Fangirlish Best of 2019: Quotes That Inspired Us

It seems like a lie, but this year is ending and with it, the decade. We’re in that perfect time of year to review what they have given us in these 12 months. On this occasion, we at Fangirlish, want to review the quotes that inspired us in 2019.

Here we go!

“People are never really gone. Because they live on in the hearts of those they leave behind”

Mary Louise Wright, Big Little Lies, S2.Ep4: She Knows

An appointment that helps us in the most difficult moments: when we lose someone dear. When that happens and nothing seems to help, nothing seems to be able to comfort you and make you feel better … we must remember that the people we love never leave, because they are part of us.

“When your life unfolds into a nightmare, you pray your dreams will take you elsewhere”

Alice, Batwoman, S1.Ep5: Mine Is a Long and a Sad Tale

Some moments in life are so hard that it seems that we are living a nightmare. We need to escape somewhere where we can feel safe, where we can breathe. Our dreams are the best refuge we can find, because in that world nothing is as hard nor as difficult as it is when we open our eyes again.

“It might seem like reducing the number of variables in your life will control the outcome, but life isn’t a science experiment. You can’t contain your world forever”

College Professor, Escape Room (2019)

Many times we want to control everything in our life, but it is only an illusion. We can never do it, not really. Everything will get out of control at some point, no matter how much we fight against it. It is always good to remember that we cannot hide for a long time, even from ourselves.

“You can search the entire universe and never find a being more worthy of love than yourself”

Donny, Isn’t It Romantic (2019)

PREACH! Nothing deserves to be loved more than ourselves. At some point, we have all felt undervalued, almost as if we were not worth the effort … but we are worth it.  We deserve it. We have to love ourselves, accept ourselves, although sometimes that seems impossible, we must learn to do it because more times than it seems, more times than acceptable … our own life depends on it.

“Your children don’t need you to be perfect. They just need you to believe in them”

Colette Marchant, Dumbo (2019)

One of the best tips for parents: believe in your children. Sometimes, they just need that. It is … really hard when a father/mother doesn’t believe in his/her son and that child feels so undervalued, even ashamed of himself/herself and guilty for not being able to become all that is expected of him/her. No child should feel as if it is not enough for their parents.

“No amount of money ever bought a second of time”

Tony Stark, Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Time doesn’t return, folks. It is better that we do everything we feel, that we say everything we have to say, so that tomorrow we don’t live in regrets when it’s too late because we have no time left.

“If you don’t have anything, you have to act like you own everything”

Aladdin, Aladdin (2019)

When we lack something, we need to show that we have it. It is our only barrier against the world, like a wall that protects us from others and, at the same time, can help us to trust ourselves. The first rule to achieve it is to believe you can do it.

“Sometimes the only way to heal our wounds is to make peace with the demons who created them”

Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

We all have wounds, fears and demons that consume us. Sometimes they consume us so much that they make us lose ourselves … and the only way to get ahead is to face them and feel at peace with them. Hiding is not something that works, the only thing that does is look them in the eye and overcome them, no matter how difficult it is, no matter how many tears we shed, no matter how many times we fall … all that matters is that we get up and face our own demons.

“You never know what life is gonna throw at you. And you have two choices, run from it, or run at it”

Max, The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019)

No one knows the future. Nobody knows what is going to happen but life goes on and, with it, new challenges, bad times and good times. Whatever happens there are only two options: run and hide or embrace whatever comes, no matter what it is.

“Se Souvenir du passe, et qu’il ya un avenir: Remember the past, and that there is a future.”

Deborah Harkness, A Discovery of Witches.

The past is part of who we are, so we should not forget about it, we have to remember it, but we cannot let our past define us, therefore, we must always remember that, whatever happened in the past, there is a future on the horizon, a much more hopeful future than the past we have left behind.

What other quotes have inspired you this year? Don’t hesitate to share it in the comments below! Happy holidays!

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