Fangirlish Best of 2019 Lists: Our favorite BROTPs from 2019

The end of the year is approaching,but, before that, Christmas is  practically here! On this occasion, we want to pay tribute to those BROTPs that have marked us throughout this year. Welcome to “Our favorite BROTPs from 2019″!

Here we go!


Of course, these brothers had to be first on this list! It’s impossible to summarize everything that these two have survived together over 8 years, but everything can be summed up with this:

This hug. That emotion of Oliver recognizing his brother. Diggle’s desperation to lose him. They met without hoping for it, without wanting it, but desperately needing each other.

Oliver needed a conscience, a voice of reason and someone who believed in him blindly and Diggle only needed a little brother, someone he could love and save … and they found each other. And now, they are who they are, thanks in large part to that.  We will not be able to go on knowing we will not see them again after January!


Tony Stark and Peter Parker. That’s all. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is one:


These two!  Murtagh swore to Ellen that he would always take care of his son, and he has more than fulfilled that promise. He has always been Jamie’s side, in life, in death and beyond that: in hell.

He was the first to realize what Jamie felt for Claire, and the first to support them, even after knowing the truth. Murtagh has been next to Jamie every step of the way.

When they were forced to separate, it was like breaking part of an already broken heart, but their reunion…OMG! That precious reunion between the two, when they were already lost and only memories of better times were left … it was absolutely precious and emotional. We want to see much more of them this 2020!


Can a whole group of girls be considered BROTP? Our opinion is YES.  Mom” is one of the few series in which all the characters are essential, because they fit so perfectly that if one leaves, everything breaks. The show has taken years to reach the perfect balance between characters but finally, it has succeeded.

The series is a story of overcoming obstacles, and nothing shows that more than seeing the entire group of girls rely on each other in both the worst and the best moments. Each one is different, but the truth is that they are always there for the other when needed, either to go to a wedding or to prevent a friend from relapsing again. They are more than friends. They are family.


The siblings who had not seen each other since season 1. Season 8 of “Game Of Thrones” had more bad times than good times, but one of the best was the reunion between Arya and Jon. The two always had a special relationship.

Arya was the only Stark, apart from Rob, who had a really close relationship with Jon and saw him as a brother. And Jon always accepted and loved Arya for who she was, while everyone else tried to change her.

They loved each other so much that being separated was like a thorn in their soul … and also on the audience. Their reunion was one of the most anticipated moments by fan,s and they did not disappoint. Just look at them, I think that says it all.


An unusual BROTP.  Dembe is wholeheartedly good and Raymond is a gray man … but that is precisely why they are so wonderful. Dembe is Raymond’s heart, his conscience and his voice of reason.

Raymodn saved Dembe when he was just a child, and Dember wanted to save his life in return. Dembe knew that meant that he would have to kill and leave a trail of corpses along the way, but he sacrificed parts of his own soul to save Raymond’s.  Because for Dembe, it’s not just about saving Raymond’s life but something even more important: his soul.

Until now, he has been the only one able to keep him afloat, even when it seemed he was going to sink into the deepest pit. There are only two people who can really destroy and break Raymond. One is Elizabeth and the other is Dembe. For Dembe it is exactly the same because, somehow, while trying to save his soul, Raymond became part of his family.


In this case, they are really family but, for Satan, they had to be on this list. They deserve to be on this list. Sabrina never doubted Ambrose when he was accused of murder and never left him alone. She did whatever it took to help him escape.

Ambrose, on the other hand, has always been on Sabrina’s side and has helped her, has trusted her even when she herself did not.

Such trust, so unwavering, did it deserve to be on this list or not?


A mythical couple in a show that said goodbye this year. A show that reinvented the concept of this iconic friendship. I think there is nothing they have not been through: separations, false deaths, illnesses … but they have always endured. Together. They have learned to know each other, to accept and love each other so much that they form the perfect tandem.

Plus, along the way, they have learned that the love and affection they have, the bonds that unite them, far from making them weaker, make them stronger. They each other better when they are together and, almost without realizing it, they need the presence of the other to be able to breathe … because otherwise life would not be complete.

What other BROTPs deserved to be on the list?  Don’t hesitate to share it in the comments below!  Happy holidays!

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