‘Blindspot’ 3×09: Sneak peek & Scoop

We’re only hours away from a new Blindspot! We were able to survive this hiatus, although our nails have suffered havoc because we have bitten them with impatience to fight the impatience for this moment, the day when our favorite show returns. As an appetizer of what awaits us, here’s the sneak peek of today’s episode and new scoop about Jeller. Here we go!



In this preview we see  Tasha and Reade investigating the case of the week in a kind of warehouse for nuclear weapons. Soon they realize that there’s something strange in the boxes … and they are absolutely right, when opening one they find that the missile that it contained has disappeared. The case of the week promises a lot of action and a frenetic pace.


Spoiler Room

Thanks to EW we have information about Jeller. As they have mentioned on other occasions, after the return of Blindspot the conversation about Berlin and the revelation that Kurt made to Jane about her daughter will be addressed. On this subject, Martin Gero, executive producer of Blindspot, comments:

“Kind of like how we did when we revealed that Borden was the mole, we spent a whole act talking about the repercussions of that, and we do that this time. It won’t be right away. The episode will start and everyone’s like, ‘Where is Weller and Jane? How come they haven’t come into work yet?’ and we know they’re dealing with some shit. The first act after the teaser, we really deep dive, it’s really emotional. It’s some of the best work that Jaimie and Sully have done all year. You’ll get to know everything. How will Jane react to this news? Her first reaction is he must be wrong, that it maybe wasn’t her daughter, but he’s pretty convinced that it is.”.

What do you think about the new information about Jeller? Have you found the sneak peek interesting? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!.

Blindspot returns January 12 at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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