‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Renewed For Season Three

there is something special about summer, so no surprise, we’re excited to get a third season of #TSITP

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ 2×06 Review: ‘Love Fest’

When the only place that feels like home and keeps you close to the person that you loved the most, who is now gone from this earth, is taken from you – it’s understandable that you feel a lot of…

‘Good Omens’ Season 2 Review: All The Best Fic Tropes…And Angst

Good Omens Season 2 is six episodes of pure delight…until it’s not. And we say that in a weirdly good sort of way.

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ 2×05: ‘Love Fool’

Gavin Casalegno has given Jeremiah life in a way that he can and will convert you to Team Jeremiah.

The Summer I Turned Pretty 2×03 Review: Love Sick

We never thought it could happen, but Erin temporarily understands why Conrad Fisher is an ass. Also why she loves him still.

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ 2×02 Review: ‘Love Scene’

Lola Tung, Christopher Briney, and Gavin Casalegno are the magic formula and this episode proves just that.

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ 2×01 Review: “Lost Love”

#TSITP is back and we’ll tell you this. You’ll be crying. Like a lot. Like whole box of tissues cry. #NoRegrets

See The Trailer For ‘Hotel For The Holidays’

We just might call ourselves Christmasish at this point, because all we want to do is talk about all the Christmas content. We’re not sad about that, hell, it makes us happy. If it doesn’t make us smile in our…

‘Paper Girls’ Roundtable Interview: Christopher C. Rogers

‘Paper Girls’ showrunner Christopher C. Rogers discusses his history with the Prime Video series’ source material.

Scott Evans Joins The Cast Of ‘With Love’

There’s been an addition to the cast of #WithLove and we’re obsessed. Welcome to…

‘Paper Girls’ Teaser Trailer Offers Glimpse at Time-Traveling Thrills

Ever wonder what it’d be like to meet your future self? Four time-traveling newsies experience just that in Prime Video’s ‘Paper Girls.’

The ‘A League of Their Own’ Teaser Trailer Looks Amazing

I’ll be honest: I’m not a huge baseball fan. So when I first heard that there would be a new A League of Their Own series, it was pretty much regulated immediately to my mental back-burner. However, I became intrigued…

Prime Video Renews ‘Upload’ For Season 3

A third season of #Upload? Yes please. We’re excited.

‘With Love’ Returning For Season 2 On Amazon Prime

#WithLove is returning for season 2 and we could not be happier.

‘Upload’ 1×05 Review: “Mind Frisk”

The most undervalued character in #Upload is Aleesha. She is all of us and we should appreciate her as the goddess she is.

‘Upload’ 2×04 Review: “Family Day”

Nathan knowing that Nora is back made us tear up. She’s gonna be the person to change everything – for everyone. We can feel it

‘Upload’ 2×03 Review: “Robin Hood”

For once, Ingrid is tolerable. But then again, it’s not really Ingrid, so that has helped.

‘Upload’ 2×02 Review: “Dinner Party”

When Noras avatar walked into the dinner party and seeing Nathans face… heart dropped to the floor

See The Trailer For Amazon Prime’s ‘The Terminal List’

Sometimes you overlook that your least favorite actor is in something because the rest of the cast is so damn amazing. CC this show.

See The Trailer For The Second Season Of ‘Upload’

Season 2 of #Upload is only 7 episodes and we feel like we’re going to need a lot more judging by this trailer. See it here.