‘Blindspot’ 3×11: Sneak Peek & Spoilers

We are now hours away from being able to enjoy a new Blindspot episode! Soon we will be able to discover how this story continues and we will answer the questions from last week. As an appetizer of what awaits us, here’re the sneak peeks of episode 3×11 and new information about Roman and his plan.



In the four sneak peeks we learn a little more about Jane’s daughter. Kurt and Patterson find out that she’s still alive and has escaped from a prison. As soon as Jane arrives the tension rises to a dangerous level, she says firmly that there is nothing Kurt can do to fix what he did, but Kurt cuts her off by telling her that her daughter is alive.


Immediately after, the Team starts to investigate and my patience with Jane is running out. She knows that her daughter worked with Roman and that she is now in danger but is determined to leave Kurt out and put Clem in the rescue. And she’s supposedly doing it because she considers Clem very reliable – even more so than Kurt – and because she doesn’t want Kurt near her daughter. And I’m sorry, but it gets on my nerves. Kurt did wrong by lying to her but he didn’t kill her daughter on purpose, he did it – or rather, he thought he did – accidentally. If Jane can trust someone with her daughter, it’s Kurt not Clem. But Jane’s decision is unshakable.


And the third advance leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Jane and Clem are talking. She has told him everything that happened to Kurt and we see a bit of her point of view. It hurts her deeply that Kurt hid it, and now she feels like she can’t trust him. The only thing Jane sees when she looks at him is what he did, she can’t go on as if nothing happened. This is already beginning to make us suffer … we have to keep in mind that better times will come.


The last one was a conversation Jeller has that explains a little how it is possible that Jane’s daughter is alive. Knowing that Roman had dealings with her it’s not hard to imagine that he could make it look like she was dead. And Jane shows that she is in danger and may not be alive at that moment … while blaming Kurt for not telling her before. Maybe if he had, the situation would be different. She’s right that Kurt should have told her … but he didn’t even remotely think there was any chance she was alive. What is happening is not Kurt’s fault.


Thanks to EW we have new information about the connection Roman has with Megan. Roman has a specific reason for wanting all the lights to focus on Megan and it’s going to be revealed soon. On this, Martin Gero, the executive producer of Blindspot, comments:

“Megan and Reade have a pretty big secret they’re keeping. Roman is all about exposing the team’s secrets this year, so he, of course, has them in his sights.”

What do you think of the sneak peeks and the new information? Any theory about Roman’s plan and the secret of Reade and Megan? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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