‘Blindspot’ 3×11 Review: “Technology Wizards”

Blindspot is back! After last week’s episode, our favorite show is here another week to reveal a few secrets and leave us with the uncertainty of the future, while keeping us glued to our screens. “Technology Wizards” gets all that and much more. Let’s analyze everything! Here we go!


This time the team was involved in two cases. On the one hand, Patterson, Ritch and Tasha have dealt with the hacker to Patterson’s app and the blackmails to their users. And on the other hand, Jane, Kurt and Clem have come to the rescue of Avery. Both cases have touched our protagonists personally and emotionally.

In the FBI, Patterson had to confess there was a backdoor to her app had and the blackmail to which her users were being subjected. She, Ritch, Tasha and Reade set out to investigate and find out that Boston seems to be behind everything. Patterson hired him to help her program the app.

Ritch knows that Boston would never blackmail or hurt anyone. He is a thief, nothing more. That is confirmed when Boston in person appears at the FBI and confesses that the idea was his boyfriend’s – which makes Ritch very jealous. At first it was just spying on users, then doing some justice … but his boyfriend has gone further and has become a terrorist.

Boston went home with a microphone to try to make his boyfriend confess. He is quite nervous. but his boyfriend doesn’t seem to notice anything. The buyers of the merchandise arrive and Boston is unwittingly discovered. but the team appears and gets the terrorists in time, arresting Boston’s boyfriend and saving the day.

In Berlin, after discovering that Avery had dealings with Roman and with the man that Kurt had to catch when he met her and is now kidnapped by him, Clem, Kurt and Jane put a march on a plan to rescue her.

BLINDSPOT — “Technology Wizards” Episode 311 — Pictured: (l-r) Ashley Johnson as Patterson, Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom — (Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/NBC)

After drawing a strategic plan, they manage to reach Avery but she points to Jane in the middle of the rescue. She doesn’t trust Roman, she has realized that he has been manipulating her, but she doesn’t trust Jane either. She doesn’t know her and … Jane abandoned her. She tries to make Avery understand that this didn’t happen and that Roman has lied to her put her against Jane.

Jane tries to have her daughter trust her, forgive her, understand that she loves her. Avery thinks she doesn’t need Jane, she never did – although in reality she does, just as Jane needs her. In the end, Avery drops the weapon and takes a leap of faith, making it possible for Jane to protect her from Roman.

The two cases have been really interesting and have connected intimately with our protagonists. In New York, Patterson’s secrets have come to the light, disappointed her teammates and made her feel guilty. She only used it for good but that information in bad hands can be fatal.

In Berlin, Jane has confronted her daughter for the first time. That scene has been powerful, there are many explanations to give, many reproaches to make. A lot of trust to prove. Avery doesn’t think she needs Jane, but she does, she’s her mother and it matters, even if she doesn’t accept her, that’s why she joined Roman and his plan at the beginning.

Jane also needs her although she had doubts about knowing her or not. Both have always wanted to meet with each other and be a family, even when neither has been able or willing to accept it out loud. Now, despite everything they have to overcome, they are already together.

The cases have been the perfect means for some secrets and necessary confrontations between characters to be carried out, while we got answers to questions. Of course, the action and the good rhythm are always present creating an atmosphere that manages to trap us throughout the episode.


Ritch and Boston

Our beloved Ritch is jealous! It’s been so lovely to see him that jealous over Boston. The truth is that I understand, the other guy, as well as a terrorist, was pretty repellent. Ritch’s jealousy has provoked a lot of comments that have helped to reduce the tension of the episode.

Also, it has been nice to see Ritch’s concern when he has made sure that Boston was okay after the shooting. He thought he might be dead and just wanted to get to him, touch him and make sure he was okay. Having that physical contact he needed to make sure everything was fine in the world because the man he loved was safe.

BLINDSPOT — “Technology Wizards” Episode 311 — Pictured: (l-r) Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom, Rob Brown as Edgar Reade — (Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/NBC)

Although it is true that the end it has saddened me. Everything ended in a painful way. Ritch has declared openly to Boston, confessing that he loved him and that he never stopped doing it. Asking him to give them another chance. And it has been so precious that it has moved me to tears. But Boston has rejected him, his confession came too late. What was between them … on his part, it no longer exists. And that has left us and Ritch heartbroken.

In fact, that situation at the end is a reflection of what happens with Tasha and Reade. She could wait too long to tell him and it would be too late. And he could reject it and she should accept it even, just as Ritch had to do, that’s the why of Tasha’s face when looking at them. She has also realized that her situation with Reade is too similar to them. And she want it to end in a different way.

Tasha and Reade

These two make me suffer a lot. At the beginning, both are having a good time. Everything seems perfect, a wonderful dream … but reality knocks on the door soon when Reade receives a call from Megan. The face that Tasha makes when Megan enters the scene speaks for itself. It hurts a lot. That call has been like being in the clouds and hitting reality. She and Reade are not together, he is with Megan.

Later, Zapata has relied on Patterson – which I love – and has confessed that she wanted to tell Reade how she felt. The time has come to confess it. And Patterson advises that if she does, she should be prepared for Reade’s response, whatever it may be. He may respond with something that hurts her and that destroys her even more.

But Tasha is determined to do it and when they are about to leave is the time. But Reade comes forward and shows her the engagement ring he has bought for Megan. Tasha stands still, not knowing what to say. I think, for a tiny moment she has imagined a different scene, where that ring was for her … but it wasn’t. It’s for Megan. So Zapata tells him that Megan will love it. Then she hugs him and she clings to that hug with all her strength, not wanting to let go. But she has to do it.

BLINDSPOT — “Hot Burning Flames” Episode 309 — Pictured: Rob Brown as Edgar Reade — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Bros)

I think for Tasha that hug has been like a farewell. A goodbye. He is going to get married so she assumes that she knows the answer to the confession that she was going to make. He has chosen Megan and Tasha must let him go. That is why she clings with all her strength to that embrace … because Tasha knows that when she releases it will be forever, there will be a line that can’t be crossed.

And I suffer a lot with both. Reade loves Tasha, only that it is a complicated situation and he is afraid of rejection and the unknown. And Tasha loves Reade, she was also afraid to accept it and let someone in so deep into her life but she already has the courage to do it, she is smooth. And Reade will be. He is not going to marry Megan. That will end sooner rather than later, I’m sure.


These two. There are many mixed feelings that I have with them. I have to say that the way of writing this couple has improved since last week but still Jane puts my nerves to the test.

At the beginning of the episode, we can see a bit of Jane’s point of view about everything that has happened. She’s with Clem venting and telling him everything. Jane apologizes for what she said after sleep with him. And I don’t understand why she has to.. Jane simply told him the truth.

Besides that, Jane confesses that in Kurt she only sees what he did, she can’t see him. Confesses that Kurt is not the person who thought. And I understand that Jane is hurt and feels betrayed. It’s not fair that she only sees in Kurt what he did accidentally. But it is logical that after everything that has happened and with so little time that has passed, she still feels that way. There will come a time when she will not.

However, I can’t help feeling that Jane should be telling this to Patterson or Tasha not to Clem. Not someone with whom she has a past and cheated on Kurt.

BLINDSPOT — “Technology Wizards” Episode 311 — Pictured: Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

Clem makes advances with her but Jane rejects them – common sense comes back to her at that moment – and Clem promises that she can stay with him, he’ll be good. Despite that offer, Clem is still canceled for me. He tries to move forward with Jane even though he knows that she loves someone else and that she is in a vulnerable situation.

In the FBI, Kurt and Patterson find out that Avery is still alive. Jane arrives and with nothing else to do the tension rises in the environment. And when she finds out they’re making inquiries about her daughter, she soon makes it clear to Kurt that there’s nothing that can change things. She is still hurt.

And that brings us to Jane’s categorical rejection of the fact that Kurt participate in the rescue of her daughter. Because she trusts Clem more in this matter than in him. And here she again twitches my nerves. If anyone can be trusted no matter what it’s Kurt, not Clem and Jane preferring Clem before Kurt … is something I can’t stand.

Although before that both speak and Jane blames Kurt for what is happening. We never know what would have happened if Kurt had spoken. But he had no idea that Avery could be in danger and, of course, what is happening is not Kurt’s fault. Jane can’t blame him for that.

Once Clem, Jane and Kurt get going, the great Jeller conversation arrives. Kurt realizes that Jane and Clem have a past and confronts her completely asking if she slept with him. Jane doesn’t hide and confirms it by giving Kurt the poor excuse that they were separated and thought they would never come together again. I’m sorry, Jane, but that’s no excuse.

I can understand that Jane felt lonely, desperate and that she thought she couldn’t be with the man she loved but it isn’t an excuse to break their marriage vows. Not when Kurt was spending the money he didn’t have traveling the world to get her back. I’m sorry, but I still don’t forgive Jane for that. It feels like a betrayal to Kurt.

BLINDSPOT — “Technology Wizards” Episode 311 — Pictured: Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

He also feels that way, all his body language changes and he demands that Jane not tell him and not think about doing it. She knows it’s not the best card Kurt can play. And both are right. It is true that Kurt hid secrets, but that is precisely the same argument in Kurt’s favor. Jane feels angry and betrayed and Kurt too. She also betrayed him and also keeps her secrets. She can’t get mad at Kurt for keeping them, keeping him away from her life and, at the same time, keeping her own secrets and her own betrayals.

Of course, the situations are different but the background is the same and it is something that should make Jane think. Especially now that she knows that Roman is behind all this. It’s just that I feel like Jane gives everyone a chance, believes in everyone … except Kurt. And it’s unfair. Do you feel the same?

Kurt has been dealing with Clem in a very cold way. And the distance between Jeller has been felt. Everything has been very cold between them. Instead of being paired together, Kurt was on one side and Clem and Jane on the other. Seeing that has been disheartening.

In the end, Kurt has apologized to Clem and Jane for their treatment of Clem. I have to say that Kurt is really a good person, I don’t know if I could have apologized for that.

But the most important thing is the conversation between Clem and Kurt. Clem lets Kurt know that Jane still loves him. And it’s true, even he realizes it even though she is not yet ready to admit it. Jeller’s love is far from over. It’s still there, beating, just waiting for both of them to be ready to live it again.

BLINDSPOT — “Technology Wizards” Episode 311 — Pictured: Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

The Jeller conversation at the end is also essential. They start talking again, really talking, not just assigning blame. They talk about Avery and about the future now that they have found and saved her. It’s the first real conversation they’ve had since Berlin came to light.

These last two strokes of the couple tell us that better times are coming. And we will not have to wait long to live them. We have to grab that family! Everything will be worth it when we see Jeller more united than ever.


Roman has done his thing again. This time he has performed in Berlin and Kurt has tried to finish him off but Roman has managed to protect himself well behind an armored glass. Roman just wanted to chat … and make Kurt more angry.

Kurt informs him that he has nothing against him and Roman digs a little deeper into the wound that he knows that this situation has caused in Jeller. However, soon the conversation changes and Roman tells Kurt that the real bad guy to beat is Crawford and that both are needed to get it. In that sense, he is right.

Crawford will not fall with the methods of the FBI if not with those of Roman, a sibylline method of destroying the organization from within. And, at the same time, Roman alone will not be able to finish Crawford.

BLINDSPOT — “City Folk Under Wraps” Episode 308 — Pictured: Luke Mitchell as Roman — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/WarnerBros)

However, Kurt knows that Roman is also an enemy to beat. Everything he’s doing to them … Kurt can’t just let it go. He even throws everything in his face. He used his own niece to hurt them, manipulated her.

Kurt touches a nerve with that. He also has his methods to pierce Roman’s cold shell and do him real harm. What he says … gets deep into him because he reminds him that he is alone and that he was manipulated all his life and now he … does exactly the same.

It is clear that Kurt’s words affect Roman because he responds with anger. When something hurts him in the deepest part, that is how Roman responds because he doesn’t know how to do it in a different way.

BLINDSPOT — “Balance of Might” Episode 310 — Pictured: Luke Mitchell as Roman — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

He doesn’t know how to face his deepest feelings and takes refuge in the reactions he knows, anger, wanting to break something. For him, rage is better than pain – although it is not, to move forward, he needs to face his true feelings – because it is what he knows. It helps him maintain a sense of control in the face of feelings beyond his control. That’s the why of his reaction with Kurt and what he’s doing with Jane.

However, I find it quite interesting what Roman answers to Kurt when he talks to him about his loneliness. It is as if Roman had assumed that he doesn’t deserve something like love or to share his life with someone. It is really sad. And, despite all the damage he’s doing, I just want to hug him very hard and tell him that everything will be fine. That everyone deserves love and that there is still time to have what he has always wanted: a family.

But Roman doesn’t waste time and, after Berlin, he calls Jane to let her know that all this has just begun. But I still have hope that Roman will really face his feelings. To what he feels for Jane and also to what he feels for Blake … and that he does the right thing. Do you have the same hope?


In conclusion, it has been an episode that solves many questions but raises others about the future. In addition, some important secrets are revealed and most of the cards are on the table. At the same time, they have managed to trap us throughout the episode and show us that better times will come for our favorite couple.

The episode keeps the good rhythm of the previous ones and fixes a bit what left us with such a bitter taste last week – although not quite, But, the important thing is that this episode if makes us feeling better, in a way that Blindspot has us accustomed.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back next week with episode 3 × 12 “Two Legendary Chums.” And here’s the promo for the next episode.


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