'Arrow' 6×11 Review: ‘We Fall’

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  1. Angelo says:

    I am just now watching the complete series of Arrow due to pandemic boredom, and I am loving your detailed reviews and “15 things” list. I found myself agreeing with everything you said, especially that Arrow is most captivating when Oliver Queen is the focus of the show. Your favourite scenes are my favourite scenes, too (toy bow and arrow!).

    I am also grateful to find validation for my low opinion of the “New Team Assholes” (I laughed so hard at this I almost choked!). It seems like the writers are trying to convince the audience that Oliver is to blame for the team break-up, and this just infuriates me. I am so glad you reiterated that Rene deliberately betrayed Oliver (and by extension, the entire team), when he could have chosen to ask the team for help instead. Rene is so far in the wrong it should be trumpeted from the rooftops, so why are the writers ignoring this?

    Rene was already a liability before his betrayal: undisciplined, unable to follow chain of command, unable to put his ego aside for the greater good, ungrateful for everything Oliver and OTA has done for him. Plus his entire skill set is no different from the greenest police officer, amounting to punching and shooting a gun. His vigilante activities are self-serving: he is a thug working out his anger issues, and has not dedicated himself to a higher purpose. I think Rene’s jealousy and resentment of Oliver are what actually fuelled his betrayal. Face it, Rene, Oliver is a million times better than you, not just in terms of combat skill and tactIcal expertise, but also in terms of selfless heroism, courage, and loyalty. I just want the writers to kill off Rene so I don’t have to watch any more of his nasty toddler temper tantrums.

    Then there’s Dinah, who is supposed to be a cop. When the police department has a leak, officers are investigated as Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). So why does Dinah Jump off the deep end because she was put under surveillance (SOP) when Oliver had evidence of a leak? Perhaps because she was actually guilty of concealing vital operational intelligence (Vigilante) from the team and didn’t like being caught? Again, no apology and no amends — I guess that oath you took to “serve and protect” only applies to yourself, Dinah.

    That makes two out of three newbies who betrayed the team to varying degrees, and then complained that they’re not given trust… immediately after proving themselves untrustworthy. Cognitive dissonance anyone? Why are the writers trying to make this Oliver’s fault?

    And finally, if Curtis gets his feelings hurt by SOP and uses that petty grievance as an excuse to bail on the greater good, then he is clearly no hero. As you mentioned, his motivations have all been selfish — instead of actually caring about people getting hurt and saving lives, he is all about puffing his own ego and being jealous of OLA’s earned closeness.

    I feel like skewering the writers — they don’t give enough storyline to the amazing characters of OTA, and then waste time on utterly unexceptional and unlikeable characters that become more petty and vicious with each episode. I will be fast forwarding through the “New Team Asshole” scenes from now on, and hoping they all get killed for their arrogance In the near future. Please tell me that is the case?

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