we are all Diggle with our arms raised in the air in triumph.


Now they just need to get Diggle to get the paperwork all filed in the next five days, or we’ll have to go through this all again!!


  • “Tell Ronnie I miss him.” Caitlin Snow reducing me to tears with that one line at Stein’s funeral.
  • I loved Citizen Cold and his relationship with The Ray. It’s beautiful and I just want to see this version of Leo Snart happy forever.
  • Have I said Fuck Nazis yet? Because Fuck Nazis.
  • Nyssa reference! Sara and Alex talk about their lost loves and decide that they deserve to be happy as well with long-term love interests. So this ask the question: If not Nyssa, who is that for Sara Lance? The Time Bureau lady? Ehhhhhh I don’t know about that one.
  • If I’m Ray Palmer, I ask where my damn invite was!
  • Barry letting Thawne go. Dammit writers, why do you have to make Barry look so stupid there?
  • RIP to all the citizens who died while the heroes had to have their slow-motion walk. Like dudes, hurry up! You don’t need to look cool, just save people!
  • Second saddest scene of the episode was Jax going to Stein’s house to tell his wife and daughter what happened. Personally, I have been at there and the pain and tears never go away.
  • The action scenes here were way better than in Justice League. Not trolling, just being honest.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.


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