Billy Porter Gives Valuable Intel On ‘Cinderella’

We’re just over here anxiously awaiting two live action movies – The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. We’re even more excited for Cinderella now that the fairy godmother has been cast.

Billie Porter has been cast in the adaptation as the fairy godmother and he had some good information to give us.

“The only thing I can know is that I am calling it a Cinderella for the #MeToo era,” Billy, told E! in a recent interview. “That’s all I really know.”

The script for the movie is being co-written by Blockers director Kay Cannon and James Corden. Cannon will also be directing the adaptation.

The new Cinderella adaptation — which stars Camila Cabello as Cinderella and Idina Menzel as her stepmother – gets us more and more exciting everyday. We’re going to have to wait awhile for it to come out, but you can guarantee that we’ll be following it along the way.

Cinderella is due to start filming in early 2020.

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