‘Blindspot’ 3×09 Review: “Hot Burning Flames”

Blindspot is back! After the midseason finale, our favorite show returns with an episode that maintains the level of the previous ones. “Hot Burning Flames” has broken us into a thousand pieces with Jeller, but it has also given us some clues of secrets that are still present in the Team, secrets that will not be long in being discovered and it has also been introducing us a little more in Crawford’s world. All this, of course, infused with a great dose of action. Let’s analyze everything! Here we go!.


This week the case investigated by the Team has led to a different dynamic. The couples that have formed are different since Jane can’t work with Kurt and that hurts me in the deepest. But focusing on the case, Jane’s tattoo leads them to a video of two masked persons who entered a nuclear weapons store and looked like they had not taken anything.

This was true until Tasha and Reade go to investigate and decarbonize that they have emptied the nuclear missile boxes. The investigation takes to Patterson to discover one of the masked ones but as soon as it sees them he collapses and confesses to them that someone is blackmailing him. Someone abducted his son and forced him to do so. Keaton then appears to ask if that person was an old acquaintance of him, a Russian terrorist. When the man nods he already knows what they are facing.

Patterson manages to locate the kidnapped child and the Team rescues him, although Jane gets hurt in the process. Without the kid in her power, the terrorist asks them to free her brother, because if they do not do so, she will launch a missile that will reap millions of lives. Keaton then confesses that her brother is dead but that she doesn’t know it.

BLINDSPOT — “Hot Burning Flames” Episode 309 — Pictured: (l-r) Ashley Johnson as Patterson, Chad Donella as Jake Keaton, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Rob Brown as Edgar Reade, Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Bros)

The FBI tries to mitigate the damages and when the terrorist gets in contact with them again they try to take her long but she knows perfectly well that her brother is dead and they can’t do anything. With the imminent threat of a missile launch in New York City, the Team manages to locate the terrorist. They go for her but something goes wrong and Kurt is left alone on the plane from where they are going to launch the missile.

After an intense fight with the terrorist and her men, the missile is launched and Kurt manages to kill few of the terrorists. But they must stop the missile, so he’s launched from the plane to catch her and disconnect the missile. He gets it and goes back to earth safe and sound.

Wow! This case has been intense, there has been little time to breathe. In addition, it has been quite interesting because we have been able to see Keaton’s secrets … and even Zapata with him. And, of course, we have experienced even more in the first person the physical and emotional distance between Jeller and that has been as if knives were stuck in our hearts. Really discouraging. But the case has been the perfect medium to show us every personal aspect in the lives of our protagonists.


Tasha and Reade

Parallel to the case investigation of the week, Reade, and the others were setting up a plan to catch Hank Crawford. Reade is of the opinion to go for it once and for all, although Tasha differs and prefers to go crumbling it little by little through tattoos.

Keaton has the same opinion as Zapata and an interest in doing something like that … unusual. Tasha tells him she’ll take care of Reade and she does it. That conversation between them is the one that interests me the most. Both begin to say their arguments and the conversation quickly becomes a discussion. Until Tasha cuts everything by asking Reade if he trusts her.

BLINDSPOT — “Hot Burning Flames” Episode 309 — Pictured: Rob Brown as Edgar Reade — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Bros)

And it is at that moment when things change. Reade’s voice softens and he says in a low but firm, decisive and clear voice: “with my life”. Reade lowers his voice because it’s like a confession, the moment between them suddenly becomes intimate, they are so close … Tasha replies that then think about what she is saying.

Reade does it, that’s when Tasha asks him when he thinks about it and changes his mind, giving her the reason … and Keaton. Really both – as much as I dislike Keaton – they were right. A man like Hank Crawford can’t be trapped like that. He has to be the biggest goal of a small scheme that is enlarging.

It’s really important that Reade only reacts when Tasha asks him when she speaks to him. She connects with the deepest part of him simply because he loves her – and is reciprocated -. I can’t wait for these small significant moments to become something else.

Zapata and Keaton

As I imagined with Keaton the problems arrive … he seems to have a personal interest in the Hank Crawford case, apart from the FBI and Zapata assures her that she is with him, she resigned from the FBI some time ago.

My first reaction has been literally “Zapata, don’t do it!”. But, after thinking about it carefully and coldly, I think that if Tasha is not cheating to think that she is loyal, her loyalties will change later. She loves Reade and the rest of the Team are her family, she wouldn’t betray them, she would never do it, that’s for sure. What she has said to Keaton has a good explanation, I have no doubt. And you?.

BLINDSPOT — “Hot Burning Flames” Episode 309 — Pictured: (l-r) Ashley Johnson as Patterson, Chad Donella as Jake Keaton, Peter Oldring as DIA Dave — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Bros)

Also, I remember a tattoo that hid something about the CIA, Keaton and Tasha, the tattoo of the dragonfly. Will that tattoo have something to do with what they were talking about?


Holy Shit! This has been intense, heartbreaking and disheartening. Everything at once. It has broken our hearts into a thousand pieces and the suffering is real. We finally know what Berlin was hiding but now we wish we had never known it … can we go back, right?

Berlin is really painful. Kurt has told everything. He and Jane’s daughter were looking for her. The girl wanted to meet her and know why she had given her up for adoption. Kurt tried to make her understand how could Jane be brave and that her memory is erased, if she gave it up for adoption was to protect her and that if she knew of her existence Jane would seek her. The girl is angry, her mother doesn’t remember her. Kurt tries to calm her down and explain everything he can without including the gruesome details about Shepherd and so on.

Meanwhile, Jane can’t believe it, it hurts everything, the lie hurts and it hurts her daughter to die thinking that she didn’t love her. But Kurt, with tears in his eyes, assures her that she finally understood, that she died knowing that Jane was protecting her.

Before this Jane wants to make sure that that girl was her daughter, she might not be, but Kurt is sure. Her movements, her appearance, everything in her cried out that it was Jane’s daughter. And I pause for a moment to revel in the deep way in which Kurt knows Jane. Even her little expressions, her characteristic little movements.

BLINDSPOT — “Balance of Might” Episode 310 — Pictured: Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by Eric Liebowitz/NBC/Warner Bros)

Once we have stopped in this and we have had a happy haven between so much pain, we continue. Kurt continues to explain to Jane that following the man who would lead them to her something went wrong. The girl followed Kurt and he thought she was an enemy since he couldn’t see her, shot her and … killed her. It was an accident. As I imagined, there was more in the story and he didn’t kill her in cold blood, neither to save his life or the lives of others. It was just a tragic accident.

The girl took a very big risk when she followed Kurt, it was dangerous … and he couldn’t know what who was. As soon as he realized Kurt ran to her side, he tried to do something to save her, to be with her…but in the end Kurt had to leave her alone to not die with her.

Jane is in shock … and broken into small fragments. Kurt killed her daughter and it hurts her but the lie hurts even more and Kurt left her alone there.

Kurt thinks they can get over it, they love each other and he didn’t tell her to protect her but Jane yells the truth. Actually, he wanted to protect himself, to protect himself from losing her – and she’s right -. All that truth changes them. They can’t do as if nothing had happened.

Suddenly, everything between them is different, there is a physical and emotional distance that is felt every minute of the episode. Soon they have to go to the FBI, Jane is the first to leave, she doesn’t want to be with Kurt and at home. Where she had dreamed and lived her dream … a dream that is now broken.

This distance is felt at all times. Jane refuses to work with Kurt. But in addition, Reade and Tasha are there for Kurt and Jane respectively, as their friends and both need them.

Personal matters are mixed in the field when Jane rushes and gets hurt in the rescue of the child. Kurt goes after her without any doubt, it’s the love of his life, he will follow her wherever she goes. He is mortally worried and starts to touch her to check that she is okay. She turns away from his touch and that breaks him … and us. Kurt tells her that he can’t lose her again because she is angry.

Losing Jane is Kurt’s biggest fear, that’s why he did what he did and lied to her. Carried away by the fear of the possibility of losing Jane again. That is why every time she is in danger or moves away from him it’s like his worst nightmare comes true. He just can’t lose Jane. Just thinking about it is … horrible, as if his heart was torn to pieces.

BLINDSPOT — “Hot Burning Flames” Episode 309 — Pictured: Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Bros)

On the plane, when he shoots the terrorist, Kurt cannot help but see her and see Jane’s daughter. He can’t forget what he did. He feels guilty. His guilt is something we can almost touch. Later, when they managed to stop the missile and save millions of lives, Kurt could only concentrate on the life he had lost, the life he hadn’t been able to save.

The last scene between them is even more heartbreaking than the previous one. Jane is waiting for Kurt at their house. He tries to explain himself, get to her. But Jane makes it clear that there is nothing he can say to fix it. She is going to leave. Kurt is hopeful … hoping that it only means taking time to think about everything, to forgive him. He can’t lose her. She is his everything. But Jane breaks that hope by declaring clearly that she is leaving … him. She returns the ring. Her wedding ring. They’re broken. Kurt is as destroyed as we are.

I have no words to describe all the sadness I have felt. Kurt has always had tears in his eyes, he has cried and we with him. It has been impossible not to do it. I understand them both. I suffer for both. This hurts like hell. But Kurt will fight for Jane, she will forgive him and they will be together again. Never doubt it because it’s a fact.

Blindspot had us one last surprise saved. Jane’s daughter escapes from a prison. What the hell has happened? She seemed dead. Kurt is blamed for his death but she’s alive. Who rescued her and why did she get to that prison? And to these questions is added whether she will be Jane’s real daughter. A part of me can’t help but suspect that all this can be Roman’s manipulation and that she is not Jane’s real daughter. Although everything seems to indicate that she is. It’s typical of Blindspot leaving us with more questions than answers and I’m looking forward to finding out more about this.


Marrakech has been Roman’s new destination. He gradually integrates himself into the organization of Hank Crawford and having someone give him direct orders from Hank – Victor, a new character who is sure to give us interesting moments, seems to be reaching his goal. Although it isn’t a path of roses, Victor even betrays him and doesn’t trust him at all. It’s good that Roman knows how to handle himself in this type of situation.

BLINDSPOT — “City Folk Under Wraps” Episode 308 — Pictured: Luke Mitchell as Roman — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/WarnerBros)

It really has been strange to see Roman enduring so many things without being able to defend himself … until in the end he has been able to and has entered a house being himself and devastating everyone until they get answers. I don’t know if this is good or not but I missed this side badass of Roman and I think we will see it on many more occasions. Hank Crawford is going to be a very dangerous enemy to beat both for the Team and for Roman.

But all this is moving in the right direction. Roman has already entered the organization, now, from within, he can destroy it.

I missed Blake, I like to see her with Roman, I think she brings out something that is not seen often. His smiles, his feelings, his heart. I remain convinced that he feels something for her and that this will be decisive in his character. Do you think the same?


It has been a very hard episode, especially for our Jeller hearts. We needed a few glasses – or bottles – of wine, right? Although, as I always say, don’t despair. Jeller will return and more united and strong than ever. Kurt is going to fight for Jane, for the life he wants, for the love of his life. He will recover her.

Apart from this, the episode has been full of action – that Stunt of Kurt jumping from the plane has been especially impressive – secrets, mysteries and scenes that will mean much more in the future and all with a good rhythm that prevented us from looking away from the first second to the end.

In short, Blindspot has returned in top form and while we were enjoying our hearts broke into a thousand pieces … and then repair them in the near future.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back next week with episode 3×10 “Balance of Might.” And here’s the promo for the next episode.


Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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